12 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Slough

Mary E. Miller Slough v Eli Slough

Civil War Soldier Plights His Troth Three Times in Hillsdale County, Michigan, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1884

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

Eli Slough, b. 30 Mar 1842, New Washington, Trumbull Co, OH, son of Leonard and Christiana Hellina Beever/Bieber Slough, was a Civil War veteran, serving in the 150th OVI and in Co C 195th OVI.  According to a biographical sketch of his brother, Daniel Slough, in Presidents, Soldiers, and Statesmen, 1892, p630, the Slough family came to Wms Co c1865.  Their father Leonard was a native of Perry Co, PA while the mother was born in Wittenburg, Germany.  Brother Daniel was also a Civil War soldier, enlisting in Tiffin, OH in Co C 180th OVI.  Their grandfather had been a veteran of the War of 1812.  The Slough family lived in Lykens, Crawford Co, OH according to the 1850 federal census p67B as Leonard Schleigh 31 PA, Ellen 31 Germ, Eri 8 OH,  Daniel 6 OH, and Mary A 2 OH.

Eli first married Michigan native Julia Annetta Stocking in 1865, Hillsdale Co, MI (Marriages Lib C p470); Annetta, born c1846 in MI, was the daughter of Timothy (FW in the census) and Sarah Stocking who lived in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co, MI c1850 and Bridgewater Twp, Williams Co, OH c1860.  The Slough couple had three known children, William L who died on 2 April 1867 and was buried in Cogswell Cemetery, Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co, OH; Florence (b1868); and Sarah H (b. 23 May 1873, Pioneer, Madison Twp [Births V1 p65]).  By 1870 Eli was a resident of Buchanan, Missouri; he was an agent for patent rights. Mother Julia died on 4 Nov 1874 @28Y 4M 23D and was buried beside her young son, William.

Eli next married Mary E. Miller, born 1 Oct 1847 in OH, the daughter of Jacob and Anna Stoner Miller, on 8 Apr 1875 in Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI (Marriages Lib E p178); Eli was 33 years old and Mary E was 27 years old.  Their witnesses were Josiah Slough and Maggie Miller. By the 1880 Madison Twp federal census, p476A, the couple was enumerated as EL Slough 38 OH, baker, Mary E. 33 OH, Florence 12 OH, Sarah E 7 OH.  The History of Williams County, Ohio, Goodspeed, 1882, p417, stated that EL Slough owned a restaurant in Pioneer, Ohio.

According to records of the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 12 p138, 279 - 2 June 1884; Roll 39 Box 130 case number 1176 - 24 July 1883) Mary E. Slough presented a list of dates for the court, asserting that her husband Eli had been unfaithful numerous times.  Eli had committed adultery with Anna Stauff on 25 Sept 1879, from 18 Sept 1880-15 Mar 1881 at their home in Pioneer with Sarah Cox, and on 15 Apr 1882 with Amy Cunningham.  Mary wanted a divorce and stated that she had separated from Eli on 23 Apr 1881.  After her initial appearance both parties mutually dismissed the case, but Mary returned to court in 1884 to restate her case. She charged that Eli had been willfully absent for more than three years. She informed the court that Eli had a property lot in Pioneer valued at $250 and an insurance policy with Continental Insurance Company on a stone building insured for $800 with the contents insured for an additional $200.  Eli claimed that he did not have much money to pay Mary any alimony.  Mary received her divorce, was restored to her maiden name of Miller, and awarded alimony of $50.

Mary's suspicions of Eli's adultery with Amy Cunningham must have been valid as Eli married Amy in Ransom Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI on 6 July 1884 (Marriages Lib F p60) after his wife divorced him.   Amy was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Mary Munson Cunningham; she was born on 3 May 1861 in Fulton Co, Ohio.  By 1890 the Slough family lived in Defiance as evidenced by the Civil War Veteran’s Schedule. Eli died in Defiance, Defiance Co, OH on 13 Aug 1916; he was a veterinary surgeon.

Mary E. Miller married Jacob Schaeffer; she died on 11 Aug 1935 in Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH and was buried in the Floral Grove Cem, Pioneer, OH; her death certificate stated she was a widow.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Slocum

Sarah J. Bostater Slocum v George Albert Slocum (Journal 10 p261 - 18 Nov 1879; Roll 34 case number 678 - Nov 1879)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Medina, Lenawee Co, MI on 3 Oct 1878.  George, born on 13 Sept 1858 in NW Twp, Williams Co, OH, was the son of George and Wilhelmina Louisa Snyder/Schneider Slocum.  The family appeared in the 1860 Nettle Lake, NW Twp federal census p12, as George 39 NY, Louisa 31 Baden, William 14 OH, Martha 12 OH, Henry 8 OH, Rebecca 6 OH, Samuel 5 OH, Albert 1 OH.  In 1870 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p51, the family changed to Louisa 45 Prussia as head of house, Henry 19 OH, Albert 11 OH, and Elizabeth 9 OH. 

Sarah J, born on 27 Mar 1862 in OH, was the daughter of Abram and Cynthia Norton Jones Bostater, enumerated in 1870 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p24, as Abram 35 carpenter (no birthplace), Cynthia 29 OH, Sarah J 8 OH, George 3 OH, Andrew 1 OH, and Elizabeth 30 OH deaf and dumb.

Sarah stated on 14 July 1879 she returned home from church in Bryan when George dragged her along the sidewalk.  He was arrested.  George had been a habitual drunk for three years or more.  Note that when this assault took place the couple had been married about nine months. She charged him with gross neglect as he did not supply her with food or clothing.  He was a temporary laborer.  A divorce was granted. 

In the 1880 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, George was listed as George Slocum, boarder, 21 OH divorced laborer with Millard and Sarah Smith.  Sarah married Charles P. Vanolin in Wms Co on 19 Oct 1882 (Marriage V5 #229).  George married Lilly T. Venioh in Wms Co on 28 June 1888 (Marriage V5 #1256).  Lilly, born in Aug 1868 in Lockport, Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH, was the daughter of Charles and Huldah Bronson Venoah.  They were the parents of seven children, Clara, Bertha, Nellie, Goldie, Nora, Charles, and Dolly. George died on 13 Jan 1906 in Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Sink

William H. Sink v Mariett Miller Sager Sink (Journal 9 p329 - 27 Dec 1877; Roll 29 case number 51 - Nov 1877)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

No marriage date was found in this divorce. William charged Mariett with habitual drunkenness for three years or more.  In the summer of 1868 he found out that she was false and fraudulent because she was already married to Willard Sager.  Jacob, born on 9 June 1838 in Philadelphia, PA, was the son of Jacob and Camilla Carrol Sink, who in 1850 lived in Vienna, Onieda Co, NY; in 1860 William traveled to Cloverdale, Sonoma Co, CA to live with his brother Daniel.

From the 1870 Titusville, Crawford Co, PA federal census the Sink family was listed as William H 32 PA hotel proprietor, Mary 28 NY, Camilla 72 MA living with her son, and numerous boarders. In 1874 William was the owner of a hotel in Bryan. On 10 June 1876 at their home in Bryan Mariett committed adultery with a Mr. Wilkinson. Her whereabouts were unknown.  A legal notice appeared in the local papers.  William was granted a divorce.

In the Williams Co, OH Directory, 1877, W. H. Sink was listed as the proprietor of Stough House on Lynn St, Bryan, OH, nearly opposite the depot; rooms were let for $2 per day.  According to the 1880 Tecumseh, Lenawee Co, MI federal census p480 William H. Sink was the proprietor of a hotel in Tecumseh and listed as 41 PA-PA-MA with numerous boarders.  In Tecumseh William married 18 year old Maryetta Nichols on 9 May 1882; he was 44.  He died on 5 Sept 1889 in St. Louis, Gratiot Co, MI.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Sinclair

Rachel A. Townsend Sinclair v James Sinclair (Journal 7 p406 - 9 Mar 1870; Roll 21 case number 146 - Mar 1870)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 11 Nov 1836 (Note I think it should be 1856) in Jackson, Jackson Co, MI.  Rachel claimed James was a habitual drunk for three years or more; they had children William Bryan (12) and Lucy Lucretia (10).  Rachel wanted a divorce and restoration of her maiden name.  A legal notice appeared in the Bryan Union Press. 

According to the 1860 Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, OH federal census p418 a Jas. Sinclair family was enumerated as Jas 33 MI, Rachel 19 MI, Charles 8 MI, William 2 MI, and Lucy 1 MI.  Using this census, Rachel would have to be born in 1841 so therefore the marriage date in the record may be false or the census information was incorrect.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Simon(s)

Mary Ellen Van Fossen or Turnipseed (from the record) Simon(s) v Richard Simon(s) (Journal 10 p401 - 13 Mar 1880)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

Mary charged Richard with extreme cruelty.  They had an infant daughter Hallah Mary.  The action appeared to be dismissed but I found reference in The Bryan Democrat, 19 Feb 1880, p5, which stated the divorce was granted and custody of child was given to plaintiff plus $500 alimony and plaintiff was restored to her maiden name of Mary E. Vanfossen; however, in the record Mary’s maiden name was Turnipseed.

From the 1870 NW Twp federal census, p13, Richard Simon 17 IN lived with his parents, Henry and Mary Wagoner Simon and they were enumerated as Henry 52 EN and Mary 53 OH plus siblings Aaron 20 OH, Ann R 15 IN, Olive C 12 IN, Harriet 8 IN, and George 22 OH, wife Sarah J 17 OH, and daughter Anna B 2/12 OH.  In the 1880 Paw Paw, Wabash Co, IN federal census a Richard Simons, a farm laborer, was enumerated as born 1853 IN.  In 1881 he married a Mary; a son, Elmer H, b 28 Nov 1886 NW Twp (Birth V2 p91) was born to this couple.   Later they were enumerated in the 1900 Woodbridge Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census as Richard, Mary, and sons Leroy and Elmer.

On 28 Sept 1912 in Coldwater, Branch Co, OH Richard married Minnie B. Adams, daughter of Edward and Melissa Mott Purdy and former wife of Martin H. Adams.  By 1920 they lived in Steuben Co, IN.

In the 1880 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p428, Mary E. Van Fossen, divorced, born 1857 OH was enumerated as step daughter of Hugh Thompson; his wife Susannah was born in Ohio c1837; also in the household was Mary’s daughter, Hallah M. Simons, born 1875 in OH; her father was a native of Indiana.  Backtracking to the 1860 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p14 one finds mother Susannah with her small children, Eliza, Levi, and Mary.  The picture of Mary Ellen Van Fossen is now much clearer; she was the daughter of Joseph and Susanna Sickles Van Fossen.  Mary was born on 16 Aug 1856 in Williams Co, OH.  

After the divorce she married David Rice in Reading, Hillsdale Co, MI on 20 Mar 1881; she died in Jan 1899 and was buried in the Maplewood Cemetery, Reading, Hillsdale Co, MI.  Mary and David Rice had a son, Claude B. Rice, born 15 Nov 1885.  It would appear that Mary’s father, Joseph Van Fossen, left the family sometime before 1860 and traveled west to Kansas.  It is not know whether his wife Susanna sued for a divorce before she married Hugh Thompson on 18 May 1863 and Joseph married a Mary Bishop in Smith Co, KS.

11 November 2010

Veteran's Day - 11 November 2010 - My Father

In honor of today's Veteran's Day, I would like to share some data on my father and his brother.  William G. Pattison and brother, Clyde Stuart Pattison, were reared in a family that was very proud to be "An American Family."  Bill and Clyde shared a Civil War ancestor, William S. Pattison, a War of 1812 ancestor, John Tarr, and several Revolutionary War ancestors, Samuel Culbertson, SR., Colonel Robert Culbertson, Robert Culbertson, John Lindsay, and Nathaniel Irish, JR. Dad was very proud to have served his country during WWII or as he called it - the Big One!  His brother Clyde carried the scars of bullet holes in his leg as his war trophies.  When the two got together, Uncle Clyde was the more vocal about his war experiences, but Dad, although often overlooked and perhaps under-appreciated by his own parents, represented the quiet man who did his duty, never complained, and represented himself well both on and off the field of battle.  Such is the man to be honored today.

My Father, William George Pattison

Youngstown Vindicator, Youngstown, Mahoning Co, OH, 28 June 1944 

Pvt Pattison Wounded in Invasion Battle Niles, OH - Clyde S. Pattison, aged 22, son of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Pattison, 512 John St, is believed to be the first invasion casualty from Niles. A ranger, he was wounded while serving with the infantry in France, his parents have been notified. In a subsequent letter to his parents this week said, “I got more of them than I have holes in me.” A graduate of McKinley High School, he is a former football star. He enlisted in June 1942. A brother, Sgt. William Pattison, is stationed in Ireland.

10 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Simmons

Annie M. Hopkins Simmons v Allen B or J. Simmons (Journal 13 p359 - 23 Dec 1885; p418 - 15 Mar 1886; Journal 14 p55/57 - 15 Dec 1886; p198 - Nov 1887; Roll 42 case number 1527 - 16 July 1886)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Edgerton, Wms Co, OH on 9 Oct 1880 (Marriage 4 p708).  The couple had children, Mary Margaret (b 25 Jan 1882, Bryan) and St. Elmo Nelson (b 24 Feb 1884, Bryan). Allen Simmons was born on 8 May 1859 in Stryker, OH, the son of James and Margaret Remow Simmons. James Simmons of Stryker, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH was enumerated in the 1860 federal census for that location p57B as James 46 PA day laborer, Margaret 23 CE, James 17 OH, Parker 15 OH, Ann 13 OH, Alonzo 9 OH, Orlando 6 OH, Albert 2 OH, Allen 1 OH, and John 19 OH.  In the 1870 Pleasant Twp, Putnam Co, OH federal census p444B the Simmons family was enumerated as James (JW) 55 PA, Margaret 34 CAN, and children Alonzo, Alfred, Albert, Allen 11 OH, Harvey, Margaret, and Samuel.  In 1880 Allen  21 OH lived in Clinton, Fulton Co, OH as a laborer with his sister Ann Tracy and her husband.

Allen stated that on 9 Feb 1886 Annie committed adultery with Grant Kauke in their home and in Bryan.  On 1 May 1886 she was unfaithful at the home of Simon Robbins in Bryan.  On 28 June 1886-1 July 1886 she committed adultery with an unknown man in the home of Milton and Catherine Hugh in Montpelier.   On 1 July 1886 she moved to a house of prostitution in Defiance owned by Amanda A. L. Hatfield.  On 10 July 1886 she committed adultery with unknown men.  Allen wanted custody of the children.

Annie provided an answer and filed a cross complaint; she charged Allen with extreme cruelty.  On 3 May 1881 he struck her in the face.  In Sept 1881 in Defiance he struck her with a piece of shingle.  In Aug 1882 in the home of Mr. Holly of Defiance he struck her hard enough to make her mouth and nose bleed, drew a revolver, and fired at her. In Aug 1885 in Bryan he seized her by the throat and choked her.  On 22 Aug 1885 he did this again plus twisted her wrists and threatened to kill her if she ever told anyone of this mistreatment.  For the past three years he was guilty of gross neglect and provided no necessities of life; she had to live off charity from friends.  Allen was also a drunk.  She wanted custody of the children. 

Allen countersued again on 15 Dec 1886 but the case was dismissed.  Annie brought action in June 1887 when she charged him with gross neglect and extreme cruelty.  A divorce was granted and maintenance of minors and visitation schedule was set up by the court.  According to the 1920 Toledo, Lucas Co, OH federal census p1A, Allen B. Simmons 63 OH lived with his son St. Elmo and daughter-in-law Norma.  Allen died in Toledo, Lucas Co, OH on 28 Oct 1937; his wife’s name was Alzina.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Silvernail

John S. Silvernail v Serepta Colvin Crafts Silvernail (Journal 6 p600 - 31 Oct 1866; Roll 18 case number 40 - Oct 1866)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 18 Sept 1840 in Auburn, Geauga Co, OH.  John Silvernail was born on 22 June 1802 in Dutchess Co, NY, the son of Philip and Catherine Simon Silvernail. He married his first wife, Polly Ann Clark, c1822; she died on 16 Mar 1840. 

Serepta Colvin, the daughter of Nehemiah and Lucy Butts Colvin, was born on 11 July 1806 in NY or RI, She was first married to William Crafts, 17 Nov 1840 in Auburn, Geauga Co, OH; William was born on 27 Nov 1801 in Middlesex, Yates Co, NY, possibly the son of John Crafts; William died on 27 Oct 1839 in Auburn as a result of a fall from a horse; he was buried in the Shadyside Cemetery in Auburn.

The 1840 Auburn Twp, Geauga Co, OH federal census p144 showed John Silvernail aged 30-40 living alone, and Serepta Crafts aged 30-40 with two children, one male aged 10-15 and one female under five.  The known Crafts children both born in Auburn, Geauga Co, OH were Lorenzo (b July 1833; d Aug 1834) and Aurilla (b 8 Sept 1835).   In the 1850 Wright Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p109A, the Silvernail family was enumerated as John 47 NY shoemaker, Serepta 43 NY, Richard 12 OH, Alonzo 2 MI, Adorna 1/12 MI, and Erilla Crafts 14 OH.  By the 1860 Wright Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p227, the Silvernails were listed as John SR 57 NY shoemaker, Serepta 54 NY, Alonzo 11 MI; they lived next door to John Silvernail JR 34 NY farmer, Eliza 29 NY, Urilla P 8 MI, and George A 7 MI.

John stated that his wife was willfully absent for three years or more in his divorce claim of Oct 1866 in Williams Co, OH.  “She may have returned to Auburn”.  A legal notice appeared in a local paper. The divorce was granted.  Less than a month later John Silvernail married Mary A. Church in Wms Co on 25 Nov 1866 (Marriage V3 p623).  From the 1867 personal property taxpayers listing John resided in Madison Twp, Wms Co. In the 1870 Wright Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p558, John was found as 67 years of age from NY and still a practicing shoemaker; he lived alone. John later died on 6 Sept 1872 in Wright Twp, Hillsdale Co, OH. 

Serepta Silvernail had indeed moved back to Geauga County as she was enumerated in the 1870 Burton, Geauga Co, OH federal census p44 with the following family: Alonzo Silvernail 22 MI farmer, Sarepta 64 RI, Seth 1 OH, and Theresa Hartson 11 OH.  Serepta Silvernail died of consumption on 19 Apr 1871 and was buried in Shadyside Cem, Auburn Twp, next to her first husband William Crafts; she was listed as a widow according to death records for that county.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Show

Hannah M. Show v George H. Show (Journal 5 p463 - 12 Mar 1859; Roll 12 case number 32 - Mar 1859; roll 12 case number 33 - Mar 1859)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 30 December 2013)

The couple was married in Lansing, Ingham Co, MI on 27 Jan 1853.  They had a child, Edgar P Show, b 27 Apr 1856.  Hannah charged George with extreme cruelty during the latter part of June 1858 when he kicked, beat her with his fists, bruised her, and took her away from her friends and relatives.  After the child was born she was treated cruelly; she went insane and sought treatment in an asylum for lunatics in the North District, Ohio.  On 27 Mar 1858 he struck and pushed her; then he denied her food and medical attention.  Later he kicked her out and paid for a teamster to take her away.  On 21 June 1858 he pursued her to a boarding house in Bryan and was violent when he found her.  She stated she was a confirmed cripple.  George owned property in Lansing, MI and 200 acres in Calhoun Co, MI.  It was unclear what was the outcome of this divorce suit, but I think it was dismissed.

While this divorce case was being heard, another case was brought to the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court (Roll 12 case number 32 - Mar 1859) by George H. Show who sued Thomas Kent, MD.  George may have been from Seneca Co, OH.  He charged that on 30 July 1858 Thomas procured and induced Hannah to go to Edwin J. Evans, JP, where George found her.  Thomas then beat, wounded, and ill-treated George.  This case was dismissed.

In the 1860 West Unity, Brady Twp federal census, p155b, there was a GH Show 49 dentist MD and son Henry 10 OH.  Perhaps George was married before and had an older son, Henry.  Whether this was the subject of this divorce is not currently known.  In the 1870 White Pigeon, St. Joseph Co, MI George Show, dentist, was enumerated with young wife, Mary J.

1860 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 149; Image: 304; Family History Library Film: 805052.
Edgar Show 4 OH living with Abram and Electa Wighman

In the 1870 White Pigeon, St. Joseph Co, MI George Show, 61 dentist Maryland, was enumerated with young wife, Mary J. 33 OH

George H Show 16 Jan 1877, Constantine Twp Cem, St Joseph Co, MI @71Y 6M 21D

1900 Bloomfield, Lagrange Co, IN
Show, EC P watch maker 44 (Apr 1856) OH-MD-PA with his wife, Loretta 44 IN and child

Edgar Carl Payne Show (1856 Brojon, OH  – 8 Dec 1905 Chicago, Cook Co, IL; bur Greenwood Cem, Lagrange Co, IN; jeweler) 49Y 6M – I think the birthplace is Bryan, OH and it appears this Edgar is the son of Hannah and George H Show.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shouf

Iantha Jane Gilvic Cramer Shouf v Peter Levengood Shouf (Journal 13 p35 - Jan 1885; Roll 41 Box 140 case number 1425 - 27 Jan 1885) – see Langel

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 12 June 1881 in Bryan, Wms Co, OH according to Iantha but the marriage record showed the date as 12 May 1881 (Marriage V5 #3).  Iantha was recorded as Mrs. Cramer, but no information has been found as to whom she was formerly married.

Peter, born on 2 May 1842 in Ashland Co, OH, was the son of John Breckenridge and Nancy A. Franks Shouf.  The father was a manufacturer of bricks and came to Pulaski Twp, Wms co c1854, settling on land in Sec 31.The family was enumerated in the 1860 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p182B, as JB 54 PA, Nancy 52 PA, Solomon B 19 OH, Peter L 17 OH, John H 15 OH, Nancy 13 OH, Lemuel 11 OH, Mary J 9 OH, William 7 OH, and Eliza Fickle 17 OH inmate.  By 1870 the family was listed in the Bryan federal census, p22, as JB 59 PA, Nancy A 61 PA, Peter L 27 PA, William 17 PA, and Ellen Franks 23 PA domestic. 

Iantha Jane, b1863, pos Wyandot Co, OH, was the daughter of Charles and Sarah Rose Shaffer Gilvic. Her mother married Lucas M. Crist on 10 Jan 1864 in Wyandot Co, OH and the family was found in the 1870 Pierceton, Washington Twp, Kosciusko Co, IN federal census under Lucas Christ; they came to Wms Co in the early 1880's.

Iantha and Peter had two known children: an unnamed male, stillborn on 9 Apr 1883 and Wade G, b 4 Nov 1884, Bryan.  She charged that on 1 Sept 1884, while pregnant within weeks of delivery, Peter was extremely cruel; he knocked her to the floor and violently shook her.  The case was dismissed.  Peter died on 8 Aug 1918 and was buried in the Bryan Fountain Grove Cemetery; Iantha died on 3 Jan 1954 and was buried beside her husband.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shobe

Ollie/Ota Dysas Shobe v Albert Shobe (Journal 13 p473 - 2 Apr 1886; p491 - 1 June 1886; Roll 43 Box 146 case number 1594 - 8 Feb 1886)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 26 July 1883 in Edwardsburg, Cass Co, MI.  Albert left her and was in Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN as of Feb 1884.  On 10 Aug 1883 at their home in Elkhart, IN Albert violently beat her with a piece of wood and confined her to her room.  He had done this many times.  He was a habitual drunk and gave her no support.  The case was continued and later dismissed.

From their marriage certificate one learns that Albert was born in Ligonier, Noble Co, IN c1860 and Ota was born c1861 in Kendallville, IN.  From the 1870 Ligonier, Noble Co, IN federal census p265B Albert was 12, born in Iowa, and the son of Sophia Shobe 40 OH.  He may be the son of Ira and Sophia Jackson Shobe.  In the 1880 Perry twp, Noble Co, IN federal census p404 Albert is again enumerated with mother Sophia; he was listed as 22 IA laborer.  Possibly after this dismissed action, Albert married a Clara in 1894 and continued to live in the Ligioner, IN area until his death sometime after 1930.

09 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shellhart

Catherine Campbell Shellhart v Daniel Shellhart

Civil War Soldier Who Loved and Married Too Often, Divorce in Williams Co, OH, 1866

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

When I abstracted Williams Co, OH marriages many years ago, I found a couple who had married twice.  At first I thought I had made a mistake, but I have since discovered there was a powerful reason for this man marrying the same woman twice.  This genealogical detailing deals with a Civil War soldier who loved often and married often without benefit of legal procedures until his first wife headed for the divorce court.

Daniel Shellhart, b.28 May1826, Schuylkill Co, PA, son of Christian and Elizabeth Cook Shelhart, married Catherine Campbell, b.c. 1828, PA, parentage unknown, in Richland Co, OH, on 17 Nov 1847 (Marriages, V5 p77).  The couple was enumerated in the 1850 Blooming Grove Twp, Richland Co, OH federal census p163, as Daniel Shelhart 26 PA, Catherine 24 PA, William Romley 27 NY, Nancy Romley 26 PA, Laura Romley 2 OH, Christian Shelhart 2 OH, and William Shelhart 11/12 OH.

Apparently Daniel left his wife and children in Richland Co, OH and moved to Williams Co where he married Elizabeth Folk, daughter of PA natives Isaac and Elizabeth Folk, on 8 Nov 1855, Wms Co (V2 p161).  Elizabeth was b.c. 1835, Columbiana Co, OH. This couple was listed in the 1860 Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census, p168A, West Jefferson PO, as Daniel Shellhart 32 PA, Elizabeth 24 PA, Harriet 4 OH, Sarah 3 OH, and Joseph 1 OH. Catherine and Daniel's son, Christian, lived with a Kamble family according to the 1860 Madison Twp federal census, p213. Daniel joined Co G 68th OVI on 4 Jan 1862 as a private and served in the Union Army during the Civil War for 17 months.

Catherine Shelhart sought a divorce from the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 6 p509, 592 - 31 Oct 1865; Roll 17 #83).  What caused her to wait until 1865 when he had been missing for about 12 years is anyone's guess, but Catherine told the court that her husband had willfully abandoned her and their two sons, Christopher Hulbart (30 Sept 1848, Richland Co, OH - 30 Dec 1911, Fallon, ND; m. Sarah Isabelle Harley, 23 Sept 1875, Polk, IA) and William B. (5 Oct 1849, Richland Co, OH; m. Olive C. Hill, 11 Nov 1873, Wms Co, V4 #303) on 1 Apr 1853.  Daniel had committed adultery with Elizabeth Folk, on many occasions and the couple was openly living as husband and wife with several children.  He did not have real estate known to Catherine but she sought this divorce and a reasonable alimony.  Catherine also sued Elizabeth's older brother, Jacob Folk, for his part in the supposed cover-up of this affair.

The court found Daniel Shelhart guilty of abandonment and awarded Catherine $500 in alimony plus the divorce on 31 Oct 1866.  Daniel's bigamy trial began on 3 Nov 1866 and he was found guilty of the charge, but since the court had granted Catherine a divorce, he was now free to legally marry Elizabeth Folk, which is precisely what he did on 14 Aug 1867, Wms Co (V3 p702). 

Daniel and Elizabeth Folk Shelhart had the following children: Harriet (1856 - ?; m. Alvaro D. Clark, 14 Oct 1879, Putnam Co, OH); Sarah Elizabeth (1857-1932; m1. John Wesley Cripliver, 18 May 1874, Whitehouse, Lucas Co, OH; m2. Horace Greeley Harbaugh, aft 1881); Joseph (16 Apr 1859 - 2 Dec 1861, bur West Jefferson Cem); Mary Etta (1862 - ?; m. Albert Chamberlain, 14 Dec 1882, Sandusky, Erie Co, OH); Joshua John(29 Feb 1864 - 6 Feb 1926, Toledo, OH; m. Martha Ellen Johnson, 13 Apr 1889, Big Rapids, Mecosta Co, MI).

Catherine may have stayed here after the divorce but one does know that as Catherine Kimmell she married John Klotz on 17 Nov 1868, Wms Co (V4 p27) and the couple were found on the 1870 Center Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census, p18, as John Klotz 49 WT, Catherine 40 PA, William Shellhart 19 OH railroader, and Kate Campbell 9 IN.  The relationship of the little girl to Catherine is not currently known, but Campbell was Catherine's maiden name.  In another part of the county in the 1870 Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census, p15, one finds a William Shellhart 28 OH, Ruth A 26 OH, William 9 OH, Sophia D. 3 OH, Mary E. 1 OH, and Christopher Shellhart 21 OH.  This Christopher is the son of Daniel and Catherine, living with relatives.  Closeby in Madison Twp there was a Joshua Shellhart 33 OH along with his family, p3.

After the bigamy trial and subsequent remarriage to Elizabeth Folk, Daniel and his second family disappear, but in Williams Co on 29 July 1873 (V4 p286) a Daniel Shelhart married Jane Priest; whether this is our subject is not presently known, but our subject did become a groom once again on 20 Mar 1880, Sandusky, Erie Co, OH, when he married Eliza Birdsall.

The report of the Board of Managers of the National Home for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers of the Ohio Soldiers and Sailors' Home, Sandusky, Erie Co, OH, 30 June 1895 listed (#2725) a Daniel Shelhart, Regiment G 68th OVI, age 69, carpenter, widower, born in PA.  He had applied for a disability pension as an invalid on 20 June 1882.  This Daniel died on 30 Sept 1895 at this veterans' facility. More research needs to be done to prove this man is the Civil War soldier who is detailed herein.

In Yackee Cemetery, Center Twp, there is a tombstone inscription for a Catherine Klotz who died 20 Apr 1876 (Deaths, V1 p38), who may be Catherine Campbell Shelhart Klotz.  Again no sufficient proof has been currently discovered as to this supposition.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shaffer (James)

Sarah Shultz Shaffer v James Shaffer (Journal 7; Roll 18 case number 83 - 12 Jan 1869)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

Sarah stated that the couple was married on 1 June 1862, Wms Co, OH, but the record showed the date as 13 June 1863 (Marriage V3 p312).  Sarah, b1840 in Richland Co, OH, was the daughter of William and (Catherine Long or Barbara Snyder) Shultz. The 1850 Jefferson Twp, Wms Co federal census, p21, enumerated the Shultes family as William 45 PA, Catharine 40 PA, Joseph 20 OH, Susan 18 OH, Jacob 16 OH, Elizabeth 13 OH, Lewis 11 OH, Sarah 10 OH, John 9 OH, William 7 OH, Samuel 4 OH, and George 3 OH.  The 1860 Durbin Corners, Jefferson Twp federal census, p168B, listed the family as William 55 PA, Catharine 51 PA, Lewis 19 OH, Sarah 19 OH, John 17 OH, William 15 OH, Samuel 14 OH, and George 12 OH. In the 1870 Millcreek Twp federal census, p3, the family changed to Catharine 60 PA, Sarah 29 OH, and Samuel 24. 

Sarah charged James with gross neglect and abandonment.  He left her without clothing or food and went to parts unknown outside the state of Ohio.  She received help from her father who lived in Wms Co.  She obtained her divorce and was restored to her maiden name.

Sarah married Jacob Marks on 16 Mar 1871 in Wms Co (Marriage V4 p163).  Sarah and Jacob had two known children, Leroy (b 21 July 1875) and Mervin (b 14 July 1877).  Jacob appeared to be relation of George Marks, and possible son of Daniel and Hannah Marks of Millcreek Twp.  Sarah died between 1880 and 1900 as her husband Jacob appeared in the 1900 Alvordton, Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census as a widower.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shaffer (Howard)

Howard W. Shaffer v Eldora M. Stoner Shaffer (Journal 11 p105 - 22 Feb 1881; Roll 36 case number 849 - Dec 1880) –see Jacob Zoller (when posted)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 10 Feb 1879 in Camden, Hillsdale Co, MI (Marriage E p260). Dora, the daughter of Henry and Malinda Craig Stoner, was born c1861 in Reading, MI. In the 1870 Reading, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p469B the Henry Stoner family was enumerated as Henry 42 OH blacksmith, Malinda 41 NY, Euphemia 12 OH, Eldora 8 MI, and Charles 6 MI.  On 10 Sept 1876, her widowed mother married Jacob Davis; the Davis family was listed in the 1880 Reading, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p270 along with Dora’s maternal grandmother, Temperance Craige 69 VT, but Dora is not enumerated with them.  Dora went on to marry Jacob Zoller and more information is found in their divorce.

Howard was the son of John and Frances Bordner Shaffer, who came to Wms Co c1860 from Doylestown, Wayne Co, OH where they were married on 22 July 1849. The Shaffers were listed in the 1870 St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p2, as John 40 MD, Frances 42 PA, Mary 20 OH, Howard 19 OH, Caroline 14 OH, and Anson 6 OH, and in the 1880 St. Joseph Twp federal census p36, as John 50 MD, Frances 52 PA, Howard 28 OH farm worker, Cal (f) 22 OH, and Anson J 15 OH.  Note that Howard lived with his parents after his marriage. Frances, the mother died on 23 Sept 1887 and in 1892 John married Mrs. Amelia Engel.  He passed away on 31 May 1901 (Butler Record, Butler, DeKalb Co, IN, 7 June 1901) and was buried in Maple Grove Cem, Edgerton, OH, next to his first wife.

Howard, b 1851-1853, a resident of Wms Co for a year or more, charged that on 1 Jan 1879 Dora committed adultery with an unknown man in the Bloomer Hotel, Clear Lake, IN.  On 8 Aug 1880 she committed adultery with Dick Tompson at the Long Hotel in Waterloo, IN.  On 13 Dec 1880 at the house of prostitution kept by Jonnie Stoner of Kendalville, IN, she did the same with John Wilkes, on 19 Dec 1880 with Joseph Berhalter and Coonrod Schwartz, and on 24 Dec 1880 with Charles Graner.  The entire month of December 1880 she conducted herself as a common prostitute at Johnnie Stoner's place.  A legal notice appeared in a local paper and Howard was granted a divorce as stated in The Bryan Democrat, 24 Feb 1881 p3.   Howard was still living in 1901 according to his father’s obituary; nothing currently is known of Dora.

08 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shaffer (Heslip)

Amanda Jane Dehart  Shaffer v Heslip William Shaffer

Belle Isle Prisoner – A Civil War Soldier Behaving Badly – Williams Co, 1871 – see Thomas (when posted); Note this is out of alphabetical order (mea culpa)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

“War is hell” stated William Tecumseh Sherman, the famous Ohio Civil War General.  Modern readers can only imagine what life was like in a Confederate prison, such as the infamous Belle Isle facility.  Psychologically speaking we can not know what demons were unleashed in men’s minds that greatly impacted their future behavior; or, was this experience an excuse for men to act badly?  You be the judge.

Heslip William Shaffer, the son of Samuel and Mary Ann (Powell?) Shaffer, was born on 27 May 1840 in Coshocton Co, OH.  His father Samuel was a Pennsylvania native, born c. 1806 and his English mother was born on 1818.  They may have been married in Muskingum Co, OH on 29 Aug 1839.  Further research is needed to confirm this.  The Shaffer family was enumerated in Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH in 1850 as Samuel 44 PA; Mary 32 EN; Heslip 10 OH; Isaac 8 OH; Andrew 6 OH; Lydia 4 OH; and Joseph 2 OH.  By the 1860 Jefferson Twp census one finds Samuel 53 PA; Clarissa 41 OH; John Fulkerson 19 OH; Isaac 17 OH; Lydia 13 OH; Joseph 12 OH; Seth 4 OH; and Clarissa 1 OH.  Mary Ann Shaffer, the mother of Heslip, had died on 13 Jan 1855 and was buried in Rings Cem, Brady Twp.  Samuel, the widower, married Clarissa (Trucks) Fulkerson Van Nortwick, on 1 Sept 1855 in Wms Co (V2 p157, Marriages).  Clarissa was twice a widow and apparently the mother of both Seth and little Clarissa who later died on 1 July 1861 and was buried in the Lash Cemetery, Jefferson Twp.  Samuel Shaffer was a personal property taxpayer in the 1867 Jefferson Twp records but his further whereabouts are unknown to date.  There is a Samuel Schaffer (note spelling) whose death is recorded as 21 Apr 1870 (V1 p2, Deaths).  Clarissa Shaffer (1819-1889) was buried in the West Jefferson Cemetery.

Amanda Jane Dehart, daughter of Gilbert and Lydia (Ball) Dehart, was born in Knox Co, OH, on 15 May 1843.  Her parents were married there on 18 Aug 1842.  Gilbert brought his family to Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH sometime before 1859 and was enumerated in the 1860 Jefferson Twp census as Gilbert 41 OH; Lydia 41 OH; Senica 15 OH; Clayton 13 OH; and Sophronia 5 OH.  They lived next door to their married daughter Amanda and her husband Heslip W. Shaffer who married in Wms Co, on 20 Jul 1859 (Marriage V3 p65).  Heslip and Amanda became the parents of daughter Eva Della on 14 Dec 1861.

Responding to the call to serve his country, Heslip enlisted in Co C 100th OVI as a private and was detailed as a nurse at Lexington, KY.  On 8 Sept 1863 he was captured at Limestone Station, TN and served time at Belle Isle Prison until Mar 1864 when he was released and hospitalized in an Annapolis, MD facility suffering from kidney disease, scurvy, chronic diarrhea, and piles.  Heslip was honorably discharged and returned home to wife Amanda and daughter Eva.

Heslip, a grocer, paid personal property tax in Madison Twp 1867.  From the 1870 Pioneer, Madison Twp, federal census Heslip was listed as 30 OH along with Amanda Jane 27 OH; Eva D. 10 OH; and his sister Lydia J. 23 OH.  They lived next door to Gilbert Dehart, a mail carrier, 45 OH; Senica 22 OH; and Sophronia 15 OH.  Gilbert’s wife, Lydia, died in April 1868 but her burial place is unknown at this time.

According to the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court Records (Journal 7 p540 – May 1871; Roll 23 case number 42) Roll 23 (#42) Amanda, a Pioneer resident, appeared in court requesting a divorce from Heslip.  She stated that he was a habitual drunk for the last three years.  Amanda’s 15 year old sister, Sophronia, born 17 Jan 1855, by written deposition, testified that on 18 Sept 1870 while Amanda was visiting relatives in Knox Co, she (Sophronia) had committed adultery with brother-in-law, Heslip, on numerous occasions and had recently given birth to a child on 11 May 1871, about 3 months after Amanda had discovered the affair.  Neighbors of Amanda and Heslip also testified to the accuracy of Sophronia’s testimony along with her father, Gilbert Dehart.  Williams Co, OH Births, V1 p33, bears out these facts that on 11 May 1871 Charles L. Shaffer was born to parents HW Shaffer and Sophronia P. Dehart.  Amanda was immediately granted a divorce with reasonable alimony and child support.

Amanda soon moved to Iowa City, Johnson Co, IA, where she married Lewis Dyo Chambers on 21 Dec 1872.  Amanda did not have any other known children.  In the 1900 Chatanooga, Hamilton Co, TN federal census p8B Amanda Chambers was enumerated as Amanda 57 OH widow, mother of one living child; she was listed as a baker and she took in boarders.  She died on 19 Oct 1907 in Daylight, TN and was buried on the farm of a CG Howells.  Her daughter, Eva, first married Daniel Francis Davis on 7 Jan 1882 in Schyler, Colfax Co, Nebraska; later she married Frank Hughes. 

Sophronia Dehart, again according to Wms Co, OH Birth Records became a mother on 10 June 1874 to son Fred in West Unity (Birth V1 p73) with the father of record as Marion Paton.  Sophronia later traveled to Iowa and married Robert Cook McCleery on 17 May 1878 in Creston, Union Co, IA.  Robert died there on 16 May 1885; according to The Bryan Democrat, 26 April 1894, p8, there was a legal matter mentioned concerning Clarissa DeHart’s proper will and heirs were listed, two of whom were Amanda D. Chambers and Sophronia P. Northrup.  By this it would appear that Sophronia had married again c1892 to L. Northrup and appeared as a divorced woman in the 1900 Galena, Cherokee Co, KS federal census p7A; she was listed as the mother of six children with four living.  Sophronia passed away on 10 Sept 1903 in Perry, Noble Co, OK.  She was the mother of four McCleery children (3 daughters and 1 son). The whereabouts of baby Charles L. Shaffer is unknown at this time and son Fred was raised as a McCleery.

Amanda and Sophronia’s father was living in Millcreek Twp 1880 federal census p491A as a widower along with his widowed sister-in-law, Clarissa.  Gilbert died on 26 Apr 1885, Wms Co (Death V2 p33) and was buried in the West Franklin Cemetery, Fulton Co, OH along with his mother, Mary, sister Martha A, and brother Peter.

So what happened to Heslip?  He next married Rose/Rosa A. Dean (born 1844 in Hillsdale Co, MI) on 24 Dec 1871 in Alma, Gratiot Co, MI and had a son, Isaac Newton Shaffer, born 17 Feb 1872 in Newark, Gratiot Co, MI; the baby died on 18 Mar 1872 and his mother followed on 17 Aug 1872 from childbirth complications.  

Heslip’s third wife, Fidelia S. Dean, daughter of Luther Dean, was born c. 1849 in Pennsylvania; they were married in Oct 1875, Grand Rapids, Kent Co, MI. She and Heslip had the following four sons, all born in Newark: Sether (1 Aug 1876), unnamed male (10 Dec 1877 – 11 Dec 1877); Luther A. (1877, may be a twin); and Newton (April 1880).  The sons, Sether and Newton, plus the parents were enumerated in the 1880 Newark federal census p532C.  Later they had a daughter, Eva, born 3 Apr 1882, and a son, Walter A, born 18 June 1883. At the age of 36, Fidelia died on 22 June 1885.  About three years later Heslip applied for a CW pension on 2 July 1888.  He later died on 10 Oct 1895 and was buried in Ithaca, Gratiot Co, MI.

Sophronia Dehart McCleery Northrup

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shaffer (Isaac)

Isaac Shaffer v Alinda Eagley Shaffer

Man of Many Occupations Sought Divorce from Reluctant Wife, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1885

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The History of Williams County, Ohio, Goodspeed, 1882, p807, contains a biographical sketch of a native Hooser who with his parents traveled to DeKalb Co, IN c1848.  He spent three years at the Wolcottville Seminary and an additional year at Northwest College in Plainfield, Illionois where he taught school.  By 1874 he had established a furniture business back in Wolcotville, LaGrange Co, IN, and spent time in 1878 as a traveling salesman.  By 1880 he established a drug store in Hamilton Co, IN, and in Sept 1881 brought that business to Alvordton, Millcreek Twp, Wms Co, OH.  According to this biographical entry he was married and had two sons.  If a researcher only used this material the picture of this man's life would seem pretty routine.  However, if one searches the divorce cases, one finds more to this multi-faceted man's life.

Isaac Shaeffer/Shaffer, born 26 Nov 1846, Wayne Co, IN, son of Abraham and Elizabeth Gerry Shaeffer, married Alinda Eagley in Van Buren Twp, LaGrange Co, IN on 24 June 1872; the marriage was officiated by Reverend Philip O'Mailey.  Note that Goodspeed cited the wrong marriage date. The biographical sketch gave Alinda's birthplace as Erie Co, PA, and the fact that she was a member of the Evangelical Association.  Starting with this information I discovered that Alinda's parents were John and Leah Fry Eagley; Alinda was born on 30 Apr 1851.  On 13 July 1853 John and Leah Eagley sold their farm of 103 acres in Erie Co, PA and moved to Van Buren Twp, LaGrange Co, IN c1860.

In the summer of 1876 the couple lived in Wolcotville; when Isaac wanted to move to Wms Co in Aug 1881, Alinda refused to live with him.  The couple separated when Isaac moved here.  The biographical entry of 1882 reflected the notion that this couple was happily living together in Alvordton.

Isaac requested a divorce in the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 13 p1 - 23 Feb 1885; Roll 41 Box 137 case number 1402 - 6 Jan 1885).  He stated that his wife's whereabouts were unknown.  The couple had two sons, Homer John, age 12, and Ulysses G, age 10.  The court granted Isaac a divorce after a notice ran for the usual six consecutive weeks in the Bryan Press.  Isaac had taken this action a little over three years after they separated. Isaac, however, did not request custody of his children.  The particulars concerning Alinda are not currently known, but in the 1880 Van Buren, LaGrange Co, IN federal census p306 Alinda Shaffer and her sons Homer and Early were enumerated with her parents.  It is known that her parents died in LaGrange Co, IN in 1885 (mother) and 1887 (father); they were both buried in the Eagley Cemetery found in Van Buren Twp there.  An online source stated that Alinda died on 14 Feb 1933.  She was listed in both the 1920 and 1930 Camden, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census records; Alinda was listed as a widow.

What prompted Isaac to seek a divorce may be answered by another record found in Wms Co.  Isaac Shaeffer married Mrs. Martha A. Poulsen on 24 May 1885 (Marriages V5 #658).  Martha was the former wife of Franklin M. Poulsen.  In 1900 and 1910 Isaac and Martha were enumerated in the Mill Creek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census records.  Isaac ran a general store in Alvordton, OH where he died on 17 Oct 1911 and was buried in Pioneer, Ohio.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Shaffer (Benjamin)

Caroline Shaffer v Benjamin Shaffer (Journal 10 p26 - 15 Nov 1878; Roll 33)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

This may not be a divorce.  The file stated that Caroline said she had not received any money from him although he was indebted to her on 15 May 1878 for $500.  She worked for him between 3 Dec 1874 and 12 Oct 1875.  From 1 Aug 1876 -1 Apr 1877 she lived with him, cooked, and did all the housework for 30 weeks.  Benjamin was a resident of the state of Michigan.

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Sears

William S. Sears v Esther Brewer Sears (Journal 12 p111 - 13 June 1883; p197 - 4 Jan 1884; p331 - 15 June 1884; Roll 39 Box 139 case number 1127 - Mar 1883)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

A Methodist minister married the couple in Trumansburg, Tompkins Co, NY on 8 Apr 1876.  William, b. 5 Oct 1852 in Hector, Schuyler Co, NY, was the son of Benjamin P. and Elvira Shannon Sears.  In the 1870 Hector, Schuyler Co, NY federal census p553, the Sears family was listed as Benjamin P 50 NY farm laborer, Elvira 43 NY, William S 18 NY farm laborer, and Adell Thornton 17 DC domestic.  By the 1880 Bowling Green, Wood Co, OH federal census, the family moved and increased to Benjamin P 61 NY, Elvira 53 NY, William S 28 NY, Esther 22 NY, and Elvira 3 OH.

Esther Brewer, b Oct 1856 NY, was the daughter of William Augustus and Martha Brewer, also NY natives.  In the 1860 Lodi, Seneca Co, NY federal census p499, the Brewers were listed as Augustus 28 NY, Martha 22 NY, Abraham 6 NY, Esther 5 NY, Sarah 3 NY, and Kate 10/12 NY.  The 1870 Trumansburg, Tompkins Co, NY federal census p412, listed the Brewers as Augustus 38 NY blacksmith, Martha 36 NY, Abram 16 NY, Esther 14 NY, Sarah 12 NY, Mahala 10 NY, Zora 8 NY, and William 3 NY. 

William charged Esther with willfully abandoning him three years ago.  He had a deposition from his father, BP Sears of Bowling Green, Wood Co, OH, who stated that he (BP) lived with William and his family and that Esther left on Feb 1880 and returned to NY.  "William doesn't own any property, real or personal."  The couple had a daughter Elvira, b June 1877 and Esther by deposition wanted custody.  She stated she did not have any support from William and she wanted $50 as an allowance until this matter was resolved.  Esther received custody of Elvira and alimony; William received a divorce and paid the court costs after this case was continued several times.

By 1892 Esta Sears lived in Ulysses, NY according to the NY State census.  In the 1900 Ulysses, Tompkins Co, NY federal census p12B, Esta Sears 43 married 24 years with 1 child was head of household with daughter Elvira, born in June 1878 (22) OH clerk in cigar store.  By the 1910 federal census for that location p275, Esther 54 NY married with one child lived with her parents WA Brewer 77 NY and Martha 72 NY.  Note that even though Esther was divorced she continued to be known as a married lady with the surname Sears.

William S. Sears married Emily Steinman c1896.  Emily, daughter of Herman Steinman, was born in Switzerland in Mar 1869 and moved to the US in 1880.  The couple was enumerated in the 1900 Toledo, Lucas Co, OH federal census p8B along with Williams’s father, Benjamin, 80 NY.  William died on 29 Jan 1929 in Toledo, Lucas Co, OH but was buried in the Oak Grove Cem, Bowling Green, Wood Co, OH where his parents also lie in repose; his wife Emily had died in 29 Oct 1927.  

Divorce Action in Williams Co, OH - Scherer

Margaret Kingseed Scherer v Christian Scherer (Journal 13 p391 - 4 Feb 1886; Roll 43 Box 146 case number 1595 - Jan 1886)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 1 Nov 1872 in Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH.  Margaret, b1847 OH, was the daughter of Henry and Margaret Kingseed, natives of Bavaria.  The Kingseed family was enumerated in the 1860 Palo-Alto, Seneca Twp, Seneca Co, OH federal census p10, as Henry 56 BV, Margaret 54 BV, Elizabeth 18 OH, Lewis 15 OH, and Margaret 13 OH.  There was a hearing in Defiance County, OH. Margaret charged Christian with extreme cruelty.  He struck and beat her with a wood club and threatened to kill her.  She wanted clothing for herself and the children plus the household goods.  She also wanted reasonable alimony of $50, as he owned 80 acres in Springfield Twp.  Christian was a habitual drunk for the past three years.  The couple had the following children: Henry (11), William (4), and Arthur (1).  Christian stated that he wanted her back and will destroy the livestock if she does not return.  The action was dismissed due to the wishes of both parties.

Wms Co birth records showed the following children for the couple: Margaret (b 23 Oct 1880 - V2 p23), William F (b 27 Nov 1881 - V2 p35), Arthur E (b 20 Oct 1884 - V2 p71), and Harrison L (b 1 Aug 1887 - V2 p99).

Brickwall - Clum and Wisner

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 6 November 2011)

A researcher requested information on Clum-Wisner connections in Williams County, Ohio.  If you can shed any light on this family, please email me.

Wanted: Who and Where Is Maria Clum Wisner?

He married twice and had families with both wives.  His second wife is shrouded in mystery as to her parentage and her whereabouts after 1910.  She is also party to a further mystery concerning her first child.

Samuel Wisner, the son of Stephen Seaman and Mary (Flitcraft) Wisner, was born on 22 Feb 1810 in Monmouth, NJ.  Stephen, the father, traveled from NJ to Columbiana Co, OH with his wife and four children c1818 where he held the position of Justice of the Peace; he was a veteran of the War of 1812.  Stephen and Mary were the parents of Samuel, Rachel, William, Benjamin, Sarah Seaman, John, Elizabeth, Rebecca Gaskill, Henry Clay and Mary Jane.  A short bio is found in The History of Columbiana Co, OH, 1879, p205.

Samuel took over the role of taxpayer in Perry Twp, Columbiana Co, OH for 1837 and 1838.  He married Elizabeth Richardson on 6 Dec 1832 in Columbiana Co, OH, and they were enumerated in the 1850 Perry Twp, Columbiana Co, OH federal census p43A as Samuel 40 NJ butcher, Elizabeth 38 OH, Delorma W 14 OH, Stephen 11 OH, Mary M 9 OH, Richard 7 OH, and Mary T 3 OH.  Elizabeth died bet 1857-1860; she could have possibly died in either Columbiana or Williams Counties as no death or burial record has been found to date. The couple had the following children: Delorma W (1831-1913), Stephen S (1839 - 1873), Mary Melissa (1841 -), Richard (1843 – 1925), Teresa Mary Willoughby (1847 -), and Abraham (1851 -). By the 1860 NW Twp, Williams County, OH federal census p11, Samuel Wismes, a widower, was listed as Samuel 50 NJ, Melissa 19 OH, and Stephen 21 OH; his son Delorma and wife Charlotte (formerly Whaley) were living next door.

Now comes the mystery woman, Maria Clum.  Here is a possible scenario for her parentage.  According to the 1850 Paint Twp, Holmes Co, OH p321A, a Clum family was enumerated as John Clum 77 MD, Frances 72 MD, Elizabeth 30 OH, and Maria 21 OH.  Their next-door neighbors were Jacob Clum 26 OH and wife Mary A 25 OH. Jacob is reportedly the son of John and Frances Eller Clum.

In 1850 Maria could be living with her parents, John and Frances (Eller) Clum.  There are many online databases recording this couples’ children, but no one lists Maria as their daughter.  It is possible that John married a Barbara Wacker first and upon her death married Frances, who could be Maria’s mother. 

In 1850 Maria may be living with her grandfather John and step-grandmother Frances.  John’s first marriage to Barbara Wacker produced a son, Abraham, who had at least one son and several daughters.  One of these daughters could be Maria. 

Add to the mix the David and Susannah Clum family who are residing in Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams Co in 1850.  David died on 28 Feb 1873; from his will (Probate case #1573 introduced on 10 Mar 1873), which is very difficult to read, he mentioned a niece; the writing looks like either “Wilma” or “Maria”.  A drawing of this Clum family’s home is included in the 1874 Williams County, Ohio Atlas; it is composed of a fine looking home, a barn, and two outbuildings.

Next in the chronological fact-finding there is a probate record for Frances Clum on 28 Nov 1856, Williams County, Ohio (Probate case #457).  Upon Frances’ death, Jacob Clum was the original executor of the estate.  He died around 1858 and Frances’ executors became Joseph Clum of Holmes Co, OH and John Hollar and Samuel Beerbower of Williams County.  Her estate included promissory notes made by Joseph Clum, Samuel Clum, John Orr, William Orr, Jacob Hudson, Philip Rhinehurst, Henry Heinter, Samuel Salamar, and Anthony **oble.  The packet also included a note made by Frances Clum and Joseph Clum promising to pay Jacob Hudson, executor of John Clum’s estate, the sum of $79.27; this note was dated eight months before Frances’ death.  

Republican Standard, 5 May 1858 p2
Administrator’s Notice
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Joseph Clum of Mount Eaton, Wayne Co, Ohio has been duly appointed and qualified as administrator de bonis nom of the estate of Frances Clum, late of Williams Co, OH, deceased.
Joseph Clum
Bryan, 24 Apr 1858

Apparently this probate took four years to finally settle, making it about 1860 before all parties were satisfied.

By the 1860 Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p186 Maria Clum 29 OH and a George W Clum 7 or 1 OH (poor microfilm) were listed.  Other Clums are living in the area, such as Jacob Clum 37 OH and Mary A Clum, 35 OH.  Note these were her 1850 Holmes Co neighbors/relatives.

Aside from the mystery of the parentage of Maria comes a second puzzle as to the parentage of this George W. Clum whose surname was listed in censuses as Clum in 1860, Pickens in 1870, and Wisner in 1880.  Was he an illegitimate son of Maria who was much later identified as a Wisner after Samuel Wisner’s death; was he the son of an unknown Pickens father, or was he the son of an unknown Clum?  There is also the possibility that Maria was married and became a widow of an unidentified Clum, making George W legitimate; however, if that’s the case, why was George identified in 1870 as George Pickens?

Here are other records to reveal Maria’s life from 1862 to 1910:

1. Samuel Wisner married Maria Clum in Williams Co, OH on 24 Apr 1862 (Marriage V3 p234). 

2. According to the 1870 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p63A the Wisner family was listed as Samuel 59 NJ, Maria 40 OH, Charles 4 OH, Samuel 2 OH, and Ella /12 OH, plus George Pickens 9 OH.

3.  The oldest child of this marriage, Charles W Wisner was born on 16 Aug 1865 or 1867 in Metz, Steuben Co, IN.  Charles married Susan E Brubaker on 1 Mar 1888 in Williams Co (Marriage V5 #1186). He died on 12 Jan 1930 in Montgomery, MI and was buried in Leggett Cemetery in Williams Co.  Shinn’s History of Williams Co, Ohio, 1905, has a short biography of Charles; his estate was probated in Williams Co #8580 on 21 Jan 1930. 

4.  Second son, Samuel Ellsworth Wisner, was born on 15 Nov 1869 in Edon, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH and died in Mason, MI on 25 Nov 1953.  His first wife was Laura M Cooper whom he wed on 8 Jan 1893 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V6 #868). They later divorced and Laura returned to Edon to marry Jasper Davenport.  Samuel may have wed a second time to Elizabeth (Spang) Calbath. 5 Feb 1925 in Lansing, Ingham Co, MI.

5.  Daughter Ella, born 8 Apr 1870 in Williams Co, OH, died in Dupont, Putnam Co, OH on 17 Oct 1918.  She first married Jacob Fought in Williams Co, OH on 29 July 1901 (Marriage V8 p270). Later she wed Ray Coble.

6. Samuel died in August 1873 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Steuben Co, IN.  Sons from his first marriage, Stephen S and Richard Wisner, are also buried there.  Another son, Abraham, is buried in Powers Cemetery, Steuben Co, IN.

7.  Samuel’s will tells of his property in Williams Co, OH and mentioned his beloved wife (not named) and his three children – Charles W, Samuel E, and Ella Wisner. Note the children are named in their birth order and there is no mention of a George W, nor is there anything left to the children of his first marriage. Here is an extract of this will.

Williams Co, OH Probate #1601 estate of Samuel Wisner - 3 Sept 1873
In the name of the benevolent father of all, I, Samuel Wisner of Florence Twp, Williams County, Ohio, make and publish this my last will and testament.

First Item, I give and devise to my Beloved wife in lieu of her dower the farm on which we now reside situate in the south west part of the west half of the south east quarter of Section 33 (more details on land) containing about 25 acres of land during her natural life or as long as she remains my widow and all the stock household goods furniture provisions and other goods and chattels which may be there at the time of my decease during her natural life as aforesaid.  She however selling so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts at the death of my said wife the real estate aforesaid I give and advise my sons Charles W. Wisner and Samuel E Wisner and my daughter Ella Wisner and their heirs share and share alike.

Item 2, I give and devise my said wife Lots 77 and 116 in the village of Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams County, Ohio and request her to sell the same to pay my just debts and to support my minor children.

In testimony hereof I have hereto set my hand and seal the 12th day of August 1873

Samuel Wisner

Witness – Sylvester Daniels

8.  According to the 1880 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p573A the widow Maria Wisner and her children are listed as Maria 45 OH with parents as Maryland natives, George 21 OH, Charles 14 OH, Samuel 12 OH, and Ella 10 OH.  Note John Clum was from MD as was his first wife Barbara; Frances Eller was born in Germany. After this census, son George W disappears.

9.  In the 1900 Edon, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p11A widow Maria was enumerated as 70 (no birthplace) and daughter Ella 30 OH. 

10.  In the 1910 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p11A widow Maria Wianer was 86 OH; her father’s birthplace is US and her mother’s is MD. She had five children with four surviving.  Note if this is accurate, there is another child unaccounted. Further note that Maria lived alone on her own income.

In conclusion, the search for Maria Clum Wisner is on-going.  

March 1858 Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court Witness Book (Common Pleas)
You know how it is - whenever you write something up, you find something which is exactly what happened.  
If you go to the Williams County Genealogical Society's website, you'll find more on this witness book.