26 September 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Deakins

Anna E. Sherwin Deakins v John William Deakins (Journal 8 p369 - 21 May 1875; p447 - 18 Nov 1875; Roll 27 case number 48 - May 1875/Feb 1876)see James F. Himes 

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2015)- see comment

The couple was married on 5 Apr 1873 in Peru, Miami Co, IN.  John, the son of James and Cynthia Deakins, was born in May 1847.  John first married Mary Jane Keckler in Wms Co on 24 Dec 1866 (Marriage V3 p637), but nothing more is known of her. In the 1870 Brady Twp federal census, p7, John was listed as 23 OH farm laborer and he was also listed in the 1870 Springfield Twp federal census as a laborer. His parents lived in Bryan, Pulaski Twp and were enumerated there in the 1870 federal census p54, as James 59 PA laborer, Cynthia 56 OH, Richard 19 OH, William 17 OH, and Mary S. 14 OH.  Anna E. Sherwin, the daughter of William Kidder and Cornelia Sherwin, was born in either Cass or Carroll Co, IN c1855. In the 1860 Monroe, Carroll Co, IN federal census Anna was enumerated with her parents as WR Sherwin 55 NY, Cornelia 34 OH, Willis 11 IN, Anna 5 IN, and Mary 9/12 IN. 

On 8 Sept 1874 Anna stated in court that on 1 July 1873 John was extremely cruel and threatened to kill her.  On 9 July 1873 he choked her and called her foul names.  On 18 July 1873 he was a habitual drunk. A legal notice in the paper ran in Sept 1876. Anna received her divorce.  No children were listed as issue of this couple.  In the 1880 Lafayette, Tippecanoe Co, IN federal census p360, the Sherwins were listed as Caroline L 52 OH widow, Wilber 31 IN, daughter Anna E 28 IN dressmaker, Willard D 17 IN, and Hattie 10 IN.  Nothing more is currently known of Anna E. Sherwin, who wished to be restored to her maiden name at the time of the divorce.

John next married Sarah Elizabeth Porter Sperry on 28 Aug 1876 in Fulton Co, OH (Marriage V3 p519).  Sarah, daughter of Thomas and Susan Jackson Porter, b 27 Sept 1846 in Shelby, Richland Co, OH, was the widow of James L. Sperry; they had the following children: Elizabeth (b 1870), Charles C, (b 24 Apr 1873 in Defiance Co, OH), and James. In the 1870 Wauseon, Fulton Co, OH federal census, p55, the couple was listed as James Sperry 22 OH cooper, Sara 22 OH, Elizabeth 5/12 OH, and Susan Porter 59 PA domestic. 

John and Sarah had the following children: Syntha E (b July 1877), Sueann Evelyn (b 7 Mar 1880), Richard D (b May 1883), Bessie L (b 14 July 1886), and William O (b May 1889).  At the end of Aug or first part of October 1895 John apparently tried to stab and kill Sarah.  She had him arrested on 3 Oct 1895 and he was found guilty; he was jailed on 4-10 Oct 1895 in Fulton Co. John and Sarah were divorced on 2 Nov 1902 in Wauseon, Fulton Co, OH.  In the 1910 Chesterfield Twp, Fulton Co, OH federal census p44, Sarah E. Deakins was listed as 63 OH divorced with 8 children and 6 surviving; Sarah was a carpet weaver.  She died on 11 Jan 1918 at her residence in Edgerton, Wms Co, OH.  Nothing else is currently known of John Deakins.

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Pamela Lash said...

I'm writing in regards to the divorce of Anna E Sherwin Deakins vs John
William Deakins who is my 2nd great grandfather. I found on
Familysearch.org after his marriage to Mary Jane Keckler he was next
married to Anna F Randolph who was widowed in Richland county, Ohio. Her
parents are William Norman and Mary A Thortonberg. After his divorce
from my 2nd great grandmother Sarah Porter Sperry in 1902 he married
Clara B Pelton October 28, 1903 in Seneca, Ohio. Clara's parents are,
Joseph Boley and Catharine Etchen.

Hope this helps, Duane Miller