30 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Whitaker

Harriet C. Keiser Whitaker v Thomas Whitaker (Journal 7 - May 1867; Roll 18 case number 15 - May 1867)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Fostoria, Seneca Co, OH on 5/6 Mar 1864 (Marriage V5 p591).  Harriet, born in 1844 in Seneca Co, OH, was the daughter of Jacob and Mary Foughty Kiser of Seneca Co, OH.  Harriet charged Thomas with gross neglect and being willfully absent for three years or more.  She stated that within ten days after the marriage he left her for the Army.  H wrote at first but the Army said he had deserted his regiment, the 49th OVI; he never supported her leaving her almost wholly destitute for herself and her infant's support.  Thomas was a habitual drunk when he could get whisky.  The couple had a daughter, Susanna K. Whitaker.  Mary Kiser, 49 Y resident of Fostoria, Seneca Co, Harriet's mother, stated that she had known Thomas Whitaker for four years and Harriet lived with her currently.  Harriet asked for a divorce and restoration of her maiden name.  A legal notice appeared in the "Bryan Democrat", 30 Mar 1867.  

A marriage in Seneca Co, OH on 3 May 1882 showed a Harriet R. Kiser 38Y wed to George W. Eyestone 50Y (Marriage V8 p558), but whether this is the Harriet of this detailing is not known.  Also a legal notice in the "Bryan Press", 27 Sept 1877, p2, concerning a finalized estate mentioned a Martha Thompson Whitaker and a Thomas Whitaker of Iowa City, Iowa.  Again whether this is the errant Thomas is not known.

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