25 November 2010

John Salter Blue

John Salter Blue Family of Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams County, Ohio

By Pamela Pattison Lash 

Today (25 November 2010) I received a request for information on this family; this is what I currently know.  Hopefully it can be helpful.  

Sometime ago I had an email from a researcher requesting information on the family of Peter Blue. He had been told by a relative that Peter was a Civil War soldier who was buried in Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH, but when he went to the cemetery (Eagle Creek) he was unable to obtain a good tombstone rubbing. This resarcher had also written to an archivist (did not say where) who told him Peter Blue did not have any service record. He wanted help to determine if Peter had indeed served and, if so, in what Civil War outfit. Along with this request he added some information that I will pass along. 

It seems the Blue family brought an African-American family with them from West Virginia; this family was headed by a Joseph Lowery (1824-1910) and settled in Montpelier. They were freed by the Blue group before the start of the Civil War and, according to the inquirer, were the only black family living in Wms Co c. 1880’s. As I proceeded to piece together info, I discovered a wealth of material and am including such in this article.

John Salter Blue II (1794 pos Berkley Co, VA – 9 Oct 1855, Pleasant Twp, Seneca Co, OH) was the oldest son of John Salter Blue I and Hannah O’Nan who married in 1793, Berkley Co, VA. The senior Blue was first married to Margaret Wallingford, 7 May 1789 and had two children, but after his wife died he married again and had seven children. John Blue II married Sarah L. Gideon, 1 Jan 1824, VA, and by 1832 had moved first to Sandusky Co, OH and then by 12 Dec 1832 took up residence in Pleasant Twp, Seneca Co, OH where he owned land in Section 5 of that township. Upon his death John was buried in Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery; his wife Sarah, the youngest daughter of Peter Gideon and Mary Catherine Ernst of Hillsboro, Loudoun Co, VA was born 10 Dec 1804; after her husband’s death she appears in the 1860 federal census records of Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH with her son Peter Blue and his family. She does not appear in the 1870 census, which means she may have died, moved back to Seneca Co, or moved elsewhere.

John and Sarah Blue had the following nine children: Johanna (27 Mar 1824, VA – 23 May 1900, Wms Co, OH; m. Nathan E. Fry, 14 Aug 1845, Seneca Co, OH; children – Ann C, Laura Jane, Margaret L, Judith S, James Virginia, Stephen Douglas); John Salter, Jr. (1825 VA – 1870; m. Rebecca Slaine, 15 Apr 1852, Seneca Co, OH; children – Rosalie, Johanna, Charles, Elizabeth, Clinton, Franklin, Cory, Curtiss);Anna Catherine (1828 VA-1910 Wms Co, OH; m. Philip Felix Beck, 18 Mar 1852, Seneca Co, OH; children – Sarah E, Anna Belle); Peter Gideon (1830 VA – 4 Aug 1875, Wms Co, OH; m1. Mary Slaine, 13 Oct 1853, Seneca Co, OH; children – Martha, Dennis Salter, Johanna C, Anna Mary, Margaret R, Charles; m2. Mary Jane Fig or Tingle, 8 Mar 1866, Wms Co, OH; children – Oscar Wain, Jessie B, Peter Gideon, Horace Greely, Gertrude); Dennis H. (12 May 1832, Seneca Co, OH – 20 July 1888, Wms Co, OH; m1 Adaline C. Purdy, 14 Aug 1857, Ottawa Co, OH; children – Alice D, Sarah A, Dayton Miles, Mary C, Peter; pos m2. Ella Bates, 12 Aug 1880, Wms Co, OH; children – Cleo Walter, Dennis A (?)); Sarah M. (1834, Seneca Co, OH - ?; m. David Zimmerman, 13 Oct 1853, Seneca Co, OH); George W. (20 Aug 1836 or 26 Jan 1837, Seneca Co, OH – 5 Feb 1886, Wms Co, OH; m1 Barbara E. Schaull, 28 Mar 1861, Wms Co, OH; children – Lydia, John, Clara, Susan Margaret; m2. Barbara Ellen Lesnet, 16 Oct 1879, Wms Co, OH); Jesse J. (21 Oct 1840, Seneca Co, OH – 15 Jan 1908, Wms Co, OH; m. Margaret Elizabeth Tingle, 18 Sept 1870, Wms Co, OH; children – Maude P, Blanche, Claude); twin Rebecca J. (21 Oct 1840, Seneca Co, OH – 1913, Wms Co, OH; m. George Houseman, 24 Dec 1857, Wms Co, OH; children – Fanny, Jesse, Sara A, Emma).

John Salter Blue II and Hannah Onan’s sons did play a part in the Civil War as the following sons were soldiers on the Union side in this conflict: Peter Gideon, Dennis H, and George W. all fought in the 5th OVC Co F, and Jesse J. enlisted in the 38th OVI Co E. As for Peter Gideon, after his first wife’s death he placed his children in the homes of Fry and Beck relatives and enlisted in the war; when he returned he married again and had a second family.

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Thank you for posting this.
My ancestral line is from a daughter of John Salter Blue I and Hannah O'Nan. The daughter is Rebecca Blue. She married Bartholemew Shaull. I'm looking for information on the O'Nan family.

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