19 May 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Clay, 1905 (Newspaper)

William B. Clay v Rosa Cox Clay Divorce Action

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Bryan Democrat, 6 Apr 1905, p1
New Case for Divorce Filed Last Week
William B. Clay wants a divorce from his wife, Rosa, alleging being willfully absent for over three years and that in May 1902 she wrongfully locked the door against him and refused to permit the plaintiff to enter his home in West Unity.  He also asks for an interest in the property now in her name.  They were married in 1889 and have no children.

Bryan Democrat, 25 May 1905

William B. Clay of West Unity v Rosa Clay - gross neglect of duty.  She was restored to maiden name of Rosa Cox.

I had these short articles in the newspaper to begin the detailing of this couple.  The following is what I was able to find:

The couple was married in Williams Co, OH on 29 Dec 1887 (Marriage V5 #1145).

William B Clay (Dec 1864 – aft 1930) was the son of Henry and Alcinda Snediker Clay.

Rosa Catherine Cox (1861 OH – 17 Feb 1934 West Unity, Williams Co, OH) was the daughter of Samuel and Amanda Hutchison Cox. Note her online death certificate shows she is married to William Clay.

1870 Wauseon, Fulton, Ohio; Roll: M593_1202; Page: 59A; Image: 121; Family History Library Film: 552701.
h/h 160/173 Clay, Henry 28 carpenter OH
Alcinda 29 OH
William 6 OH
Eddie 4 OH
Snediker, Leroy 15 OH

1870 Gorham, Fulton, Ohio; Roll: M593_1202; Page: 153B; Image: 310; Family History Library Film: 552701.
h/h 163/170 Cox, Samuel 35 OH farmer
Jane 28 OH
Catherine 9 OH

1880 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 508B; Enumeration District: 5; Image: 0651.
h/h 19/20 Clay, Henry C 39 carpenter OH-PA-PA
Alcinda 40 wife OH-OH-OH
William B 15 son laborer OH-OH-OH
Thomas Edgar 13 son laborer OH-OH-OH
Daniel M 8 son OH-OH-OH

1880  Franklin, Fulton, Ohio; Roll: 1017; Family History Film: 1255017; Page: 70D; Enumeration District: 18; Image: 0580.
h/h 230/238 Hoover, George 56 PA-PA-PA farmer; married during census year
Amanda wife 40 OH-PA-PA
Rosa step-dau 18 OH-OH-OH

1900 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 100.
h/h 76/81 Clay, William B (Dec 1864) 35 mar 12Y OH-OH-OH oar finisher
Rona wife (Aug 1869) 30 OH-OH-OH no children

His parents were found in 1900 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 100 as Henry (Dec 1840) 59 OH-PA-PA mar 36Y 4/4 ch; wife Alcinda D (Mar 1839) 59 OH-OH-OH; 1910 and 1920 same location for Alcinda who is widowed; Alcinda (26 Mat 1839 Mansfield, Richland Co, OH – 23 Jan 1921 West Unity, Williams Co, OH; buried in Floral Grove Cem, West Unity; d/o Daniel and Lyda Dillon Snediker); Henry Clay was the son of George and Margaret Clay of 1850 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census

Her mother was found in 1900 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 100 as Amanda J Hoover, widow, (Dec 1840) 59 OH-PA-PA no occup, living several places down from William Clay’s parents in West Unity

1910 Toledo Ward 6, Lucas, Ohio; Roll: T624_1209; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 0076; Image: 9; FHL Number: 1375222.
Washington St
h/h /46 Clay, William B 45 mar 2x mar 5Y OH-OH-OH saloon proprietor
Rex wife 30 mar 1x mar 5Y OH-Germ-Germ no children

1910 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 0117; Image: 608; FHL Number: 1375254.
Church St, West Unity
h/h 87/91 Cox, Rosa 45 divorced OH-OH-OH dressmaker; living two places from her mother Amanda J Hoover

1920 Marion Ward 1, Marion, Ohio; Roll: T625_1416; Page: 2B; Enumeration District: 117; Image: 63.
h/h 52/53 Clay, William B SR 55 OH-OH-OH pool room proprietor
Rex wife 42 OH-OH-OH
William B Jr son 5 OH-OH-OH
Also living there in 1930 US Federal Census plus two roomers

1920 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T625_1450; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 149; Image: 29. Both Amanda Hoover 79 and her daughter Rosa C. Cox 50 are living next door to one another; both recorded as widows; Rosa continues as a dressmaker

1930 West Unity, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1891; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 6.0. h/h 84/78 Cox, Rosa 59 OH-OH-OH divorced, no occup; her mother has died

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