04 February 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Elkins Journal 14 and 15; (Roll 48)

Sarah Rinkle Klopenstein Elkins v Ellsworth E. Elkins (Journal 14, Journal 15 p101 - 16 Nov 1889; p116 - 22 Nov 1889; Roll 48 Box 159 case number 2138) – 19 Nov 1889

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 8 December 2011)

The couple was married in Williams Co, OH on 25 Sept 1884 (Marriage V5 #527).  Sarah said they were living separate and in her deposition she categorized herself as destitute.  Sarah asked for alimony.  She had two minor children from her first husband (Klopenstein).  She’s had to labor in the fields for money.

Sarah’s mother, Sarah Rinkle, stated that on 18 Nov 1889 she was living separate from Ellsworth.  The Elkins family lived with her and then they moved to Bryan because she (Sarah Rinkle) asked them to leave.  Later she moved in with them.

In his deposition Ellsworth said his wife lied.  He’s supported her, her children, and his mother-in-law.  At his home in Bryan he asked his mother-in-law to leave so he could have some peace but Sarah Rinkle wouldn’t budge.  The boys are unruly, especially the older one.  Ellsworth would like his wife and the younger son to live with him.  His mother-in-law is verbally abusive to him but he would like this case to be dismissed. 

The case notes contain a laundry list of personal property belonging to each party.  Sarah Elkins also wanted an injunction to keep her husband from selling the real estate. The injunction was requested on 16 Nov 1889; Sarah requested alimony on 22 Nov 1889 but Ellsworth asked for the case to be dismissed.  A divorce was eventually granted.

At the risk of advertising my own work, much of Ellsworth’s family connections are detailed in my booklet, Native Sons Gone Wrong: A Genealogical Account of Murder in Bryan, OH, 2001 (WCGS publication).  Ellsworth’s step-brother, William B. Elkins, was arrested, tried, and found guilty of murdering Arthur Brown.  He served 4 ½ years at the Ohio State Prison.

Ellsworth Elza “Dolly” Elkins (7 May 1861 Williams Co, OH – 4 Jan 1936, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH) was the son of William Oliver Elkins and Sarah Furr.  The couple was married in Morenci. Lenawee Co, MI on 4 July 1853.  After his mother’s death WO Elkins married Mary Adaline Mankins on 12 May 1864. 

Ellsworth married Agnes McCollough (31 Oct 1878, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH – 29 Feb 1920, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH) on 1 Dec 1894 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V6 #1305).  They the following children: Helen born 4 Jan 1896, died 18 Jan 1909 Toledo; Earnest born 11 June 1897, died 15 Oct 1928 Toledo; Lylah Nancy, born in Toledo, OH on 3 Feb 1899, an unnamed daughter 1 Jan 1902-4 Jan 1902, and unnamed son born 8 Feb 1919-11 Feb 1919.

He married an Ella sometime after Agnes’ death in 1920.

Sarah Rinkle was born c1849 in NY to French immigrant parents Frederick and Sarah Rinkle.  The Rinkle family was enumerated in the 1850 Center Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p73 as Fred 26 FR, Sally 25 FR, and Sally 1 NY.  They were listed in the 1860 Bryan, Pulaski Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p33 as Frederick 36 ELS shoemaker, Sarah 36 ELS, and Sarah 11 NY.

Sarah’s father died c 3 Mar 1863 as evidenced by his estate probate (#740).  Her mother, Sarah Rinkle died 17 May 1899 in Toledo, Lucas Co, OH, and possible first husband, Jacob Kloppenstine, are buried beside one another in the Fountain Grove Cemetery but do not have visible markers.

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