02 December 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Winkler

Philippe Winkler v Caroline Moser Winkler (Journal 9 p153 - 20 June 1877; Roll 31 case number 209 - June 1877)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 4 Nov 1860 in Phalzburg, Dept of the Mensthe, Empire of France.  They had a child, Stephanie Caroline, b 19 Mar 1862, who lived with Philippe.  He said he was a resident of Ohio for one year. He charged Caroline with being willfully absent for three years or more and did not know her current whereabouts.  Philippe stated that on 31 Jan 1867 she deserted him and used a false name of Nathaly Binder; she committed adultery with a medical student in Paris.  On 2 Apr 1867 she left him for good.  On 2 Mar 1868 he filed for a divorce in the Civil Tribunal, Dept of Seine, and on 8 Aug 1868 the tribunal granted him a divorce.  On 10 Oct 1868 Caroline committed adultery with Emile Durieu at a Paris hotel and again in 1869 with a Mr. Petit Jean.  She became a notorious madam in a house of prostitution.  He brought depositions from the US Consulate in Paris, dated 30 Apr 1877.  He wanted a second divorce and custody of the daughter.  A legal notice appeared in the "Bryan Press."  What the reason was for this second divorce is not currently known unless the US did not recognize his first action.

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