03 July 2011

Brickwall - Matteson

My friend Marti and I recently did some deed work at the Williams County Recorder's Office for a request on help with Matteson, Mattison, Madison families in Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH.  If you as a guest know anything that can be helpful, please email me and I'll pass it along to the researcher.

Using the deed index system at the Williams Co, OH Recorder’s Office Marti and I found the following, which we then checked out per volume and page to give you more info:

V10 p241 – William Foster and wife Margaret Jane sold to Thomas Mattison, all of Williams Co, OH, Lot #40 in West Unity on 9 July 1850; recorded 6 Aug 1850

V11 p230 – Thomas Mattison and wife Laura E sold to William A Hunter for $125 Lot #40 in West Unity; Laura received $1 for release of quit claim; all on 20 Sept 1851, recorded 22 Dec 1851

V11 p482 – James and Jacob Reasoner sold to Alden Mattison SR, all of Wms Co, OH for $900 Lot #14 in West Unity on 13 Oct 1851, recorded on 13/23 Sept 1852

V11 p534 – Alden Mattison and wife Lydia sold to Trustees of United Brethren Church for $100 paid to John Rings, Silas Benson, Christian Shade, AM Miller, trustees Lot #29 in West Unity on 8 Nov 1852, recorded 11/16 Nov 1852

V14 p391 – Adelia Matteson sold to George W Durbin for #150 land in Sec 26 Madison Twp of 18A on 21 May 1855

V15 p101 – Aldin and Lydia Mattison sold to Thomas Mattison for $1 Lot #36 in West Unity on 10 Oct 1855

V15 p101 – Thomas and Laura Mattison sold to Michael Pifer for $125 Lot #36 in West Unity on 24 Dec 1855

V16 p493 – Alden Mattison sold to Abraham Wightman for $128 Lot #20 in West Unity on 28 Feb 1856

V16 p23 – George Ely, George Rings from estate of John Rings sold to Lydia Mattison Lot #33 in West Unity on 5 Mar 1856; deceased bought this on 12 Dec 1836

V15 p606 – Jason G Garrison sold to Adelia Mattison for $200 Lot #12 in West Unity on 29 Aug 1856

V22 p402 – Lands of Lydia Mattison @ March Term 1857 of Williams Co Common Pleas Court; she sued Mercy Matteson, George Matteson, Frances E Matteson for $73,50 and $7.53 debt from 19 Mar 1857; they defaulted and Sheriff James Bell on 13 June 1857 sold this property on the steps of the courthouse to Andrew Tressler for $44; Tressler was the highest bidder on 21 Feb 1858, recorded 24 Nov 1863 (referenced Republican Standard newspaper which printed this 30 days prior to sale)

V10 p616 – William C Morrison and wife Mary A sold to Chancy Mattison, all of Wms Co, OH, west ½ of Lot #21 in West Unity for $35 on 21 Mar 1857, recorded on 15 July 1857

V19 p570 – Lydia Mattison sold to Alden Mattison for $400 Lots #33, 34, 35 in West Unity on 20 Feb 1860

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