18 April 2011

Updates to Divorce Posts - Daniel Shellhart

More Trouble for Daniel Shellhart

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Recently while researching something else, I stumbled on this newspaper account which gives further information on a divorce action I had written many years ago and can be found as an original post on this blog.  I have chosen to repost it here as well as add more information as I find it.

First, here is the newspaper article.

Bryan Democrat, 20 Nov 1884, p5 c1

Dan Shellhart is in trouble.  Dan used to live around here and did odd jobs for a living.  In 1873 he married Jane Priest, but the union was not the happiest one on record, and Dan left her and here some time ago.  Recently he was married again at Clyde, Ohio, and was soon afterward arrested for bigamy.  His examination was set for Nov 21 and Judge Perky was subpoenaed to appear with a certified copy of the marriage record, but was notified Wednesday morning that Shellhart had waived examination and was held for his appearance at the Sandusky County Common Pleas.  Dan’s wife Jane, supposing that he had left her for keeps, and feeling that it was unwise and unhealthy to live alone, accepted the hand and fortune of Joe Graham and they were married in August last.  So there are two cases of bigamy – one in Sandusky County and the other in Williams County, all connected by marriage”.

Second, here is a recap of the marriage, divorce, and bigamy actions concerning Daniel Shellhart.  I would note that the first sentence in the above article is definitely an understatement – “Dan Shellhart is in trouble” (again).

Daniel Shellhart/Catherine Campbell, 17 Nov 1847, Richland Co, OH (Marriage V5 p77)
Daniel Shellhart/Elizabeth Folk, 8 Nov 1855, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V2 p161)
Catherine Shellhart v Daniel Shellhart, 31 Oct 1866, divorce in Williams Co, OH
State of Ohio v Daniel Shellhart, 3 Nov 1866, bigamy trial in Williams Co, OH
Daniel Shellhart/Elizabeth Folk, 14 Aug 1867, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V3 p702)
Daniel Shellhart/Jane Priest, 29 July 1873, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V4 p286)
Daniel Shellhart/Eliza Birdsall, 20 Mar 1880, Sandusky, Erie Co, OH
State of Ohio v Daniel Shellhart, c21 Nov 1884 (Bryan Democrat, 20 Nov 1884)
Daniel died on 30 Sept 1895, Perkins, Erie Co, OH (Deaths V3 p24)

1880 Clyde, Sandusky, Ohio; Roll: 1063; Family History Film: 1255063; Page: 62C; Enumeration District: 73; Image: 0364.
h/h 335/358 Shellhard, Daniel 53 PA-PA-unk carpenter
Eliza wife 53 NY-NY-NY
Birdsall, Francis (f) step dau 16 OH-NY-NY

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