18 October 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Kochendorfer

Sarah A. Jacobs Kochendorfer v George Kochendorfer (Journal 10 p251 - 12 Nov 1879; p399 - 13 Mar 1880; Journal 11 p53 - 10 Dec 1880/5 Mar 1881; Roll 34 case number 672 - Jul 1879)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH on 26/28 Feb 1859 (Marriage V3 p49).  The Maple Grove Cemetery in Edgerton shows a burial for their son, George, who died 11 May 1863 @2Y 1M 1D.  Sarah was the daughter of Charles and Magdalena Jacobs; in the 1850 Center Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p74b, the Jacobs family was enumerated as Charles 42 DEU, Madaline 40 DEU, George 18 DEU, Sally 15 DEU, Charles 13 DEU, and Frederick 8 DEU. From the 1860 St. Joseph Twp federal census p114a, the Kobrendorfen family was listed as George 27 WR cabinetmaker, Sarah 25 FR, and Charles 15 WR.  From The Bryan Democrat, 24 Dec 1862 and 24 Sept 1863, an advertisement ran stating that George was opening a new saloon and grocery in Edgerton, Ohio.

According to the 1870 St. Joseph Twp federal census, p32, the family was listed as George Carpendorfer 37 WU carpenter, Sarah 35 FR, Charles 7 OH, Carrie 4 OH, and Fred 1 OH.  By 1880 Sarah and her children lived in Bryan, Pulaski Twp as found in the federal census, p642C, as Sarah Kachendorfer 44 Alsace, Charles 17 OH laborer, Callie 14 OH servant, Fredricka 11 OH.  Note that youngest child went from male to an obvious female in the census records.  Sarah said that she and George were from Pettisville, Fulton Co, OH; her mother moved here four months ago but her father still lived there.

On 1 June 1874 George was extremely cruel to Sarah while they were in Toledo, OH.  He violently assaulted her by striking her on the head and shouting that he would kill her.  On 21 May 1879 George kicked Sarah and the two younger children out of their home.  On 2 July 1879 George committed adultery with an unknown woman.  He was a habitual drunk.  By court injunction he was told not to sell his property but he went ahead and sold the house, land, and all contents to Henry Arnold by 28 Aug 1879, but George still lived on the property.  Since George was a cabinetmaker, he had lots of wood and logs of value in his shop.  Sarah wanted a key to the house, but George refused.  They had three children named Fredericka (10), Charles (16), and Caroline (13).  On 12 Mar 1881 Sarah requested a list of property from George.  Sometime during the lengthy proceedings, their son Charles Kochendorfer was called to verify his mother's claims; he was 17 and worked 2 1/2 miles from Bryan. Sarah told the court that she needed money.  The court awarded her custody of the minor children, alimony, and personal property.  Henry Arnold was named as a defendant with George for alimony payments.  Sarah was to receive $300 from Arnold and $79 from her husband.

This Henry Arnold was a blacksmith from Germany, enumerated in 1850 Center Twp, p74, as Henry 25 and Caroline 20 Germany.  In April 1879 Henry, who had been a member of the Bryan School Board, had to resign his position.

Sarah married Michael Gates sometime after the divorce; Michael died on 23 Oct 1897 in Wms Co (Death V3 p46). His estate was probated on 7 Feb 1898 (#3884).

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