14 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The W's and Y (end)

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P566 - James Waterston (b. 6 Mar 1837, Belmont Co, OH)
Parents - Alexander and Janet Forguson Waterston of Scotland; he b. 6 Mar 1805, Dalkeith, Scot; she b. Penicuick, Scot; m1829 Scot; came to US 1831 to W VA, then 1834 to Belmont Co; Sept 1843 to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co; he d. 1875; she d. 1891; children - Alexander, dec, Janet, dec, Thomas, dec, James, David, dec, Benjamin, dec, William, Wallace, dec, Mary Haines, Elizabeth Culbertson
M 1864 Emily Branderberry, b. Ashland Co, OH, 19 Aug 1845 d/o Conrad and Jane Malcolm Branderberry; 1854 to Wms Co; children - Emily, Jason, Robert, Sarah, Abigail, James
Children - Emma, dec, Mary Wirts, Gertrude Close (W), Theodore, James

P326 - Philip Weidner (23 Aug 1840, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet 197th OVI
Parents - Wendal and Catherine Weidner Weidner, both b. on the Rhine, Baden, Germany; in 1831 came to US and settled in Richland Co, OH; he d.1873; she d. 1855
Children: Christine Pfingsday, William, Henry, George, Catherine, Philip, Elizabeth Dohm (J)
Came to Wms Co 1860
M 1867, Catherine E. Stiving, native of Richland Co, OH; d/o Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; came to Wms Co 1856; children: Catherine, Jacob, Mary Traxler, George, Sarah A. Greek, Peter, Emma J. Keller, Savilla L Kunkle (J)
1876 settled in Kunkle, OH
Children - George, Homer, Laura

P231 - Dr. J. W. Williams (b. 15 Apr 1852, Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Father Andrew S. Williams, killed in CW; m. Mary Ann White, Wms Co
M. Emma Starr, 28 Mar 1878, Montpelier, OH; d/o Richard and Mary A. Starr
Children - 3 infants dec, Richard Paul
Went to Los Angeles, CA for health

P152 - Albro Wirick, Sheriff of Wms Co, OH (b. 15 Dec 1860, Oregon, Holt Co, MO
Grandfather Peter Wirick of PA to Richland Co, OH; m. Deborah; 16 children
Father Jacob Wirick; m Elizabeth Garver of Hagerstown, Richland Co, OH; he went to CA to seek gold 1858, then Missouri; then aft Albro's birth to Richland Co, OH; then West Jefferson, Wms Co, OH; 1864 to Pioneer, OH; children: Sherman, Emerson, Albro, Sonora, Florous; he d. 17 Sept 1867; widow Elizabeth m. Benjamin Dee of Fayette, Fulton Co, dec
Traveled to Watertown, SD 1885; 1885-1886 to Alvordton, Wms Co

P375 - William Yeagley (b. 15 Nov 1833, Fayette Co, PA) CW Vet Co H 88th Indiana VI
Parents - Andrew and Catherine Dougherty Yeagly; natives of PA; moved to Richland Co, OH then Crawford Co, OH, then early 1850's to Wms Co, OH
M. Margaret Ann Hendershott, 29 Nov 1854, Wms Co; b. 5 Aug 1837, Columbiana Co, OH, d/o John and Charlotta Hendershott
Children - Blanche Donley (John), Andrew Parke, Lottie Winn (JW), Sherman, Madge Britton Yeagley, Ida, dec
Moved to Williams Center, Wms Co 1854; then DeKalb Co, IN; after CW to Wms Co; then to Washington Twp, Defiance Co, OH

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