26 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Vangeen

Ann Vangeen v John Vangeen (Journal 9 p531 - 8 July 1878; Roll 32 case number 435 - 11 Apr/June 1878)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 20 Dec 1872, Holland, Ottawa Co, MI.  Ann charged John with being a habitual drunk for three years or more.  He lived in Holland, MI.  A legal notice appeared in the "Fountain City Argus."  A divorce was granted.  In the 1910 Polk Twp, Ottawa Co, MI federal census, p229A, a John Vangeen aged 70 was listed.  Nothing further is known of either party.

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Van Fossen

Thomas Sloss Van Fossen v Mandana Van Fossen

Childless Husband Petitioned Three Times, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1884

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 26 November 2010)

Thomas Sloss Van Fossen, b. 5 July 1844, Florence Twp, Wms Co, OH, was the son of William and Mary Ann Sloss Van Fossen, natives of Perry Co, PA and Caven Co, Ireland, respectively.  William was apprenticed as a carpenter but in 1829 he was a teacher in Granville, OH.  He married Mary Ann on 8 July 1830 in Licking Co, OH; the couple moved to Dearborn, MI where William worked at the arsenal and taught school.  The family eventually settled in Florence Twp c1838.  They had the following ten children: Elizabeth Ann, John Wilson, William Abner, Rachel Minerva, Mary Mathilda, Sarah Amelia, Thomas Sloss, Margaret Ellen, Keziah Jane, and Levi.  William, the father, farmed 80 acres and served as the postmaster at Spring Lake for 33 years as well as functioning as the local justice of the peace.

The Van Fossen family was enumerated in the 1850 Florence Twp federal census, p59B, where Thomas was 6 years old and the 1860 Florence Twp federal census, p26A, where Thomas was 15 years old. Thomas served as a private in Co D 195th Infantry.  His older brother William Abnser, b.12 Jan 1837, Dearborn, Wayne Co, MI, served in Co G 88th Indiana Infantry. According to the 1870 federal census for that township Thomas Sloss Van Fossen was not residing with his parents.  Father William, a grandson of a colonel in the War of 1812, died on 15 Mar 1878, Wms Co (Deaths V 1 p46) @74Y 1M 26D and was buried in Malcolm Cemetery, NW Twp.  Mother Mary Ann died on 13 May 1879 @71Y 11M 2D in Wms Co (Deaths V1 p51) and was buried beside her husband.

Thomas S. Van Fossen married Mandana (unknown surname and parentage) on 27 Apr 1880, Graffville, Montcalm Co, MI. Mandana was born c1860 in Ohio. From the 1880 Florence Twp federal census, p574C, one learns that this family was listed as Thomas 36, Mandana 20 OH, along with sisters Rachel 38 OH, and EA Waller 48 OH.  Thomas appeared before the Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court (Journal 12 p134 - 28 Nov 1883; p244 -27 Mar 1884; p395 - 12 Dec 1884; Roll 39 Box 130 case number 1181 - 2 Aug 1883; Roll 41 Box 131 case number 1379 - 25 Oct 1884) and requested a divorce.  He had to file three different times as the court dismissed the first two efforts for insufficient evidence.  Thomas stated that Mandana was guilty of gross neglect of duty and desertion.  She had been willfully absent for more than three years and was now (1884) a resident of Blanchard, Montcalm Co, MI.  The couple did not have any children.  He said that Mandana left him on 24 Oct 1881 and called to court Miranda Sickles, Melissa Everhart, EA Haller, and William Durr as corroborating witnesses.  The court finally granted Thomas' request.  Nothing further is known of the errant Mandana.

Thomas next married Elizabeth Ann Clark on 22 Mar 1885, Wms Co (Marriages V5 #616).  Elizabeth was born on 14 Aug 1846, Crawford Co, OH, the daughter of Morgan and Dorcas A. Joice Clark.  Thomas continued teaching and farming like his father before him.  He and wife Elizabeth did not have any children either.  Thomas died on 9 July 1923 in Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH and was buried in Riverside Cem, Montpelier, OH.

Note that there is a wealth of information on the Van Fossen men - father William, and sons William A and Thomas S in a Williams County Genealogical Society publication, Presidents, Soldiers, and Statesmen, 1892, p639-640.  This and many other valuable publications are available by visiting the Society website - check my links.

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Van Behren

Elizabeth Nunn Van Behren v Christian Van Behren (Journal 5 p450 - 14 Mar 1859; p511 - 3 June 1859; Roll 12 case number 39 - Mar 1859)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 10 Aug 1857 in Defiance, Defiance Co, OH (Marriage V1 p146).  Elizabeth charged that on 1 Sept 1857 in Defiance he struck, kicked, and ill-treated her.  He was a habitual drunk for three years or more.  Christian denied this in his answer to the charge.  He stated that he was kind and affectionate.  He said Elizabeth neglected him and was willfully absent.  She wanted alimony of $25. The case was dismissed.  The 1850 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH federal census p47 listed a Von Beron family as Christin 55 GERM farmer, Christina 55 GERM, and daughter Christina 12 OH.  In the 1860 Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH federal census p419, C Van Beren was listed alone at 63 PRUSSIA farmer.  

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Van Arsdalen

Alice Elma Jones Van Arsdalen v Gilbert H. Van Arsdalen (Journal 12 p130 - 27 Nov 1883; Roll 40 case numbers 1201 and 1202)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 24 June 1877 in Williams Co, OH.  Alice, born 23 March 1859 OH, was the daughter of Ansalem and Mary Hamlin Jones who were in the 1850 Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census, p58; in the 1860 Brady Twp federal census, p136b, they were listed as Ansalem 39 OH, Mary 39 OH, Sarah 14 OH, John 12 OH, Henry 4 OH, and Alice 1 OH.  They again were enumerated in the 1870 Brady Twp federal census, p25, as Ansalem 49 OH, Mary 49 OH, John L 22 OH, Henry G 14 OH, Alice E 11 OH, and Mary S 8 OH. In the 1880 Brady Twp, p506D, Alice was 21 OH and resided at home with her parents and siblings. 

Gilbert, b1859 OH, was the son of William and Margaret Vanarsdalen who were enumerated in the 1860 Millcreek Twp federal census, p129a, as William 28 NJ, Margaret 26 PA, and Gilbert 1 OH.  Father William was a Civil War veteran of Co G 68th OVI and died on 18 May 1864 @32Y 10M 20D, buried in the Olive Branch Cemetery in Millcreek Twp. 

Alice charged Gilbert with being willfully absent for three years or more.  They had a daughter Zella Inez, b 22 May 1878.  Alice's mother, Mrs. John Stoner, had custody of the girl until the court's decision.   She brought witnesses, Leticia Randles and Clarry Crum, to court to testify on her behalf.  A divorce was granted.

Alice married Daniel Lehman, son of Solomon and Nancy Naragar Lehman, in Wms Co on 5 Apr 1888 (Marriage V5 #1206); they had several children. Alice died on 5 Dec 1934 in Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams Co, OH and was buried beside her husband Daniel (1858-1922) in the Floral Grove Cemetery, West Unity, OH.  Her parents were also buried closeby.  Daughter Zella Inez Van Arsdalen married Alfred S. Cox in Wms Co on 9 Oct 1897 (Marriage V7 #422); later she married Arthur J. Snyder on 24 Dec 1902 in Wms Co (Marriage V8 p438).

25 November 2010

John Salter Blue

John Salter Blue Family of Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams County, Ohio

By Pamela Pattison Lash 

Today (25 November 2010) I received a request for information on this family; this is what I currently know.  Hopefully it can be helpful.  

Sometime ago I had an email from a researcher requesting information on the family of Peter Blue. He had been told by a relative that Peter was a Civil War soldier who was buried in Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH, but when he went to the cemetery (Eagle Creek) he was unable to obtain a good tombstone rubbing. This resarcher had also written to an archivist (did not say where) who told him Peter Blue did not have any service record. He wanted help to determine if Peter had indeed served and, if so, in what Civil War outfit. Along with this request he added some information that I will pass along. 

It seems the Blue family brought an African-American family with them from West Virginia; this family was headed by a Joseph Lowery (1824-1910) and settled in Montpelier. They were freed by the Blue group before the start of the Civil War and, according to the inquirer, were the only black family living in Wms Co c. 1880’s. As I proceeded to piece together info, I discovered a wealth of material and am including such in this article.

John Salter Blue II (1794 pos Berkley Co, VA – 9 Oct 1855, Pleasant Twp, Seneca Co, OH) was the oldest son of John Salter Blue I and Hannah O’Nan who married in 1793, Berkley Co, VA. The senior Blue was first married to Margaret Wallingford, 7 May 1789 and had two children, but after his wife died he married again and had seven children. John Blue II married Sarah L. Gideon, 1 Jan 1824, VA, and by 1832 had moved first to Sandusky Co, OH and then by 12 Dec 1832 took up residence in Pleasant Twp, Seneca Co, OH where he owned land in Section 5 of that township. Upon his death John was buried in Pleasant Union-Dukes Cemetery; his wife Sarah, the youngest daughter of Peter Gideon and Mary Catherine Ernst of Hillsboro, Loudoun Co, VA was born 10 Dec 1804; after her husband’s death she appears in the 1860 federal census records of Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH with her son Peter Blue and his family. She does not appear in the 1870 census, which means she may have died, moved back to Seneca Co, or moved elsewhere.

John and Sarah Blue had the following nine children: Johanna (27 Mar 1824, VA – 23 May 1900, Wms Co, OH; m. Nathan E. Fry, 14 Aug 1845, Seneca Co, OH; children – Ann C, Laura Jane, Margaret L, Judith S, James Virginia, Stephen Douglas); John Salter, Jr. (1825 VA – 1870; m. Rebecca Slaine, 15 Apr 1852, Seneca Co, OH; children – Rosalie, Johanna, Charles, Elizabeth, Clinton, Franklin, Cory, Curtiss);Anna Catherine (1828 VA-1910 Wms Co, OH; m. Philip Felix Beck, 18 Mar 1852, Seneca Co, OH; children – Sarah E, Anna Belle); Peter Gideon (1830 VA – 4 Aug 1875, Wms Co, OH; m1. Mary Slaine, 13 Oct 1853, Seneca Co, OH; children – Martha, Dennis Salter, Johanna C, Anna Mary, Margaret R, Charles; m2. Mary Jane Fig or Tingle, 8 Mar 1866, Wms Co, OH; children – Oscar Wain, Jessie B, Peter Gideon, Horace Greely, Gertrude); Dennis H. (12 May 1832, Seneca Co, OH – 20 July 1888, Wms Co, OH; m1 Adaline C. Purdy, 14 Aug 1857, Ottawa Co, OH; children – Alice D, Sarah A, Dayton Miles, Mary C, Peter; pos m2. Ella Bates, 12 Aug 1880, Wms Co, OH; children – Cleo Walter, Dennis A (?)); Sarah M. (1834, Seneca Co, OH - ?; m. David Zimmerman, 13 Oct 1853, Seneca Co, OH); George W. (20 Aug 1836 or 26 Jan 1837, Seneca Co, OH – 5 Feb 1886, Wms Co, OH; m1 Barbara E. Schaull, 28 Mar 1861, Wms Co, OH; children – Lydia, John, Clara, Susan Margaret; m2. Barbara Ellen Lesnet, 16 Oct 1879, Wms Co, OH); Jesse J. (21 Oct 1840, Seneca Co, OH – 15 Jan 1908, Wms Co, OH; m. Margaret Elizabeth Tingle, 18 Sept 1870, Wms Co, OH; children – Maude P, Blanche, Claude); twin Rebecca J. (21 Oct 1840, Seneca Co, OH – 1913, Wms Co, OH; m. George Houseman, 24 Dec 1857, Wms Co, OH; children – Fanny, Jesse, Sara A, Emma).

John Salter Blue II and Hannah Onan’s sons did play a part in the Civil War as the following sons were soldiers on the Union side in this conflict: Peter Gideon, Dennis H, and George W. all fought in the 5th OVC Co F, and Jesse J. enlisted in the 38th OVI Co E. As for Peter Gideon, after his first wife’s death he placed his children in the homes of Fry and Beck relatives and enlisted in the war; when he returned he married again and had a second family.

24 November 2010

Nicholas Knapp (1630) Connection to Williams County, Ohio

A 1630 Connection to Williams County, Ohio or Through the Loins of the Snake-Oil Salesman

Esther Knapp Severence to Walden Severence to Delia Cordelia Severence Person to Jennie Person Warner to Mary Warner Lash (my husband's mother)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (21 November 1994)

As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought it would be fitting to include a detailing of one of my husband's ancestors, Nicholas Knapp.  How does this ancestor connect to early settlers of Williams County, Ohio? David Severence, whose detailing will be posted another time, came to what was called Williams County c1834 with his wife, the former Esther Knapp, and his children.  It is through this Esther Knapp Severence that immigrant Nicholas Knapp enters the picture.

I have kept the original spellings as close as I could decipher several very old documents, so please bear with me.  


NICHOLAS KNAPP was born circa 1592 in Wells, Co Norfolk, England; he was baptized 16 May 1592.  His parentage is suspect but the possibility exists that he was the son of Robert Knap and Margaret Poling.

Nicholas first?? married Elinor --- circa 1628-1630, Co Suffolk, England. She was born circa 1603/1605, Combs, Co Suffolk, England. The story exists that this Nicholas may have married Susan Mitterson prior to his immigration to America and that she had died sometime before he left England.  At this stage this is just a story. Also in the family-tradition-says mode, Elinor is supposed to be a Lockwood, which has been rejected as incorrect.  At this point her ancestry is unknown.                       

Nicholas departed from Southampton to Yarmouth on 22 Mar 1630 and from Yarmouth to America on 6 April 1630; he arrived at Salem, MA on 12 June 1630 and from there traveled to Watertown, MA on 14 June 1630. This was the Winthrop and Saltonstall Expedition itinerary aboard the ship Arabella, formerly known as the "Eagle".  The captain of the vessel was Peter Milbourne of London. It is presumed he traveled along with his wife from England.  They stayed in Watertown for 16 years; he made several distributions of land there between 1636-1642.  These are listed in Bond’s History of Watertown as 1.) a 16-acre "home stall"; 2.) 2 acres in Pine Marsh; 3.) 1 acre in Pond Meadow; 4.) 30 acres of upland, part of Division 2 of Lot 17; 5.) 6 acres of plow land in Hither Plaine and Lot 35; 6.) 7 acres of "meddow" in Remote Meddows and the 39 Lot; 7.) 13 acres of upland beyond further Plaine and Lot 54; and 8.) 117 acres of farm upland in Division 2.  He lived on Bank Lane. 

On 1 March 1631 he was fined five pounds for selling water to cure scurvy at a very dear price; he was to be either imprisoned until he could pay his fine or give security for it or else he would be whipped; he also stood liable to any man of whom he had received money for the water. Mr. Wil'm Pelham and Mr. Edmond Lockewood then promised to pay to the court the sum of 5 pounds for Nicholas Knopp before May 1831.  On 7 August 1632 there is 3 pounds of Knapp's fine of 5 pounds remitted.  On 6 July 1638 in General Court it was stated that Nicholas Knop, being fined five pounds, part was paid and the rest remitted.  Evidently the water was found to be beneficial so the suit was dropped on payment of costs.  

While in Massachusetts he followed the occupations of farmer and weaver plus he operated a mill. Nicholas was classified as a proprietor in 1636-1637. In 1638 he witnessed the will of Nicholas Theale of Watertown.  On 6 May 1646 he sold all land granted to him by the town except one acre of pond meadow to Bryon Pendleton, having sold the pond meadow on 29 September 1645 to Ed Garfield. Eight of his known children were born in Watertown with the last one born at Stamford, CT.

He later moved to Greenwich, Connecticut in 1646; then went to Stamford, Connecticut, in 1648, where he lived the remainder of his life.   Nicholas was one of 24 men who settled permanently and became the backbone of Stamford. Nicholas was on the list of Stamford landowners in 1650 with his home lot as #1; other home lots of interest are: #26-1651 Peter Brown; #39-1647 Clement Buxton; #39-1658 Unica Buxton Brown;#30-1661 Nicholas Knap; #37-1661 Timothy Knap; #39-1661 Clement Buxton; #58-1661 Nicholas Knapp; #61-1661 Caleb Knap; #27A-1681 Moses Knap Jr; #30-1681 Moses Knap; #39-1681 Clement Buxton; #61-1681 Caleb Knap.

Nicholas is found on a list of men in April 1667 who wished to put horses on the common land of Stamford. Huntington’s History of Stamford, Connecticut states in connection with the activities of the Governor of Connecticut that "side by side ready to do the utmost of their means to sustain any measure which might aid them in asserting the rights of the Colonies against the unjust demands of the Crown, stood the substantial citizens of the town- the Hoyts, the Lockwoods, the Knaps, the Scofields, the Smiths, the Seelys, the Warings, the Waterburys, the Webbs, and the Weeds.

Elinor, the wife and mother of all Nicholas' children, died on 16 June 1658 or 16 August 1658, Stamford, Fairfield Co, CT.  Nicholas married Unice or Unity Buxton Brown on 4 March 1659, Stamford, CT, and moved into the Buxton home on the east side of West Street.

Unice, whose parentage is unknown, was first married to Clement Buxton, a shoemaker who lived in a small house lot on West Street in Stamford.  Some of his possessions included a writing desk and a wheelbarrow.  Clement died 6 April 1657, leaving Unice a widow with three children, Clement Jr., Sarah, and Unity.  His estate was inventoried on 3 September 1657 and appraised by Richard Law and John Holly. The widow Unica gave an estate oath on 13 May 1668; Clement Jr., gave bonds 19 April 1686 of 20 pounds in action against Daniel Scofield.

Unice took a second husband, Peter Brown, 25 or 27 July 1658, Stamford, CT. Peter was born circa 1610, Concord, Massachusetts.  In 1632 he moved to New Haven, CT, serving as a baker; in 1647 he and his family moved to Stamford.  His first wife Elizabeth --- died 21 September 1657 at Stamford followed by their son, Ebenezer, who also died there, 21 August 1658. Other Brown children were daughter Mercy, baptized 6 April 1645, and daughter Elizabeth, baptized 1 August 1647.  Peter died 21 June 1658 or 22 August 1658, Stamford, CT; his will was probated 19 August 1658 and estate inventoried November 1658; The Widow Brown testified under oath as did Thomas Brown, 10 Feb 1658.  When Nicholas married Unity in 1659 he also took on the responsibilities of caring for her children by Clement Buxton.  Unity appears to have died before Nicholas.

Nicholas died on 16 April 1670 or 16 September 1670, Stamford, Fairfield Co, Connecticut. His will is dated 15 February 1670 and was recorded at Fairfield Co., CT.  His occupation was a weaver and his religious affiliation was Puritan Congregational.

Issue of Nicholas and Elinor (--) Knapp:
• 1. Jonathan, b. 8 Nov 1631, Watertown, MA; d. 27 Dec 1631, Watertown, MA; 7 weeks old at death.
• 2.  Timothy, b. 14 Dec 1632, Watertown, MA; d. before 1685, Rye, NY; m. 1665, Bethia Brundage, dau of John Brundage and Rachel Hubbard at Wethersfield, CT.
• 3.  Joshua, b. 5 Nov 1634 or 5 Jan 1635, Watertown, MA; d. 22- 27 Oct 1684, Stamford, CT; m. 9 Jun 1657, Hannah Close at Stamford; Hannah dau of Goodman Thomas Close and Elizabeth (---); Hannah b. 1632, Grinton Parish, Co York, England; d. 1696, Greenwich, Fairfield Co, CT; she m2. John Bowers who d. 1694; Joshua was one of the original patentees named in the patent granted to Town of Greenwich by the General Assembly in May 1665.
• 4.  John Caleb, b. 20 Nov 1636 or 20 Jan 1637, Watertown, MA; d. 12 Dec 1674, Stamford, CT; m. 26 Mar 1660, Hannah Smith, dau of Dr. Henry Smith, at Stamford; Hannah, b. 1640; d. 1685; m2. 1674, Thomas Lawrence.
• 5.  Sarah, b. 5 Jan 1638/39, Watertown, MA; d. 1681, Rye, NY; m. 6 Apr 1667, Peter Disbrow, son of Peter Disbrow of Rye, NY.
• 6.  Ruth, b. 6 Jan 1640/1641, Watertown, MA; d. 1702, Greenwich, CT; m1. 20 Sep 1657, Joseph Ferris, son of Jeffrey Ferris, at Stamford; m2.John Clapp, Greenwich.
• 7. Hannah, b. 6 Mar 1643, Watertown, MA; d. 7 Jun 1696, Stamford, CT; m. 1673, Zerubebel Hoyt, son of Walter Hoyt and Rhoda Wilson, at Stamford.
• 8. Moses, b. 6 Aug 1645, Watertown, MA; d. 1725/1726, Stamford, CT; m. 1 Oct 1668, Abigail Westcott, dau of Richard Westcott and Joanna ---, at Stamford.
• 9. Lydia or Lidia, b. 8 Jun 1647, Stamford, Connecticut; d. 9 Dec 1716, Stratford, CT; m. 16 Jan 1666, Dr. Isaac Hall, son of Francis Hall, at Stamford.  

The Will of Nicholas Knapp, Stamford, CT, 15 February 1670

The last Will and Testament of Nicholas Knapp of Stamford concerning the disposal of his worldly estate.
• 1. I give to my son Moses Knapp my house and land in Stanford with all the meadow and upland belonging unto me.  Also I give to my said son Moses my cart and plow or plows with all the furniture of irons; yokes; and chains belongings and a small gun in the house and a sword.
• 2. I give unto my son Timothy the monies remaining due me upon the bill for the house of John Bates live in.
• 3. I give to my son John Caleb the loom and half the gears and the other half of the gears I give to my son Josuah.
• 4. I give to my daughter Sarah Disbrowe the monies due to me from her husband about 37s-concerning the horss.
• 5. I give to my daughter Hannah one mare.
• 6. I give to my daughter Lidea the mare that was Mr. Bishop's with the increase she hath.
• 7. I give to my daughter Ruth twenty shillings.
• 8. I give to my two daughters in law viz: Sarah and Uneca Buxton, all their mother's clothes as a free gift, except one hat and one new pettecoat, which my will is they should have onward of their portion.  Also I will and bequest unto Uneca Buxton the new Bible as a free gift.
• 9. My will is that the portions due to my daughters in law viz:Sarah Buxton and Uneca Buxton out of the estate of their father Clement Buxton: I say that their part and portions be currently paid according to their portion of the inventory.
• 10. Lastly my will is that my son Josuah Knap be sole executor of this my will to receive all and pay all dues according to this my will as also all debts to or from me.

If in case that mare be not found that I have given to Lidea that then she to have another mare in lue of that.  This being my last Will and renouncing all other former wills made by me witness my hand.
(signed) John Weed
      Eleazer Slawson
(signed) Nicholas Knap (his mark)

State of Connecticut, District of Fairfield, SS Probate Court
This Will is recorded in Vol 1665-75 p55 of records of said court.

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• Correspondence of Fred H. Knapp

23 November 2010

Who Do You Think You Are – Walter Lewis Calbetzer?

Who Do You Think You Are – Walter Lewis Calbetzer?

By Pamela Pattison Lash

In August 2010, Sandy Masters, a direct descendant of Walter Lewis Calbetzer, appeared at the Williams County Public Library Local History and Genealogy Annex in Bryan, OH to discover who were Walter’s parents. She knew he had been reared as the “son” of Elias and Fanny Silvernail Calbetzer of Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI, but she suspected he was the real son of an unknown set of parents. I happened to be doing research there and when she mentioned Grindle as a possible surname, I mentioned to Jane Kelly at the facility that I knew something about an Enoch Grindle.  Well, the upshot is that Sandy and I began a conversation and through extensive research I was able to supply a connection for her. From that accidental meeting I was able to piece together this lineage of Walter. 

On 20 Dec 1871 Walter Lewis Grindle was born in Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH (Williams Co, OH Births v1 p34); his parents were Enoch Grindle and Tena Cox.  Let’s first examine his paternal side.  Abraham Grindle  (1813 PA – 1887 West Unity, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH; bur Floral Grove Cem) and his wife Susannah Gill (1816, Somerset Co, PA-1890 West Unity, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH) were found in the following census records: 1840 Mohican Twp, Wayne Co, OH, 1850 Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH p362A (under Grindler), 1860 Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH p261, 1870 Amboy, Hillsdale Co, MI p214A (under Allen Grindle), and 1880 Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH p512A.  Their children were an unknown female, William, David, Amanda, James, and Enoch. 

Enoch Grindle was born on 19 Sept 1847 in Plain Twp, Wayne Co, OH. He remained with his parents until the Civil War began when he enlisted in Co D 195th Ohio Infantry on 8 Feb 1865 until 18 Dec 1865. After the war the Grindles moved to Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI where Enoch took on the vocation of mason.  Enoch married Alwilda D. Venoah in Williams Co, OH on 16 July 1871.  Alwilda, daughter of Charles and Elizabeth Venoah, was born in NY on 17 May 1848.  The couple later became the parents of Nellie, William H, Irena, and Levi Grindle. 

Next we’ll take peak at Walter’s maternal side.  John Cox, the son of Jacob and Esther Middary Cox, first married Eliza (surname unknown – born c1825- died bet 1860 and 1867 in Williams Co) c1846 in OH.  According to the 1850 Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, OH federal census p344A the couple lived with John’s parents. They appeared in the 1860 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census Pioneer p210A as John 33 PA, Eliza 35 PA, Jacob 13 OH, Abram 11 OH, William 10 OH, John 8 OH, Tena 6 OH, Daniel 3 OH, and Susannah 2 OH.

After the death of his wife Eliza, John Cox married Anna L. Thompson Borton in Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI on 16 April 1867 and they became the parents of Viola and Arminda Cox. Anna L. Thompson was born on 2 Oct 1829 in Erie Co, PA and had married Darling Haines Borton, son of Daniel and Tabitha Rodman Borton, in Defiance Co, OH on 27 Feb 1847.  They had seven children.  Darling died on 19 Sept 1866 in Amboy, MI.  Interestingly, one of John’s sons, William Henry, married one of Anna’s daughters, Margaret. The family next appeared in the 1870 Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p114A.

A key piece of information is found in the Civil and Criminal Court Records of Williams Co, OH, from Journal 8 p48, on 5 June 1872. Remember prior to this Tena had given birth to Walter Lewis on 20 Dec 1871, approximately five months after Enoch’s marriage to Alwilda Venoah. John Cox had appeared in court as guardian for Tena M. Cox in a bastardy case brought against Enoch Grindle.  Enoch was found guilty and a maintenance schedule was set whereby he had to pay Tena $600 for the care of their child.  If he defaulted, the court would award her $1200.  Enoch refused and was put in jail; later he declared insolvency. 

Tena M. Cox was now in a difficult spot.  What was she to do?  We know she (or someone) gave up Walter Lewis to the Calbetzers.  There are several reasons for this. She probably wanted to provide a safe home for her son but she may also have desired to put some distance between Walter and herself as he would be a constant reminder of his father Enoch.  Perhaps her father, John Cox, refused to assist in rearing her child; remember Tena was a single, unemployed young woman. Another possibility for Tena giving up her son may be due to her own marriage ten months after Walter’s birth to John Sloan on 20 Oct 1872 in Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI; he was a resident of Ransom, MI; she was a resident of OH; he was 39 born in NY; she was 19 born in Fulton Co, OH.  John had been married previously and had at least two children, Francis and Melissa Sloan. Together John and Tena M. Sloan became the parents of Orly/Orrin Orlando Sloan b 1873 in MI, Herbert A b c1875, and Norman C b c1878.

In 1875 Enoch and his brother James donated one dollar each to the Church of God movement in West Unity, Ohio.  According to the 1880 Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p512A Enoch and his family were enumerated as Enoch 32 OH-PA-PA, Alwilda 32 NY-NY-NY, Nellie 6 OH, William H 4 OH, Irena 2 OH, Levi 6/12 OH b Dec 1879.  They lived next door to Enoch’s parents and brother James.  Wife Alwilda Grindle died on 18 Sept 1898 in Butler, DeKalb Co, IN at the age of 48 Y (The Butler Record, Butler, DeKalb Co, IN, 2 Oct 1896). Her obit stated she was the mother of seven children (four sons and three daughters) with five surviving.  Her passing included the comment that the family kept the gold handles and the nameplate from the coffin.

From the 1900 Center Twp, Grant Co, IN federal census p6B we learn that Enoch, a widower, lived in a National Military Home for Disable Veterans; he was a resident there as early as 1897; he suffered from rheumatism. We also learn from DVS records that at age 51 his description was 5’8”, ruddy complexion, blue eyes, and grey hair; he could read and write.  His nearest relative was son William Grindle of Butler, IN.  Enoch was a plasterer from Butler, IN. Online records show he was in six different DVS facilities from 1897 to 1911. Enoch died on 16 Feb 1911 from gangrene of left lung and foot along with other complications at DVS Home in Milwaukee, WI and was buried in Wood National Cemetery Section 18 Site 106.

While all this was happening, Tena Cox Grindle Sloan’s father, John experienced some marital problems of his own. From the 1880 Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p473, the Cox family appeared as John 52 PA-PA-PA, Anna L 50 PA-PA-PA weaver, Viola L 12 OH, and Arminda L 10 OH.  The following information comes from the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court Records: John Cox v Anna L. Thompson Borton Cox (Journal 13 p473 – 2 Apr 1886; Roll 43 case number 1565 – 24 Nov 1885).  Anna Cox charged that John was harsh, angry, and violent to her, often using profanity; he would choke and beat her.  On 16 May 1885 he abandoned her and lived separately, providing no support.  Anna said she was a resident of Wms Co for 18 years; she was 57 years old and in poor health, unable to perform manual labor.  She was destitute and had no fuel.  She lived on Lot 61, Pioneer, OH.  She told the court that John owned in fee simple 100 acres of land in Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI plus Lot 63 in Pioneer.  He owned a considerable amount of livestock.  Anna wanted a divorce and reasonable alimony.  The case was dismissed, but there must have been a later judgment as on 17 June 1890 in Amboy, Hillsdale Co, MI, John Cox married Amanda Shaffer. In the 1900 Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p20, the Cox family was listed as John Dec 1827 (72) PA married 10 years with no children, Amanda Sept 1845 (54) OH-PA-PA. Anna died in Malta, Montana c1904.

So, what happened to Tena M Cox Sloan?  The following census records show what life experiences Tena had:

1880 Amboy, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p39A John Sloan 44 NY-NY-NY, wife Tina M 26 OH-PA-PA, Frances E dau 17 MI-NY-PA, Melissa I 15 dau MI-NY-PA, Orrin A 6 son MI-NY-OH, Herbert A, and Norman C 1.

1900 Coldwater, Isabella Co, MI federal census p8 B Herbert A Sloan 25 (April 1875) MI-NY-MI, his wife Margaret, son Milford, and father John Sloan, a widower, 50 (Sept 1849) NY-NY-NY.

1900 Pleasant Twp, Steuben Co, IN federal census p13A Tena M Sloan 47 (Sept 1852) OH-PA-PA servant for Theodore and Elizabeth Wood; Tena was mother of five living children.

(Tena Sloan married Arthur Reed, son of Jacob H and Eleanor Wabruth Reed, in Coldwater Twp, Isabella Co, MI on 11 Nov 1906; her father was listed as John Cox; he was 39Y and she was 53Y.)

1910 Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH p3A Tena M Shan 57 OH-PA-PA sister to Daniel Cox; she was listed as divorced and mother of 4 children, all living, and a washerwoman for a private family.

1920 Coldwater Twp, Isabella Co, MI federal census p3B Tena Sloan mother of Herbert A Sloan, a widow, 66 MI-MI-MI.

So what happened to Walter Lewis Grindle after his birth? Here is some information on Walter’s adopted parents. Elias Calbetzer, son of Peter and Elizabeth Catherine Waltz Calbetzer, was born on 17 Oct 1829 in Wayne Co, OH; he died in Hillsdale, MI on 12 Feb 1916 and was buried in the Evergreen Cem, Ransom Twp.  Wife Fanny Silvernail, daughter of Coonrod and Mary Miller Silvernail, was born on 4 Sept 1836 in Geauga Co, OH and died on 7 Oct 1916 in Hillsdale; she was laid to rest almost eight months after her husband’s death. The couple was childless in the 1870 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p218B.  From the 1880 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, OH federal census p42D one finds the Calbetzer (under Colpetser) family enumerated as Elias 50 OH-PA-PA, Fanny M 44 OH-Baden-Baden, and son Walter 8 OH-OH-OH.  In the 1900 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p42, Elias and Fanny Calbetzer were enumerated as Elias 70 (Oct 1829 OH-PA-PA) farmer married 33Y and Fanny M 63 (Sept 1836 OH-NY-NY) mother of one deceased child.  They were married in MI on 2 April 1866.  The deceased child was not Walter.

Walter Lewis Calbetzer was enumerated in the 1900 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p6B (under Calbertzer) as Walter 28 born Dec 1871 OH-OH-OH; he was married c1893 to Maudie M. 25 (Dec 1874) OH-OH-OH, the mother of three children, none living. By the 1910 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI federal census p7A Walter and Maudie had three children – Weslie T, Rachel B, and George E.  The story began with Sandy Master’s search for Walter Lewis Calbetzer’s lineage.  Sandy wanted to know the true circumstances of his adoption so she now has a plethora of records to pursue.  

22 November 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Turley

Jane Gherig or Chaney Turley v Washington Turley  (Journal 4 p423 - Nov 1855; p585 - 21 Mar 1857; Journal 5 p77 - 8 July 1857, p359  - 4 Dec 1858; Roll 9)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 30 Oct 2011)

The couple was married on 20 Oct 1854, in Amboy, Hillsdale Co, MI.  Jane Gherig Turley, a resident of Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH, stated that Washington was willfully absent for three years or more.  He deserted her two days after the marriage and he went back to Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH. 

According to the Republican Standard, 4 Feb 1858, there was a published petition for divorce:
Washington Turley of Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH, to be aware that Jane Turley did on 2 Feb 1858 file her petition in Williams Co, OH charging Washington Turley with wilful abscence from the said Jane Turley of more than three years and asking that she may be divorced from Washington Turley and for alimony, which petition will be hearing at the next term of court.
Jane Turley, filed by her attorney

After being continued for three times the action was dismissed here without prejudice and she received $350 alimony, but in Nov 1858 Jane Chaney Turley, aged 16, divorced Washington Turley, aged 20, in Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH.  These ages must be when they were married.

According to the 1860 Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH federal census p339 there was a Wash Turley listed as 26 OH with wife Elizabeth 26 OH and son Leonard 1 OH.  This Washington Turley was the son of Charles and Sarah Turley.

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Travis

Shurman Travis v Julian Jones Travis

He Sought a Remedy in the State Supreme Court, No Divorce in Williams County, Ohio, 1838

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

In the very early days of our county's history a remedy for an unhappy marriage could be sought by one or both parties applying to the Supreme Court of the State of Ohio for a divorce.  This may be the case of this genealogical detailing.

Shurman Travis, parentage unknown, appeared in the Williams County Civil and Criminal Court (Roll 2 - 16 July/Oct 1838) requesting a divorce from his wife, Julian Jones, whom he married in 1823, Delaware Co, OH.  Note that a search of marriage records for this couple yielded a Sherman Travis marrying Julian Courtright, 5 Mar 1823, Franklin Co, OH.  In his complaint Shurman clearly stated his wife's maiden name as "Jones".  He further remarked that the couple had lived together for 18 months before "she absented herself from him."

Shurman told the court that he repeatedly went to her and begged her to come back to him, but she refused.  With the help of her blood relatives and friends, she took all his personal property, "not real property as he had none", and carried on her life "as if she had never been married."  The reason for this divorce was Julian's willful absence for three years or more, which appears in reality to have been about 13 years.  Shurman was instructed by the court to seek his remedy by appearing before the Ohio State Supreme Court, which he pledged to do.  Whether he carried out his plan is not currently known.

In the 1830 Wms Co federal census, although there was no Shurman Travis listed, there were the following Travis entries: Ezra, David, and William, residing in Defiance and Delaware Twps.  These three men were listed in the 1827 Wms Co tax lists; in the 1845 Defiance Co voter registration lists there were William and John Travis.  Whether these Travis men were relatives of Shurman, or Shurman himself, is not currently known.

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Thompson

Elizabeth Fickes Thompson v Albert J. Thompson (Journal 8 p325 - 6 Mar 1875; Roll 26 case number 129 - Mar 1875)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Bryan, Wms Co on 20 May 1866 (Marriage V3 p559).  Albert, b1837 pos Pickaway Co, OH, was the son of Turner and Elizabeth Thompson, VA natives.  By the 1850 Jefferson Twp federal census, p22B, the Thompsons were listed as James 49 VA, Elizabeth 49 OH, Joseph 21 OH, John 19 OH, Martha 17 OH, Louisa 15 OH, Albert 13 OH, and Nancy 11 OH.  Elizabeth Fickes was married before as she had two daughters, Sylvia, b1855 MI, and Della b1861 MI.  After the marriage these girls were known as Thompson.  In the 1870 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census, p5, Elizabeth 35 PA lived with her children Sylvia 15 MI, Della 9 MI, Albert 3 OH, and Frank 1 OH.

Elizabeth charged Albert with gross neglect.  He willfully abandoned his family on 24 Dec 1868.  He had sons, Albert (8) and Frank (6).   Albert had property in Jefferson Twp, Sec 13 and 24 of 120 acres, valued at $8,000.  She called Elizabeth Van Fossen as a witness who stated she had known Albert for four years and he was currently in Iowa.  A legal notice appeared in the Bryan Press, 21 Jan 1875.  The court awarded Elizabeth with a divorce. 

In a legal notice, which was posted in the Bryan Press, 27 Sept 1877, p2, the estate of Turner Thompson was finalized and mentioned son Albert Thompson of Burlington, Iowa. 

According to the 1880 Stryker, Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p661B Elizabeth had remarried and was listed as the wife of Jessie Ecker as follows: Jessie 55 OH running a sawmill, Elizabeth 46 OH, Clara 16 OH, Effie 12 OH, and Jessie B 3 OH plus stepsons Albert Thompson 13 OH and Frank Thompson 11 OH.  Jessie and Elizabeth were married on 17 Apr 1880 in Williams Co, OH.

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Thomas

Abidon Thomas v Abby Ann Ransom Thomas (Journal 9 - June 1877; Roll 31 case number 205 - Nov 1878; Journal 15 p227 – 14 Mar 1890) – see Heslip Shaffer

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 29 December 2011)

Samuel Rockwood married the couple on 10 Sept 1854 (or 26 Mar 1854 according to online MA records) in Hanson, Plymouth Co, Massachusetts.  Abby, the daughter of John G. Ransom, was born c1835 in MA. 

1850 Hanson, Plymouth, Massachusetts; Roll: M432_332; Page: 125A; Image: 253.
h/h 81/94 Thatcher, Samuel J 59 MA farmer
Elisa (Eliza S) 57 MA
Punsom, Abby 15 MA
Note Punsom should be Ransom - possibly the Thatchers are grandparents??

Abidon, born 3 Mar 1828 in Hanson, Plymouth Co, MA, was the son of Levi T. and Phebe C. Tillson Thomas, natives of Massachusetts. Supposedly Abby was also from Hanson, MA. The couple was listed in the 1855 MA state census with their daughter Eliza.  From the 1860 Madison Twp federal census, PO Pioneer p210A-211, the Thomas family was listed as Abidan 31 MA boot and shoemaker, Abby 23 MA, Eliza 6 MA, and Helen 2 MA. According to The Bryan Union, 15 Mar 1866 p3, Abidan Thomas was named with William Shaffer in the case of The State of Ohio v Abidan Thomas; the men were charged with selling liquor.  They each pled guilty and were fined $15 each and costs.

Abidon charged Abby with gross neglect.  He said she refused to share his bed and neglected the household duties such as cooking, mending, and keeping house.  The couple had two children, Murving A (12) and Burton J (6).  He said on 15 Feb 1869 at the home of Heslip W. Shaffer she committed adultery with Shaffer of Pioneer.  On 21 Sept 1873 in a Hillsdale, MI hotel she was unfaithful with a William Mc***.  On 28 Feb 1874 she committed adultery with William Sweetman at the home of Levi Thomas, his father.  He brought the following people to court to testify for his side: Mrs. F. Utter, Thomas Hodson, John Oxenrider, Levi Thomas, and Dr. Richard Gaudern.  Abidon owned lots in Pioneer.  Levi and Phebe Thomas bought some land from Abidon for $100 with full knowledge of Abby.  Levi then sold the land to Emily S. Wilkinson.

In the 1870 Madison Twp, Wms Co federal census, p2, the Thomas family appeared as Abidon 41 MA boot and shoemaker, Abby A 34 MA, Eliza J 15 MA, Murving (m) 5 OH, Phebe Dempsey 48 MA, with Levi and Phebe Thomas residing next door.  The couple had the following children: Eliza J, Helen M, Hubert A, Mervin A, and Burton J; Helen and Hubert died as toddlers and were buried in Pioneer's Floral Grove Cemetery.

Abby claimed on 1 Jan 1874 that he did not want to cohabit with her and he was guilty of misconduct and gross neglect of her.  He did not want sex; she never abandoned him.  Abby felt that Abidon was trying to defraud her with the land sale.  She brought witnesses John Oxenrider and WF Kalsey for her side.  A divorce was granted.

The Bryan Press, 26 June 1879 p4 c1
The case of Mrs. Thomas against Thomas Hudson (note it should be Hodson), both of Pioneer, an action for slander, has occupied the court and a special jury since last Thursday, and is still going on as we go to press.  Plaintiff claims damage to the amount of $15,000.  We should judge that nearly all Pioneer, and a large part of the township are here as witnesses.

The Bryan Press, 3 July 1879 p5 c1
The case of Mrs. Thomas against Hodson came to a close last Thursday, with the jury returning a verdict of $400 in favor of the plaintiff.

According to the 1880 Monroeville, Huron Co, OH federal census p217B Abidon had remarried and was listed as Abidon 51 MA shoemaker, Sarah 38 MA, Murving 15 OH, Burton 9 OH, and Wright step-daughters Etta 16 MA and Netta 13 MA. Sarah, the daughter of Horace and Ester Dole Franklin, was born in MA on 29 July 1842; she died on 13 Apr 1922 in Pioneer, OH. Abidon died on 27 Mar 1897 and was buried beside his children in Floral Grove Cemetery, Pioneer.  

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Temple

William Temple v Lucinda Hull Temple (Journal 8 p48 - 5 June 1872; p78 - 30 Oct 1872; p114 - Mar 1873; Roll 24 case number 62 - May 1872; Roll 25 case number 37 - 4 Dec 1872/Jan 1873)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 11 Nov 1866 in Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH (Marriage V3 p619).  William, born Apr 1832 pos in Columbiana Co, OH, was the son of Joseph and Elizabeth Cox Temple; the family settled in Wms Co c1852.  In the 1870 Superior Twp federal census, p27, William 39 OH lived with his brother John and his family.  William's mother, Elizabeth, had died on 20 Aug 1862 @48Y 10M 7D and was buried in the West Bethesda Cemetery.  His father died on 8 Feb 1877 @74Y 6M 4D and was buried in the Union Chapel Cemetery with his second wife, the former Susanna Wisman, whom he married on 27 Feb 1865 (Marriage V3 p426).

William charged Lucinda, parentage unknown, with adultery at their home in Superior Twp with neighbor George W. Yoder on 15 Oct 1869.  George, born c1848 OH, was the son of Harriet Sipple. On 24 Nov 1869 Lucinda left home for parts unknown and had been willfully absent for three years or more.  The legal notice appeared in the Bryan Press.  The court decided the statements were true and granted a divorce.

In the 1880 Superior Twp federal census, p31, William 50 OH resided with his brother Benjamin and his family.  By the 1880 Superior Twp federal census, p16, George W. Yoder 31 OH still lived with his mother and brothers Melvin and Perry Yorder.  William Temple's estate was probated on 18 June 1907 (Probate #4946).  He owned land in Sec 29 of Superior Twp.  

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Taylor (Israel)

Israel Taylor v Phebe Crane Taylor (Journal 4/5 p398 - Nov 1855; Roll 9 case number 132 - Nov 1855)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married in Alexandria, Licking Co, OH on 1 Nov 1838.  Israel charged that in July 1851 Phebe left him and moved to Franklin Co, OH.  They had a daughter Dortha N., b 27 June 1841 who was 13Y 7M of age.  The action was dismissed and Israel had to pay court costs. 

Phebe was born on 1 Apr 1820 in Middletown, Orange Co, NY; she was the daughter of Stephen and Dorothy Little Crane.  The Taylor couple had two daughters, Fannie Elizabeth (1839-1840) and Dorothy Norton (1841-1908).  They may have obtained a divorce elsewhere because Phebe married Reverend Josiah Sherman on 30 Aug 1855 in Licking Co, OH.  Note that her marriage took place before the divorce action was dismissed in Williams County.  Before this divorce action was filed, Israel Taylor with presumably his wife and daughter were living next door to Phebe’s parents as found in the 1840 Monroe Twp, Licking Co, OH federal census p408.  Phebe Taylor and her daughter Dorothy were enumerated with her parents in Alexandria, OH. 

Josiah Sherman, affiliated with the Alexandria Methodist Church, was married before to Julia A. Speck. By 1860 Phebe resided in Alexandria, Licking Co, OH.  Phebe and Josiah had two children, Carrie Eva (1857-1858) and Charles Kitchell, born c1860.  Phebe died in Licking Co, OH on 3 Aug 1899.  

There was an Israel Taylor enumerated in the 1860 Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p57 as Israel 43 PA with wife Eliza 29 PA and their children Lavinia 3 OH, Lorietta 2 OH, and mother Sarah Taylor 75 NY.  It has not been established whether this Israel Taylor is the former husband of Phebe Crane.

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Taylor (Charles)

Frances E. Sparks Taylor v Charles Thomas Taylor (Journal 12 p100 - 9 June 1883; Roll 39 Box 128 case number 1128 - 28 Mar 1883)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 2010)

The couple was married on 1 Oct 1878 in Camden Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI (Marriage Lib E p255). Charles, born in Feb 1858 in Northwest Twp, Williams Co, OH, was the son of Thomas R and Almira Taylor.  In the 1860 NW Twp federal census, p1A, the Taylors appeared as Thomas 33 IR carpenter, Almira 31 OH, Mary 8 OH, George 6 OH, Gilbert 5 OH, and Charles 2 OH.  In the 1870 Nettle Lake, NW Twp federal census, p30, they appeared as Thomas 43 IR, Almira 41 OH, Mary 18 OH, George 17 OH, Gilbert 14 OH, Charles 12 OH, Adalaide 9 OH, Grant 6 OH, and Bertha 2 OH.  Frances, born on Feb 1859 in Huron Co, OH, was the daughter of Lyman A. and Lovisa Baker Sparks.

In the 1880 Columbia, NW Twp federal census, p444A, Charles was listed as 22 OH along with wife Frances 22 OH and daughter Shirley 1 OH; they lived next door to Frances’ parents. Frances said that Charles lived in Horton, Jackson Co, MI and was guilty of gross neglect and being willfully absent for three years.  He was not a fit and proper person to have custody of their daughter, Shirley Theodora.  Frances received a reasonable alimony and custody of her daughter.

Charles married Julia Ann Edmonds on 16 July 1883 in Liberty, Jackson Co, MI; Julia, the daughter of Frank and Elizabeth Edmonds, was born c1864 in Cohoeton, Steuben Co, NY.   The two were buried in Columbia Cemetery as Julia (1864-1945) and Charles (1858-1942).  

Did Frances marry again? By the 1900 Jackson, Jackson Co, MI federal census p20A Frances Edmonds, a divorced lady listed as 41 OH, lived with her daughter Shirley Taylor 21 OH and another daughter (Eva) Winnifred Edmonds 10 MI-NY-OH.  There is a Charles H. Edmonds 69 NY divorced living in Coldwater, Branch Co, MI in 1900; he is a roomer and pensioner living with the Ray Warner family. Charles died in 1907 in Coldwater; he was the son of Stephen and Betsey Nichols Edmonds.  Frances Edmonds died on 11 Oct 1900 in Jackson, MI.