24 September 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Culbertson (Samuel)

Mary Smith Culbertson v Samuel Culbertson  (Journal 4 p192 - Apr 1852; Roll 8 Box 25 case number 6 - Apr/7 May 1852)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 11 October 2011)

This couple may have been married in Holmes Co, OH on 20 May 1846.  Their marriage is also recorded as 20 May 1848, Wms Co (Marriage V2 p101).  Mary told the court that she lived in Center Twp.  According to the 1850 Center Twp federal census there was a Mary Smith, 21 NY, daughter of William and Sarah Smith, but no Mary Culbertson.  Mary stated that on 15 Sept 1848 Samuel left her and went back to Holmes Co, leaving her with no support and no goods.  Supposedly he went home to dispose of his personal property.  They did not have children.  His real estate was valued at $1600 plus he owned wagons and other property.  She produced witnesses, Jesse Fisher and William Ingram, to corroborate her facts. Mary wanted a reasonable alimony.  A legal notice appeared in the newspaper, Equal Rights.

According to the Appearance Docket, Clerk of Courts, 1846-1852, the divorce action of Mary Culberson v Samuel Culberson (note spelling) was settled with a divorce for the plaintiff in Sept 1852. According to the Issue Docket, Clerk of Courts, 1848-1852, in April 1852 Term Mary's divorce petition was filed on 17 Jan 1852. Mary received a divorce and $700 in yearly equal installments.  

In the 1850 Salt Creek Twp, Holmes Co, OH federal census p237, a Culbertson family was listed as Alexander 70 PA, Margaret 68 PA, and Samuel 35 PA plus nearby Culbertson families of Andrew 38 PA and John 43 PA.

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