12 October 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Hollis

Amelia Clementine White Hollis v Charles Robert Hollis (Journal 11 p391 - 16 Mar and 20 May 1882; Roll 37 case number 986 - 3 Feb 1882)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Bryan, Pulaski Twp on 15 Nov 1863 (Amelia stated in court) but the record showed this marriage took place on 15 Jan 1864 (Marriage V3 p335).  In the 1870 Bryan federal census, p46, the family was listed as CR Hollis 33 OH auctioneer and Amelia C 24 OH.  In the Williams County, OH Directory, 1877, CR Hollis was a dealer in watches and jewelry in Bryan on the east side of the courthouse square; the business was established in 1862. In the 1880 Bryan federal census, p641B, the family expanded to CR 42 OH, father English; mother French; Clementine 35 OH; father PA; mother ME; Guy 3 OH, male infant 1 month OH, and his nephew Charles Winans 20 OH store clerk.

Amelia said her husband perpetrated a fraud on her, abandoning her and minor children, and leaving them destitute.  They lived in Bryan some 17 or 18 years.  On 6 Sept 1880 Charles bought $2,000 worth of goods from Mr. Siegler and asked her to give a warranty for this purchase.  Charles then sold the premises to Lucius W. Siegler.  Charles' brother, William J. Hollis, had his right leg amputated and Charles said he needed money to help his brother.  Charles answered the court about this divorce action and said Amelia slept with Matt Laser, an apprentice, and he (Laser) was the father of their baby.  Amelia said she did not want to live in Bryan any longer.  Their children were Guy E (b 13 Jun 1876) and James C (b 23 Apr 1880). 

Amelia gave a description of Charles' real estate.  She also said on 31 Jan 1882 he took $5,000 and left her.  She brought two witnesses, HJ Sigler and a Mr. Aulsbrook, to court to testify for her.  According to the record Charles was ordered to pay alimony and the divorce was granted.

Amelia, the daughter of Samuel and Lecta White, was enumerated with her parents in the 1850 Hanover Twp, Ashland Co, OH federal census p123A as Samuel White tanner 43 PA, LT 43 ME, William 14 OH, Parmela 13 OH, Samuel W 12 OH, Mary M 10 OH, Henry 8 OH, Amelia A 5 OH, and Melvin 4 OH; they were listed in the 1860 Hayesville, Ashland Co, OH federal census p154 as Samuel White 53 PA, Lecta 53 ME, William C 24 OH, Samuel W 22 OH, Permelia A 23 OH, Henry H 19 OH, and Amelia C 16 OH.

Charles was the son of Allen and Julia Barnes Hollis. The family was enumerated in the 1850 Sherman, Huron Co, OH federal census p110A as Allen farmer 40 VT, Julia A 40 VT, Mary A 18 VT, Sarah A17 OH, Luther A 15 OH, William 14 OH, Charles 12 OH, Elizabeth 10 OH, Chester 8 OH, Lucius 6 OH, Lucy A 4 OH, and Eugene 2 OH. Stories of Fountain City, Van Gundy, 1975, p165, mentioned a Hollis Jewelry Store on the north side of West High; Charles was the first jeweler in Bryan.  He left Bryan for Benton Harbor, Berrien Co, MI where he established CR and Son Jewelers and lived in Piepstone Twp;he died on 26 Dec 1897.  Interestingly, Amelia Hollis, born Nov 1845 OH, was listed in the 1900 Benton Harbor, Berrien Co, MI federal census p4A as Emelia C 54Y OH, mother of two living children (Guy and James); she was noted as a widow.  By 1910 Amelia was a housekeeper for Harl Dano in Pipestone, Berrien Co, MI.

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