16 February 2011

Updates to Divorce Posts

By Pamela Pattison Lash

As I find new information to add to older postings, I will do the following on the original post - update with date in red and add new information to original post, also in red.  As my guest you can always use the search feature here to find older posts and see if there are any updates.  I hope this is helpful.

These are some tidbits I found recently.

(Blaker) The Bryan Press, 3 July 1879 p5 c1
Information as to the whereabouts of Charles and Albert Blaker, formerly of this place is wanted.  Their uncle who resided in Missouri, recently died and made them his heirs.  Charles was in Des Moines, Iowa, when last heard from, and Albert was working south of Goshen, IN about a year ago.  Any communication concerning them will be thankfully received by ER Bennett of this place.  Exchanges please copy.

(Daggett) The Bryan Press, 3 July 1879 p5
On the evening of 3 July 1879 at the bride’s residence in Stryker, Williams County, OH, by Rev H A Brown, Mr. Jason W Beard of Summit, DeKalb Co, IN to Mrs. Pheoba A Doolittle of Stryker, OH.

(Eaton) The Bryan Press, 10 July 1879, p1
Jared Eaton and his son Charles have returned from the east where they have been on business for the last three or four weeks.

(Hayes) The Bryan Press, 3 July 1879, p5
On the 4th of July 1879 at the office of and by Milton B Plummer, JP, Mr John Hayes and Miss Almeda Patton, all of Pulaski Village.

(Thomas) The Bryan Press, 26 June 1879 p4 c1
The case of Mrs. Thomas against Thomas Hudson, both of Pioneer, an action for slander, has occupied the court and a special jury since last Thursday, and is still going on as we go to press.  Plaintiff claims damage to the amount of $15,000.  We should judge that nearly all Pioneer, and a large part of the township are here as witnesses.

(Thomas) The Bryan Press, 3 July 1879 p5 c1
The case of Mrs. Thomas against Hodson came to a close last Thursday, with the jury returning a verdict of $400 in favor of the plaintiff.

(Weldon) The Bryan Press, 14 Aug 1879 p5
Mrs. WF Parker of Topeka, Kansas is visiting her mother, Mrs. Weldon, and other friends here.

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