29 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Walz

Margaret Dunlap Davis Walz v Christopher Walz

He Had Plenty of Money, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1883

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 29 December 2013)

Margaret Dunlap, born c1847 OH, was the daughter of William Dunlap and Charity McCann; she was also stepdaughter of Christopher Brannon and his wife, Charity Dunlap Brannon, of Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH.  William Dunlap was united in marriage to Charity McCann in July 1832 at Salem, Columbiana Co, OH. William and Charity moved to Montpelier OH several years after they were married where William died on 27 July 1854.

Christopher's other wives were reportedly Nancy and Rebecca, who died on 29 Aug 1862.  In the 1870 Superior Twp federal census, p15, this family was listed as Christopher 55 PA, Charity 59 OH, William 17 OH, William Dunlap 20 OH, Conrad Dunlap 17 OH, Elizabeth Dunlap 15 OH. 

Margaret Dunlap had married Phares Davis, a Civil War veteran, on 2 Jan 1868, Wms Co (Marriages V3 p746).  Phares died on 13 June 1871 and was buried in West Bethesda Cemetery in Superior Twp.

Mrs. Margaret Dunlap Davis next married Christopher Walz in Wms Co on 9 Dec 1875 (Marriages V4 p435).  She resided with the Christopher Brannon family in the 1880 Superior Twp federal census, p2, as follows: Christopher Brannon 65 PA-IR-IR, wife Charity 67 OH-PA-VA, daughter Margaretta Waltz 33 OH-PA-OH, granddaughter Cora D. Davis 10 OH-OH-OH.

It was not until 1883 that Margaret sued for divorce in the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 12 p127 - 26 Nov 1883; Roll 39 Box 129 case number 1173), claiming her husband, Christopher Walz, was guilty of extreme cruelty.  She told the court that in May 1879 at their home in DeKalb Co, IN, Christopher threatened to shoot and kill her.  Between May 1879-Mar 1880, while still living in DeKalb Co, Christopher was intoxicated and continued to threaten her life.  He left her for one week in Mar 1880 and never returned.  She knew he was living in Garrett, DeKalb Co, IN and he had plenty of money.  On the other hand she was destitute. Margaret asked for reasonable alimony and restoration of her "maiden" name, Davis.  The court granted her requests.  She died in 1909 and was buried beside her husband Phares Davis.  

This could be the ex-husband - Christ Walz (1846 - 23 May 1899, Christian Union Cem, Garrett, DeKalb Co, IN

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