08 March 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Siebenaller (Roll 47)

John P. Siebenaller v Catherine E. Miller Siebenaller (Journal 14 p536 - 18 Mar 1889; Roll 47 Box 155 case number 2032 – 14 Jan 1889)

By Pamela Pattison Lash

The couple was married in Wyandot Co, OH on 14 Aug 1883. Note that online marriages for this county give the date as 13 Aug 1883 and the bride was Katy Miller. John charged Catherine “Katie” with being willfully absent for three years or more.  A divorced was granted.

There was no mention of a child born to this couple, but I found the following:
Clara Seilernaller, b 15 Aug 1885 in Salem, Wyandot Co, OH, was the daughter of JP Siebenaller and Catharine Miller.

John P Siebenaller, b Apr 1859 Big Spring, Seneca Co, OH, was the son of Peter and Margaret Mueller Siebenaller.

1880 Big Spring, Seneca, Ohio; Roll: 1065; Family History Film: 1255065; Page: 299B; Enumeration District: 208; Image: 0605.
h/h 158/164 Siebenaller, Peter 54 farmer LUX-LUX-LUX
Margaret 50 wife LUX-LUX-LUX
Catharine 23 dau OH-LUX-LUX
John 21 son OH-LUX-LUX
Rosa 19  dau OH-LUX-LUX
Loretta 16 dau OH-LUX-LUX
Theresa 14 dau OH-LUX-LUX
Louis 11 son OH-LUX-LUX
Nicholas 9 son OH-LUX-LUX

On 28 May 1889 in Defiance Co, OH JP Siebenaller married Martha Van Worner, b June 1870 MI, who may be the daughter of Porter and Cordelia Terell Van Wormer. 

Ella Siebenaller, born 9 Mar 1890 in Edgerton, Williams Co, OH, was the daughter of John Siebenaller and Martha Van Wormer (Birth V2 p119); she died on 29 Aug 1890 in Edgerton (Deaths V2 p56).

Glenn L Siebenaller, born 1 Aug 1894 in Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH, was the son of JP Siebenaller and Martha Vanvanmer.

1900 St Joseph, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 113.
h/h 72/76 Siebenaller, John (April 1859) 41 mar 12Y OH-Germ-Germ
Martha wife (June 1870) 29 4/3 ch OH-MI-OH
Grover A son (July 1891) 8 OH-OH-OH
Glen L son (Aug 1893) 6 OH-OH-OH
Clarence P son (Jan 1895) 5 OH-OH-OH

1910 Henry, Wood, Ohio; Roll: T624_1240; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 0188; Image: 689; FHL Number: 1375253.
h/h 121/121 Siebenaller, John 42 mar 2x mar 21Y OH-Germ-Germ teamster for city
Martha E wife 38 mar 1x 4/2 ch MI-PA-PA
Glenn L 16  son OH-OH-MI
Clarence P 14 son OH-OH-MI

By 1925 the Siebenallers lived in Cedar Rapids, Linn Co, IA according to the IA State Census.

Catherine Miller, born June 1859 pos in Richland Co, OH, was the daughter of Nicholas and Josephine Weaver Miller.

1880 Salem, Wyandot, Ohio; Roll: 1079; Family History Film: 1255079; Page: 464D; Enumeration District: 163; Image: 0369.
h/h 137/137 Miller, Nicholas 50 Bav-Bav-Bav farmer
Josephine 41 wife OH-Fr-Fr
Catharine 20 dau OH-Bav-OH
Margaret 18 dau OH-Bav-OH
John 15 son OH-Bav-OH
Mary 12 dau OH-Bav-OH
Elizabeth 10 dau OH-Bav-OH

1900 Jackson, Wyandot, Ohio; Roll: T623_1334; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 125.
h/h 39/39 Miller, Nicholas (May 1830) 70 mar 40Y Germ-Germ-Germ USA 1840 farmer
Josephine wife (Apr 1839) 61 6/5 ch OH-Germ-Germ
Catherine dau (June 1859) 40 divorced 1/1 ch OH-Germ-Germ
Maggie dau (Jan 1863) 37 single OH-Germ-Germ
John N son (Oct 1865) 34 single OH-Germ-Germ
Mary dau (May 1869) 31 single OH-Germ-Germ
Clara grand-daughter (July 1886) 13 OH-OH-OH

On 8 Sept 1906 Clara Miller or Hiebonaler married Jerome Fisher in Wyandot Co, OH.

Clara Fisher’s death certificate stated that she was born on 30 July 1885 in OH and died on 6 Mar 1913 in Kirby, Wyandot Co, OH with burial in St. Mary’s Cem; her parents were John Subeach (born Seneca Co, OH) and Catheren Miller (born in Richland Co, OH).

1910 Jackson, Wyandot, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 0179; Image: 306; FHL Number: 1375254.
h/h 209/212 Miller, Josephine 71 widow 6/4 ch OH-Germ-Germ
Katherine dau 49 divorced 2/2 ch OH-Germ-OH
Margaret dau  48 single OH-Germ-OH

1920 Jackson, Wyandot, Ohio; Roll: T625_1449; Page: 9B; Enumeration District: 173; Image: 874.
Jackson St
h/h 26/26 Miller, Kate 60 widowed OH-Germ-OH

1930 Kirby, Wyandot, Ohio; Roll: 1889; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 8; Image: 807.0.
h/h 15/15 Miller, Catherine 69 divorced OH-Germ-OH

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