11 July 2011

Brickwall - Walker and Swain

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Two early "settlers" (passing through the county) of Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH meld together for marriages by two sisters to two brothers.  John Walker appeared on the 1850 census with four daughters and an unknown John Smith, aged 11.  Joshaway Swain also noted on the 1850 census appeared with much younger wife and several sons.  There is a great deal of data for both men, some reasonable and some confusing.  Neither settler stayed very long in Williams Co, OH so there were scant records, but perhaps what I’ve pieced together can be help.  As always, if you know more about these people, please email me.

John Walker (1808 NJ – pos bet 1850 census – 1854 online death date)
Unknown Wife born NY – died between 1845 and 1850

Note from Williams Co, OH Marriages – John Walker married Louisa Flowers, 8 June 1856, V2 p165 – no proof this is one of the subjects of this posting.

1. Caroline (Dec 1835 NY – 1930 pos Dane, Major Co, OK); mar Israel Swaim, 12 Dec 1850, Williams Co, OH, Marriage V2 p114; 1860 Jackson, Linn, Iowa; Roll: M653_332; Page: 164; Image: 164; Family History Library Film: 803332; widow by 1915

2. Pricilla (1838 NY – aft 1880 pos Quincy, Adams Co, IA); mar James Swain, Linn Co, IA; by 1860 married and living in Decatur, IA
Note the Walker sisters, Caroline and Pricilla, married Swain brothers, Israel and James.

3. Catherine (1841 pos Albany, Albany Co, NY – 19 Oct 1875 Linn Co, IA); 1856 Iowa State Census has Catherine Walker living with sister Caroline Swain; mar James Richard Winsor, 21 Nov 1857 Linn Co, IA

4. Salina Adelaide (6 June 1845 pos Albany, Albany Co, NY – 5 May 1920 Graham, Norton Co, KS); 1856 Iowa State Census has Salina Walker living with Stephen (b1832 NY) and Julia (b1831 NY) Whaley, next door to Jacobsen family; 1860 Jackson, Linn, Iowa; Roll: M653_332; Page: 165; Image: 165; Family History Library Film: 803332, Salina Walker 17 NY living with Thomas and Mary (b NY) Jacobsen; mar Archibald Crawford Cruikshank, c1867; widow between 1900-1910

1850 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 28A; Image: 59.
h/h 360/362 Walker, John 42 NJ farmer
Carolin 16 NY
Pricilla 12 NY
Catharine 9 NY
Salina 7 NY
Smith, John 11 NY

1856 Iowa State Census - living in Center, Decatur Co, IA – Catherine 15 NJ with Israel Swann and her sister Caroline 21 NY in Jackson, Linn Co, IA

Joshua Swaim (5 Apr 1772 Berkeley, James Co, VA or Frederick Co, MD – c1850 Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN or c1870 Wayne, Allen Co, IN or c1881 Rock Bluff, NE) Note the last death date, found online, would make him well over 100 years old

Susannah Turner (1797 Berkley, James Co, VA – c1875 Rock Bluff, Cass Co, NE)

Joshua Swaim married second wife, Susannah Turner c1812, Morgan Co, VA; first wife pos Mary died c1812

1840 Jackson, Allen, Ohio; Roll: 375; Page: 85; Image: 177; Family History Library Film: 0020158
Joshua Swaim
1m under 5
2m 5-9
1m 70-79
2f 10-14
2f 15-19
1f 40-49

1850 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 32A; Image: 67.
h/h 415/417 Swaim, Joshaway 80 VA
Susannah 53 VA
James 19 OH (17 Oct 1830 Tuscarawas Co, OH – 1930)
Israel 17 OH (3 Feb 1833 Tuscarawas Co, OH – bet 1910-1915 Dane, Major Co, OK)
Joshaway 13 OH (13 Sept 1837 Toledo, Lucas Co, OH – 18 Oct 1916 Longdale, Blaine Co, OK)
Note the online trees for Swaim/Swain have many more children listed for Joshua, first wife Mary, and second wife Susannah

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