07 December 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Zink

David Zink v Anna Zink

He Wanted His Own Decree, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1883

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The Pioneer Alliance ran a notice of intention to divorce for the required six consecutive weeks, starting in Oct 1883.  The husband desired his own divorce in Ohio even though his wife had obtained a decree in Missouri.

David Zink married Anna (maiden name unknown) in New Orleans, LA, on 30 Oct 1871.  There was a Stryker saloonkeeper and wife who may be this couple; they were enumerated in the 1880 Springfield Twp, federal census, p666C, as David Zink 40 FR-Germ-FR, wife Anna 34 Germ-Germ-Germ, and adopted son David 3 OH-Sweden-FR.

According to the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court records (Journal 12 p156 - 30 Nov 1883; Roll 40 case number 1208 - 14 Oct 1883) David Zink claimed that his wife Anna had obtained a divorce decree in St. Louis, Missouri on 27 Nov 1882, but he wanted his own divorce.  He stated that Anna was a resident of New Orleans.  She had abandoned him, first traveling to Missouri and then back to where they were married. There was no mention of any son, natural or adopted in the records. The court granted his divorce.

A David Zink married Catherine Boillot in Wms Co on 20 Mar 1884 (Marriages V5 #465).  If this is our subject, this later marriage may be the reason for his desire to have no legal cloud over a later marriage.  Nothing further is known of the principals in this case.

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