15 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - A Helpful Index

Commemorative Gleanings - A Helpful Index

By Pamela Pattison Lash

In order to be helpful I am providing a link to the Williams County Genealogical Society's website where you can find all the people who are listed in this book, Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1899 and check this and many more helpful features there.


14 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The W's and Y (end)

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P566 - James Waterston (b. 6 Mar 1837, Belmont Co, OH)
Parents - Alexander and Janet Forguson Waterston of Scotland; he b. 6 Mar 1805, Dalkeith, Scot; she b. Penicuick, Scot; m1829 Scot; came to US 1831 to W VA, then 1834 to Belmont Co; Sept 1843 to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co; he d. 1875; she d. 1891; children - Alexander, dec, Janet, dec, Thomas, dec, James, David, dec, Benjamin, dec, William, Wallace, dec, Mary Haines, Elizabeth Culbertson
M 1864 Emily Branderberry, b. Ashland Co, OH, 19 Aug 1845 d/o Conrad and Jane Malcolm Branderberry; 1854 to Wms Co; children - Emily, Jason, Robert, Sarah, Abigail, James
Children - Emma, dec, Mary Wirts, Gertrude Close (W), Theodore, James

P326 - Philip Weidner (23 Aug 1840, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet 197th OVI
Parents - Wendal and Catherine Weidner Weidner, both b. on the Rhine, Baden, Germany; in 1831 came to US and settled in Richland Co, OH; he d.1873; she d. 1855
Children: Christine Pfingsday, William, Henry, George, Catherine, Philip, Elizabeth Dohm (J)
Came to Wms Co 1860
M 1867, Catherine E. Stiving, native of Richland Co, OH; d/o Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; came to Wms Co 1856; children: Catherine, Jacob, Mary Traxler, George, Sarah A. Greek, Peter, Emma J. Keller, Savilla L Kunkle (J)
1876 settled in Kunkle, OH
Children - George, Homer, Laura

P231 - Dr. J. W. Williams (b. 15 Apr 1852, Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Father Andrew S. Williams, killed in CW; m. Mary Ann White, Wms Co
M. Emma Starr, 28 Mar 1878, Montpelier, OH; d/o Richard and Mary A. Starr
Children - 3 infants dec, Richard Paul
Went to Los Angeles, CA for health

P152 - Albro Wirick, Sheriff of Wms Co, OH (b. 15 Dec 1860, Oregon, Holt Co, MO
Grandfather Peter Wirick of PA to Richland Co, OH; m. Deborah; 16 children
Father Jacob Wirick; m Elizabeth Garver of Hagerstown, Richland Co, OH; he went to CA to seek gold 1858, then Missouri; then aft Albro's birth to Richland Co, OH; then West Jefferson, Wms Co, OH; 1864 to Pioneer, OH; children: Sherman, Emerson, Albro, Sonora, Florous; he d. 17 Sept 1867; widow Elizabeth m. Benjamin Dee of Fayette, Fulton Co, dec
Traveled to Watertown, SD 1885; 1885-1886 to Alvordton, Wms Co

P375 - William Yeagley (b. 15 Nov 1833, Fayette Co, PA) CW Vet Co H 88th Indiana VI
Parents - Andrew and Catherine Dougherty Yeagly; natives of PA; moved to Richland Co, OH then Crawford Co, OH, then early 1850's to Wms Co, OH
M. Margaret Ann Hendershott, 29 Nov 1854, Wms Co; b. 5 Aug 1837, Columbiana Co, OH, d/o John and Charlotta Hendershott
Children - Blanche Donley (John), Andrew Parke, Lottie Winn (JW), Sherman, Madge Britton Yeagley, Ida, dec
Moved to Williams Center, Wms Co 1854; then DeKalb Co, IN; after CW to Wms Co; then to Washington Twp, Defiance Co, OH

13 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The T's and U's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P445 - Matthias Thiel (b.16 May 1847, NY)
Parents - Michael and Margaret Welter Thiel; came to Seneca Co, OH; c1865 to Wms Co where parents died; had 7 children
M Eliza Huber, 13 June 1871, d/o Anthony Huber of Defiance Co
Children - Anthony J, Michael L, Arvilla F, Agatha H, Clara E, dec
After marriage moved to Sec 7, Mark Twp, Defiance Co

P416 - Walter S. Tomlinson (b. 16 June 1843, Bryan, Wms Co, OH) CW Vet Co A 38th OVI
Parents - Giles H and Eunice Ensign Tomlinson; children: Walter S, Dwight O, Frank A; she d. Sept 1854, Wms Center; Giles mar Electa Hemenway
M Emily Lane, 3 Jan 1867, Farmer Twp, Defiance Co, OH; b 16 Apr 1848, Tuscarawas Co, OH; d/o John and Elizabeth Allabaugh Lane
Children - Orlo L, Eva T Bender (WH)

P49 - Andrew Jackson Tressler (b. 26 Oct 1818, Canton, Stark Co, OH; d. 30 May 1892, Bryan, Wms Co, OH)
Father Jonathan Tressler of Stark Co, OH
Came to Wms Co 1839; to Bryan 1840
M1 Oleva Kent, first marriage celebrated in Bryan; she died 1868
Children Arminda, dec, Ellen, Andrew, Bryon, dec, Elmore
M2 Emmeline L. Richardson, 8 Nov 1871, d/o Richard and Anna Hendricks Richardson of West Unity (1798-1880) and (1804-1880), respectively; married in 1821, Lisbon, Columbiana Co, OH; to Wms Co 1853; their children: James, dec, Mary Ann Chandler (Clark), dec, Miriam, dec, George, Jason, Elizabeth Webb (John), Emmeline Tressler (AJ)
Children Mrs. Annie R. Long (JP), Emma L., Austin J.

P604 - Henry Clay Umbenhaur (b. 8 Feb 1843, Taylorsville, Muskingum Co, OH); CW Vet Co A 142nd Indiana VI
Parents - Francis and Mary Sullivan Umbenhaur; to Wms Co 1859
M Sophia Hodson, 18 Jan 1872; d/o Thomas Hodson
Children - Mabel, Fred
Died 17 July 1898

Commemorative Gleanings - The R's and S's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co, 1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P300 - John Reynolds (b. 28 Nov 1830, Litchfield Co, CT)
Grandfather - David Reynolds, native of CT; children: Josiah, Albert, Erastus, Sophia Pool, Clarinda Wheaton, Sylvia Beardsley, Chloe Brown
Father - Erastus Reynolds, b. CT; d. 1834
Mother - Elizabeth Coggshall d/o John Coggshall of CT
Mother with three children moved to Huron Co, OH 1838; m2. Mr. Foote who died 15 years later; she moved 1861 to home of son John Reynolds; then 1875 to Huron Co, OH; d. 1882; children: William, Josephine, dec, John, Josephine Hopkins
Came to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co 1851
M 1858, Lydia Barnes, b. 1838, Huron Co, OH; d/o Henry and Almira Green Barnes of VT /NY; Quakers; came to Wms Co 1852; he d. 1876; she d. 1871; children: Laura Huston, Louisa Davis (S), Daniel, Lydia
Children - Flora, Walter, dec, Laura Drake (S), Hattie Wiseman (G), Herbert

P251 - Carlton S. Roe, editor of "Bryan Press" (b. 27 June 1864, Buchanan, Berrien Co, MI)
Parents Reverend William M. and Harriet Whitman Roe
Came to Bryan in 1884
M Hattie Moore, 1888
Children boy (unnamed b. 14 June 1890) and girl (unnamed b. 17 Sept 1892)

P361 - Michael W. Schaeffer (b. 26 Sept 1832, Montgomery Co, OH)
Parents - John C. and Mary Winters Schaeffer, of Germany and MD, respectively
Came to Evansport, OH Sept 1840; Feb 1841 to Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH; he d. 7 Oct 1851; she d. 15 Mar 1883
M Nancy Grimes, 11 May 1856, Evansport, OH; d/o Richard and Jane Elizabeth Duffy Grimes; b. 27 July 1837, Henry Co, OH
Children - Ina M. Slusser (M), Ambrose H (Flora Swank), Alta M. Christy (Elmer), Sarah Ditto (EL), Mary Reynolds (FH), Thomas J (Margaret Prettyman), Katie I, Evan VD, Ollie E, Fred W

P331 - John Ellsworth Scott (18 Aug 1861, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - Dr. William C. and Elizabeth Millhouse Scott
M Addie Fisher, 6 Oct 1886, Wms Co; d/o James Fisher of Center Twp, Wms Co
Child - Winifred

P265 - Reverend George W. Sellers (b. 3 Dec 1853, Tiffin, Seneca Co, OH)
Grandfather Frederick Sellers, Sr. of Germany to US 1820 to Seneca Co, OH
Parents Frederick and Hannah Shidler Sellers, Jr.; he b. 1817, Germany; d. 7 Oct 1892, Wood Co, OH @74Y; she d. 1893; children: Jacob, dec, David, Elizabeth, Frederick, Reuben, George W, Jesse, Anna, Andrew
Came to Center Twp, Wms Co Feb 1881
M Isabella Brown, 20 Dec 1876, Wms Co, OH; b. 29 Aug 1855, Wms Co, d/o Jacob and Catherine Brown
Children - OV (b. 27 Feb 1883), Lowell (b. 30 May 1885), Arthur L. (b. 24 Feb 1887), Edith (25 Mar 1890)

P391 - Israel S. Shankster (b. 30 July 1837, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - John and Nancy Streets Shankster of Jefferson Twp
M Mary Hoff
Children - Mildred, Carrie, Clyde

P496 - Joseph Shultz (b. 5 Apr 1830, Knox Co, OH)
Parents - William and Barbara Snyder Shultz; he b. MD then to Stark Co, OH; then m. Richland Co where wife died; then m2 Catharine Long; came to Wms Co 1848; he d. Hamer, OH 1870; wife Catharine d. 1876
M 1855, Nancy J. Aungst of Richland Co, OH, d/o Samuel and Catharine Spades Aungst who both d. Richland Co; she d. Mar 1896
Children - Catherine Tressler, George W, Sarah Lattaner, (George), dec, Arwildia

P490 - Henry Snyder (b.18 Nov 1843, Morrow Co, OH); CW Vet Co F 182nd OVI
Parents - John and Mary Held Snyder; children - Leah, Abram, Jacob, Henry, David, Jonas, Henry; he d. 1851 IN; widow m. Frame Freeman of England; had children William and Jennie; Mary Held d/o Henry Held, settler in Wms Co who d1864; Held children - Lewis, Henry, Christ, Daniel, Mary, Sally, Peggy, Harriet, Katherine
M1 Eliza J. Reynolds, 1870; b.30 Oct 1846, Richland Co, OH; d/o Benjamin Reynolds; came to Wms Co 1848; he d. 1890; wife d.1887; Reynolds children - Jacob, Hezekiah, Eliza, Henry, Mary, Franklin
Children - William, Benjamin, Lewis, Charles; their mother Eliza d. 13 Mar 1893
M2 Mrs. Sirena J. Shultz, b. 20 Nov 1847, d/o IN Sheets who came to Wms Co 1852 from Columbiana Co; Sirena widow of Samuel J. Shultz by whom had son Earl Shultz; also m Charles Chancy bef Shultz

P455 - George W. Stiving (b.15 Jan 1851, Richland Co, OH)                  
Peter O. Stiving (b. 19 Aug 1854, Richland Co, OH
Parents - Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; Leah b. York Co, PA 1823, d/o Christian Dohm
George M Anna Kiser, of Fulton Co, OH, d/o John Kiser of Germany; she d. 4 Jan 1893; one infant dec; since Anna's death George lived with brother Peter
Peter M1  Martha J. Kunkle, d/o HS Kunkle; she b. Wms Co; d 1881
Peter M2 Mary Wallace, 22 Jan 1868, Millcreek Twp, Wms Co, d/o Lockwood and Emily Stantz Wallace, of NY and Crawford Co, OH, respect, but m in Wms Co, came here 1847; children - Mary E, Liddia, Rosa
Children - Martha b. 2 Jan 1888, Grover b. 31 July 1891, Bessie b. 17 Apr 1894

P438 - Jacob W. Stiving (b. 23 Aug 1847, Richland Co, OH)
Parents - Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving; he b. 9 May 1821, River Rhine, Baden, Germany, s/o Jacob and Savilla Weidner Stiving; parents to Wms Co 1856; he d. spring 1888; she d. Oct 1888; children - Catherine Weidner, Jacob, Mary Traxler, George, Sarah A. Greek, Peter, Emma Keller, Savilla Kunkle
M Nancy Yocum, 1877, b. 28 Oct 1856, Wms Co; d/o Lemuel and Elizabeth Martin Yocum of Wayne Co, OH and PA, respectively; came to Wms Co 1842; children - Andrew, Mary, dec, Nancy E, Henry, dec
Children - Arthur, Cornelius, Claudiuous, b1 Feb 1886

P466 - John A. Stough (b. 17 Nov 1848, Wayne Co, OH)
1853 to Fulton Co, OH; 1880 to Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH
M - Laura Cunningham, 22 Oct 1871, Fulton Co; she native of Trumbull Co, OH
Children - Mary Himes (WW), David B.

12 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The M, N, O, and P's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P276 - Jonathan Markel (b. 1 Jan 1825, Pickaway Co, OH)
Parents Abraham and Mary Stumpf Markel, natives of Berks Co, PA; he d. Mar 1845, Pickaway Co, OH; she d. Jefferson Twp, Wms Co; children: Amos, Jacob, Margaret, Mary, Jonathan, Hester, 2 infants dec
Came to Wms Co spring 1845; 1849 settled in Pulaski Twp
M Sarah Jane Clampitt, 4 July 1840; b. 8 May 1825, Wayne Co, IN; d/o John and Mary Beeson Clampitt, natives of Guilford Co, NC; came to Pulaski Twp 1840; he d. 2 June 1854; she d. 21 Feb 1882; children: Sarah J, David A, Elizabeth E, Edward B, Benjamin F, Mary, Samantha C, John W, Jabez B
Children - Sarah E. Boynton (now wife of Bartlett Thompson), Florence Rose Leek (now wife of Sherman Kelly)

P238 - George L. Martin (b. 11 Dec 1818, Beaver Co, PA)
Parents James and Mary Lasure Martin; he b.1781 Westmoreland Co, PA; to Wms Co 1833; later returned to PA, he d. 1862; she b. 1784; d. 1874; also had hotel near Darlington, Beaver Co, PA; children: Daniel, dec, Hugh, John, dec, Elizabeth, Jesse, dec, Milo, dec, George L, Eliza Elder (J), dec, Robert, dec, Maria Akins, dec, James Powers, dec
Came to Evansport, OH 1843; then to West Unity area
M Mary Mahan, 11 July 1843, PA; she b. 4 Dec 1821, Washington Co, PA; d. 23 June 1883
Children: Anna Bailey, James E (Hannah Fox), Mary, Robert, Clarkson, Cassius C (Blanche Besancon), Jessie, dec

P228 - Dr. Daniel Colborne McTaggart (b. 19 July 1856, Canada)
Grandfather John McTaggart of Tarbert, Argyleshire, Scotland to Elgin Co, Canada West 1844; m. Sarah Love
Father Donald McTaggart, b 1814, Scotland; m1. Miss Esseltine in Canada; children: John, Isaac; she died; m2 Sarah House, d/o Henry and Sarah Bacon House; children: Henry Alexander, Daniel C, Mary Healey (William H.), Sarah M, dec; he d.1891, Canada
Came to Wms Co 1887
M Addie E. White, 6 Dec 1880, Mapleton, Ontario, Canada; d/o Frederick and Elizabeth Hull White; he b. Stuttgart, Germany to Mapleton, Ontario
Children - Eva A (6 Sept 1881 - 27 June 1896), Hazel S. (b. 11 Dec 1885), Mildred (b. 10 Mar 1889), Kenneth White (b. 25 June 1897)

P82 - Horace P. Miller (b. 24 Sept 1848, Lockport, OH)
Grandfather Jonathan Miller from Germany to Tompkins Co, NY (d1816)
Father William Miller (b1808); to Akron, Summit Co, OH 1830; m1832, Phoebe Parker, d/o Richard Parker; later moved to Lockport, Wms Co; he d. 16 Dec 1877, Lockport; she d. 1894 Lockport; children: Malissa, dec, Richard, dec, Charity M Caulkins (CD), Horace P, Alice J. Holton (John L), Martha, dec, Wiliam P
M Jennie S. Beaty, 22 Sept 1870; b.7 Oct 1850, West Unity, Wms Co; d/o George Beaty
Children Frank G (b 26 July 1871), Claude W (17 Apr 1875 - 27 June 1895, Los Angeles, CA), Gracie (4 Aug 1883 - 24 Feb 1884), Glenn B (b 13 June 1886)
Later moved to Defiance

P385 - William C. Miller (b. 10 Nov 1834, Richland Co, OH)
Grandfather - Peter Miller of PA to Stark Co, OH 1808
Parents - John and Rebecca Carl Miller of Pa and OH, respectively; m. Columbiana Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1834; 1865 to Bryan, OH; 1874 Waterloo, IN; then back to Edgerton, OH where he d. 7 Sept 1888; wife d/o Richard Carl; she d. 1892
M Margaret L. Rowles, 10 Mar 1864; d/o Alfred M and Matilda Green Rowles; came to Bryan 1845
Children - Edwin U (Harriet Miguery), Carrie B Vaneer, John, Otis R, Hernando

P96 - William Wilber Morrison (b. Wms Co, OH) - see Eaton
Grandfather Daniel Morrison, from Rutland, VT to Richland Co, OH; Grandmother Catherine Crowley, Quaker
Father Dr. William C. Morrison from Richland Co to West Unity, Wms Co, OH; d. Jan 1865; m1 Mary Spencer; child Homer Morrison; m2 Harriet Wilber, 6 Aug 1853; children William Wilber, Olive Louise; widow Harriet Morrison married Oscar Eaton, 1873, Tecumseh, MI
M Blanche Long, 4 Aug 1891

P308 - John George Neff (b. 15 Mar 1834, Westmoreland Co, PA)
Father - Christopher Neff of Westmoreland Co, PA; m. Barbara Struble, b. 1804, Wittenberg, Germany; came to US 1818; children: William, dec, Emmanuel, Israel, dec, Salathiel, dec, John George, Christopher, dec, Michael, dec, Matilda, Mary Ann, dec, Amanda, dec
M. Mary Garver, b. 2 Apr 1856, Fayette Co, PA, d/o Joseph and Jane Garver of Fayette Co, PA; later moved to Wayne Co, OH
Came to Bryan, Wms Co Mar 1868
Children - Benjamin F, James L, Jane Fox (JA), Joseph W, Christopher C, Anna Weaver (WO), Belle Hoag (George B), George, Charles

P437 - Orlando F. Oberlin (b. 1 Apr 1846, Holmes Co, OH); CW Vet Co H 38th OVI
Parents - Jacob and Rosanna Lautzbaugh Oberlin; he b. 1810, Stark Co, OH; she b. 1798 PA; came to Jefferson Twp fall 1854; he d.19 Feb 1894; children - Orlando, Amanda, Maria, Hiram, Milton, Mary, Alice
M Althea Reed, 1 Jan 1872, Jefferson Twp; she b. 23 Sept 1849, Jefferson Twp d/o George Reed
Children - Roy(Elizabeth Barkdoll), Theodore

P599 -Sylvester Oberlin (b. 6 July 1866, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - Hiram and Melissa Snear Oberlin
M Eva Kunkle, 5 June 1890, d/o George Kunkle
Child - Earl K

P448 - Emerson B. Opdycke (b. 12 Aug 1848, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - John and Harriet C. Baird Opdycke; he b. Trumbull Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1848; married Harriet of OH; he d. 26 Aug 1895; she d. 23 June 1896; children - Emerson B, Bettie, Charles D, Wilbur
M Sarah A. Roth, 19 April 1877, Pulaski Twp; she native of Fulton Co, OH, d/o Christian Roth
Children - Winnifred, John G, Waldo E, Bessie, Lucile, Alfred, Carlton

P460 - John Orewiler (b. 9 Jan 1827, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet 142nd OVI
Parents - Adam Orewiler, of Kentucky to PA; 1820 to Richland Co; and Nancy Wallupof Ireland; children - John, Ellen Alleman (A), David, Barbara Cline, Eli, dec, Sarah Kohler (J), Henry, Mary Boggs (WJ), Hiram, 3 dec infants Nancy, Samuel, Margaret
M 1848, Mary J. Keiser, b Wayne Co, OH, 11 Dec 1826, d/o Jacob Keiser of PA to Wayne, Richland, Wms Cos, d1881; wife d. 1883, Prattville, MI; children - Sallie, Nancy, Mary, John, Henry, Jacob, Elizabeth, Catherine, Elias, Samuel, Lucinda, George
Children - Elizabeth, dec, Nancy Weaver, Jacob, Anna Belcher, Sarah Umbenhaur, Adam, Warren, Luella, Cimmiottee Bigbee
Wife Mary d. 3 Jan 1891
Res Madison Twp; lived with dau Mrs. Bigbee

P185 - Robert N. Patterson, editor of "Bryan Democrat", founded 30 Apr 1863 (b. 19 Jan 1831, Delaware Co, OH)
Grandfather Thomas Patterson of Ayrshire, Scotland to US 1771 Chester Co, Pa; Rev War veteran; m. Jane Slack; moved to Huntingdon, PA; he d.1812
Father Andrew H. Patterson b1808, Huntingdon, PA; 1828 to Wooster, Lancaster, and Delaware, OH; d. 29 Aug 1863, Bryan, OH; m 1830 Roxana Lorena Vining, d/o Elam and Elizabeth Carter Vining
M Jennie Fulkerson, 1852, Marion, OH
Children Cora Obrist (Andrew J), Adelaide Powell (Joseph), Medary M (Cora Mason), Mary, Ida, dec, Archie, dec

11 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The K and L's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P526 - John Milton Killits (b. 7 Oct 1858, Lithopolis, Fairfield Co, OH)
Parents - Andrew Welser and Clarissa Crumley Killits; to Wms Co 1867; children - John, Charles, Miner, George, Arthur, all of Chicago except John
Prosecuting attorney in the State of Ohio v Elkins and State of Ohio v Plummer (See Native Sons Gone Wrong, Lash, 2000)
M Alice Stuart, 1887, b. 1863 Corpus Christi, TX; d/o Cpt Alexander S. and Emily Nourse Stuart
Children - Alice, Edith

P65 - Henry Kimble (b. 15 Dec 1842, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH; d. 31 Jul 1896, Pulaski Twp); CW vet, Co D 38th OVI
Father Daniel Kimble of NY to Springfield Twp; died there @51Y
M Sarah Treon, 30 Sept 1866; b. 26 Aug 1848, Montgomery Co, OH, d/o Henry Treon, to Wms Co 1854; he d. Pulaski Twp 16 Jan 1867
Children Mary L. Himes (William), William H (Corda Grey), Oris F (Della Herd), Cora B Dohner (Chandler), Henry B, dec, Harry E.

P477 - John C. Kunkle (b. 8 Oct 1860, Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Grandparents - Henry and Mary Stone Kunkle; to Wms Co 1853; children - Jacob, John, Mary A, William Henry, George, Jeremiah; m2 and had Benjamin, dec, Adam, David, Eliza; he d 1871
Parents - Henry S. and Matilda J. Baltosser Kunkle; he b. 23 Dec 1823, Perry Co, PA; m Feb 1856; she b 4 Feb 1834, Perry Co, PA; she d/o Daniel and Mary Long Baltosser who came to Wms Co 1867; Baltosser children - George, John, Matilda, Margaret, Samuel, dec, William; Kunkle children - Mary A, Martha J. Stiving (Peter), John C, Ira H
M Civilla L. Stiving, 1882; b. 29 July 1863, Wms Co, d/o Philip and Leah Dohm Stiving
Children - Henry, Lauren, John, Lefa

P514 - Doctor R. F. Lamson (b. 20 Feb 1838, Licking Co, OH); CW Vet 78th OVI
Parents - Andrew and Clarinda Hughes Lamson; she lived in Bryan c1899; he d. Wms Co 1896
M Elizabeth Wanzor, 1861, b. Madison Co, OH, 10 May 1841; d/o Ransford and Elizabeth Burt Wanzor, Quakers
Res Bridgewater Twp 1865, later Bryan

P553 - William Lash (b. 19 Nov 1825, Wayne Co, OH)
Parents - Henry S. and Nancy Craven Lash
M Elizabeth Maxwell, 14 Oct 1847, Wayne Co, OH; d/o William and Isabella Johnson Maxwell
Children - 3 infants dec, Henry, Elizabeth Strain (George), Isabella Huber (HH), Louisa Greer (F), Laura Denious (CF), Ida Miller (Wilbur)
To Florence Twp, Wms Co 1850; 1871 moved to Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH

P523 - Doctor Henry C. Lindersmith (b. 12 Oct 1867, Montpelier, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - George W. and Frances Umbenhour Lindersmith
M 14 Apr 1897, in Sherwood, Defiance Co, OH, Mary E. Clark. D/o William Clark of Mark Twp, Defiance Co

Commemorative Gleanings - The H-I-J's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P580 - Doctor Blair Hagerty (b. 14 Dec 1840, Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co F 47th Illinois VI
Parents - Blair and Rebecca Goodrich Haggerty, natives of Washington Co, PA; to Wms Co 1844; he d. here @84Y; she d. spring 1897; children - Joseph, James, Blair, Spencer, Almyra, Elizabeth, Rhoda

P570 - Jacob Conrad Halm (b. 15 July 1864, Defiance Co, OH)
Grandfather Jacob Halm
Father Jacob Halm b. 1834, Baltmannsweiler, Schorndorf, Kingdom of Wurtemberg)
;came to US 1854; 1858 to Ohio; to Wms Co 1863; m Caroline Kissel, NYC, 20 Oct 1858; she d. June 1895, Bryan
M Millie Rankert, 15 Dec 1887, d/o Michael Rankert of Bryan
Children - Lauren, Jacob, Arthur

P444- George Hamet (b. 11 Jan 1847, Pickaway Co, OH); CW Vet Co F 182nd OVI
Parents - John E. and Rhoda Warren Hamet; came back to Wms Co 1851; he d.1872; she d1894; children - George W, John F, Amanda Matoon (JA), Ella, dec, Philip
M Amelia Pepple, b. 9 Jan 1847,Stark Co, OH, d/o William and Amelia Irwin Pepple; came to Wms Co 1857; he d1875; she d1897; children - Catherine, Caroline Lambert(R), Walter, dec,, Tisby Vaus (WH), Sarah Vaus (WH - 2nd wife), Amelia, Winfield, dec
Children - Herman, b1879, and Mabel, b1881

P225 - Dr. Frank O. Hart (22 May 1855, Wms Co, OH-10 Oct 1898; buried Lockport Cem)
Grandfather Bliss Hart of Hartford, CT
Parents Julius C. and Martha M. Fish Hart; he b. Trumbull Co, OH; 1840's to Wms Co; he d. 1 May 1870; she d. 1862; children: Frank O, Cains O, Flora J Parlette (Reverend)
M Celestia A. Arter, Dec 1878 of Crawford Co, OH; d/o CM and Harriet Arter; CM to Wms Co 1842; she d 1883; children: Celestia, Samantha Lash, Libby, Harriet Weaver, Clara Kaufman (AE)
Daughter Lena May, b 1 Jan 1882

P376 - Erastus Hoadley (3 Jan 1833, Columbiana Co, OH); CW Vet 189th OVI
Grandparents - Gideon and Sarah Storm Hoadley of CT; d. Columbiana Co, OH; children: Harvey, dec, Ebenezer, dec, Erastus, dec, Hiram, Mary Hadley, Clarinda Borland, Matia Ditcheon
Parents - Hiram and Elizabeth Davis Hoadley; he lived in Mahoning and Trumbull Cos, OH; m in Columbiana Co, OH, came to Wms Co 1868; he d. 1895, she d. 1893; children: Erastus, Sarah Cortney, John D, dec, Hiram Jr, Mary Brosius
Came to Wms Co 1853
M1 Sophia Morris, 1855, Columbiana Co, OH; native of Beaver Co, PA; d/o Jonathan and Sophia Baker Morris; she d1884
Children - Willis E, Eva Cummings, Dimma B
M2 Mrs. Angeline Hoadley, 1890; her children by 1st marriage - Mary, Annie, Jennie; d/o Stephen and Laura A. Palmer Calvin of CT
Lived in Edon, OH

P435 - A. R. Hyatt (b. 7 Sept 1846, Lockport, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co C 38th OVI
Grandfather - Meshack Hyatt of Wayne Co, OH
Parents - Seth B and Eleanor Bodel Hyatt of OH; came to Wms Co 1843; wife Eleanor inherited land entered by her father Robert Bodel, 1820; he born in Scotland and died in Wms Co 1840; unnamed wife d. 1867; Bodel children- Alexander, Eleanor, Isabel Cox (F); Eleanor d.28 Feb 1854; Hyatt children - AR, Sarah Haigh (GW), Cordelia Herald; Seth moved to Bryan, OH; m 2nd time 1856, Emily Keeler, d/o Lewis and Rebecca Stevens Keeler; he died May 1883
M Emily Boothman, 1873; she b 5 Nov 1848, d/o Lemuel L and Melliasendria Hart Boothman, natives of Trumbull Co, OH; children - Adeline Thomas, Melvin, Emily, Lewis, Rollin, Ellery, Juliam, Mina, William, Florence, dec; her grandfather Thomas Boothman
Children - Donald, Conroy, Mina, Emily

P372 - Thomas H. Imes (b. 2 Oct 1833, Morrow Co, OH) CW Vet Co K 81st OVI
Moved to Wyandot Co, OH 1866; fall 1868 to Superior Twp, Wms Co, OH; spring 1870 to Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH; then to Williams Center, Center Twp, Wms Co, OH
M. Lydia Jane Russell, in Morrow Co, OH; b. 25 Mar 1834, Muskingum Co, OH
Children - William C (Estella Clemens), Ina

P122 - Solomon Johnson, Judge (b. 2 Mar 1850, German Twp, Fulton Co, OH) - picture
Parents George and Catherine Krontz Johnson; he d. 28 Nov 1855; children - Sarah Urger (William), Solomon, Simon
Came to Springfield Twp, Wms Co 1861
M Florence M. Bostater, 14 Sept 1882, Madison Twp, Wms Co; b. 14 Mar 1862, Wms Co; d/o Dr. Andrew J. Bostater
Children Frank (b. 7 Apr 1884), Walter (b. 10 Feb 1886), Robert (b. 19 Sept 1890), Albert (b. 1 Nov 1897)

Commemorative Gleanings - The G's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P101 - Peter Gares (22 Dec 1836, Bavaria, Germany - 30 Sept 1897, Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH)
Came to US 1839 to Richland Co, OH; to Wms Co 1842
Parents Jacob and Mary Elizabeth Drum Gares; son Peter eldest of 8 children
Peter res of Tiffin Twp, Defiance Co, OH
M Christina Toberen, 2 Dec 1858; b. 5 Apr 1837, Tiffin Twp; d/o Henry and Elizabeth Beiderwell Toberen, natives of Prussia, Germany; first to Massillon, OH
Children John W, Jacob H, Orestes P, Mary E, Frederick W, 4 youngsters, dec, Sarah dec

P279 - Jacob Garver (b. 4 Apr 1829, Fayette Co, PA)
Grandfather Martin Garver, Sr., native of Washington Co, MD, b. 29 Mar 1764; d. 19 Apr 1850, Tuscarawas Co, OH
Father Martin Garver, Jr., b 1804, Fayette Co, PA; m. Susan Shaffer, b. 1808, also native of Fayette Co, PA; m c1829 and moved to Tuscarawus Co, OH; moved to Wms Co 1853; he d. Williams Center 1864; she d. Bryan, 31 Jan 1897; children: Jacob, John, George, Anna, Mary, Benjamin, David, Martin V.
M Catherine Garver, Aug 1851, Tuscarawus Co, OH; b. 16 Aug 1829, Fayette Co, PA; d/o Joseph Garver, d. 1882, Wayne Co, OH
Children - Franklin, Jane Donze (Peter),dec, Susan, Alma, dec, Ada Musser (William F), Edward, Charles
Came to Wms Center May 1852

P402 - Martin V. Garver (b. 17 June 1848, Bucks Twp, Tuscarawus Co, OH)
Father - Martin Garver, b. 1804; m. Susan Shaffer; came to Bryan,Wms Co 1852
M Ella Lane, 1872
Children - Mabel, Olive

P189 - Dr. Richard Gaudern (b. 26 July 1832, Oneida Co, NY); CW Vet 68th Bat OVI
Parents Richard and Abigail Stewart Gaudern; he b. England; twice a widower before traveling to US where he mar Abigail d/o Solomon W. Stewart of Hudson, NY; 1835 to Coshocton Co, OH; 1840 to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co, OH; children: William, Catherine Perkey (Judge), Abigail Champion, Theodosia Graves; he d1850; she d1872
M1 Lucinda Pennell, 1857; d/o Reverend Abram Pennell of NY; she d. Sept 1862; child died at age 3
M2 Lucia R. Pitts, 1863 of NY, d/o Peter Pitts; she d. 1870
Children Abigail S., Bessie, Edward (Cora Patten)
M3 Mrs. Mary Jane Gross, 1874; d/o John Kelly

P425 - Joseph Greek (b. 12 Jan 1844, Richland Co, OH) CW Vet Co F 38th OVI; Co H 68th OVI
Parents - Frederick and Margaret Brubaker Greek, b. PA; 1840 to Richland Co, OH; then Hancock Co, OH; in 1850 to Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH; children: 2 infants dec, John, Elizabeth Conley, Fanny Hendrix, dec, Nancy Burkholder, Joseph, George, Wesley B, Elias, Martha Gill, Jane Throne, William F, Margaret Oxinger
M1 Malissa M. West, 15 Oct 1867; native of Stark Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1863; she d. 19 Jan 1886
Children - Ada Wolcott, Amanda Weidner, Emerson C, Arthur J, Carrie L, dec
M2 Sarah J. Drum, Sept 1888; she b. 1858, PA; came to Wms Co 1860
Children - Carl E (b. 3 Feb 1890), Glen D (b. 23 Sept 1894)
Res. Millcreek Twp, Wms Co, OH

P295 - John C. Grim (b. 14 July 1857, Bryan, Wms Co, OH)
Parents Joseph S. and Allison Cairns Grim; he b. Stark Co, OH; she b. Scotland; he CW vet Co H 25th OVI; he d. honey Hill, SC Dec 1864; she d. 5 May 1891, Bryan; children: Martha, Margaret, dec, John C, Andrew, dec, Francis
M Myrtle Lockhart, 7 Apr 1886; d/o Clark and Martha Towers Lockhart; he d. Ashland Co, OH; widow mar John Scott of Springfield Twp
Children - Florence, Ruth E, Leland

10 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The F's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P382 - Eli Farnham (b. 28 Mar 1843, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co K 68th OVI
Parents - Daniel and Caroline Sawyer Farnham; he b. Windham Co, CT 17 jan 1811; came to Wms Co 1835; m. 6 Oct 1840, she b. 13 Sept 1818, NY; he d. 27 Dec 1896; children: Leander, Eli A, Myron C, Marian R, Darwin A, twins daus, dec, Irmina, Ella, Elnora, Inez V
M Emma Rathbun, Lodi, Columbia Co, WI; she b 5 Feb 1855, CT; d/o William s. Rathbun
Children - Harry R, Waldo C, Irma, dec, Eli A, Emma, Dana (twins)

P546 - Elmer E. Firestone (b. 16 Nov 1865, Waterford, IN)
M Helen M. Blaker,1889, Hillsdale, MI; d/o John Blaker; she native of Wms Co
Children - Lois, Maym, Charles, Helen

P539 - Charles A. Freeland (b. 7 Mar 1861, Jonesville, Hillsdale Co, MI)
To Montpelier Jan 1890
M1 Mary Blood, 1884, Hillsdale Co, MI; she d. there 1887; children - Mabel, Cassius
M2 Cornelia Blood, 1888, his sister-in-law; children - Charles, Donald, Russell

P414 - William D. Fried (18 Aug 1842, Stark Co, OH); CW Vet 128th OVI
Grandfather - Henry Fried of Germany to PA to Stark Co, OH then Wms Co, OH; d.1859
Parents - Joseph and Anna Davis Fried; came to Wms Co 1858; he d.1863; children: Eliza J Cogswell (J), William D, Catherine Kale (J), Ellazan, George, dec, Amy, dec, Cora Hornish (P); mother mar Henry Layman of Defiance Co; she d. 1886
M Lydia Brown, 1868; b. 11 July 1847, Hancock Co, OH; d/o Rev John and Lucinda Briggs Brown, natives of Stark Co, OH; came to Wms Co 1848; children: 6 dec in childhood, Malon, dec, Lydia, Sanford, Hariette Kunkle, Manuel
Children - Della, dec, Delbert, Effa Martin (Charles), Dessie, dec, Ora, Cora (twins), Vallie, John J, CarmaB.

Commemorative Gleanings - The E's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P99 - Oscar Eaton (26 July 1847, Ridgeway, Lenawee Co, MI - 22 June 1895, Cleveland, OH) - see Morrison (when posted)
Grandfather Heaton James Eaton (b. 12 Feb 1771, Tunbridge, Orange Co, VT); m Mary Brockelbank
Father Christopher Columbus Eaton (b. 3 Nov 1810); m Eleanor Lamberson, 24 Dec 1835, she b. 25 Aug 1817
M Mrs. Harriet Wilber Morrison, 5 Nov 1873, Tecumseh, MI
Came to Wms Co 1875 to Bryan, OH
Child Oscar Seaborn Eaton

P44 - Lafayette G. Ely (b. Knox Co, OH) - picture
Grandfather Asher Ely b 1788 NJ to PA 1795; W1812 vet; to Knox Co, OH 1826
Parents George Ely and Elizabeth Folck, m. Knox Co, OH; to Brady Twp, Wms Co 1835
M1. Sarah S. Masters d/o Ezekiel Masters of Franklin Twp, Fulton Co, OH, 12 Nov 1857
Sarah d. 16 May 1885
M2. Mrs. Mary Wood, 30 Dec 1886

P357 - Oren Elbridge Ensign (b. 29 Nov 1831, Painesville, Lake Co, OH)
Grandfather - William Ensign, native of MA; Rev War vet, d. Madison, Lake Co, OH
Father - Oren Ensign, b.1785, Pittsfield, Berkshire Co, MA; later moved to Lake Co, OH; m. Nancy Pepoon, 1795; she native of Hatford, CT, d/o Lewis Pepoon, Rev War vet; 1836 to Farmer Twp, Defiance Co, OH where he d. 1857; she d. Beloit, WI
M Clarissa L. Dunkle, 9 Apr 1857, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH; b.13 June 1839, Canandaigua, NY; d/o Charles and Minerva Coller Dunkle; came to Center Twp, Wms Co before 1850
Children - Marvin A, dec, Albert E, dec, Clara E Scott (Matus), Adda R Woods (John)

Commemorative Gleanings - The D's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P297 - Daniel Deemer (29 June 1862, Columbiana Co, OH)
Grandfather - Philip Deemer, b. Mercer Co, PA; to New Lisbon, Columbiana Co, OH; m. Rosanna Stancher
Father - John Deemer b. 12 Nov 1827, New Lisbon, Columbiana Co, OH; mar Martha Bushong, 1 Jan 1852, Wms Co, OH; children: William M, Jacob Edward, Daniel; she d. 12 Mar 1871, Columbiana Co; m2 unknown woman; he d. 28 May 1875, Columbiana Co, OH
Came to Wms Co 1876
M. Blanche Brown, 25 June 1891, Wms Co; d/o Abner K and Amanda Bollinger Brown, of Bridgewater Twp

P322 - Dr. James K. Denman (b. 30 June 1851, Batemantown, Knox Co, OH)
Parents - Elisha G. and Almira Morrison Denman; he b. 1821, Knox Co, OH; d. Mar 1877; she b. 1820, Richland Co, OH; d. Dec 1896
Came to West Unity, Wms Co, OH 1851
M. Elizabeth Speaker, June 1877; d/o Charles Speaker of Delaware Twp, Defiance Co, OH; she b. 1851
Children - Charles G, Emma
Res. As of 1899, The Bend, Delaware Twp, Defiance Co, OH

P296 - Professor George W. Dustin (b. 12 July 1848, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - Samuel and Catherine Zeigler Dustin; he b. Westmoreland Co, PA; she native of Wayne Co, OH; came to Wms Co bef 1848; he d. 19 May 1892
M Esther A. Poast, 14 Sept 1875; d/o John and Catherine Rodkey Poast of Wms Co; b. 19 May 1852, Bryan, OH; her father d.15 Dec 1862; her mother d. 24 Feb 1897
Children - Carmie A, Winnie A, dec, Vena A, Loyal A

09 January 2011

Commemorative Gleanings - The C's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P576 - Peter Charpiot (b. 23 Sept 1835, France)
Came to US 1854, first to Defiance, then to Wms Co - West Unity then Stryker
M1 Elise Peugeot, native of France; d. 30 June 1876
Children - Edward, Leo, Leah, Emil, Henry, dec, George dec
M2 Louise Charpiot (grandfathers were brothers), 26 Nov 1876; she b. 13 Nov 1838, FR; came to US 1861 first to NYC
Child - Alice Grisier (Charles)

P433 - Jeremiah Clay (13 Feb 1845, Richland Co, OH); CW Vet Co G 68th OVI
Grandparents - John and Margaret Miller Clay; moved from York Co, PA to Richland Co, OH 1828
Parents - Jacob and Elizabeth Glime Clay; came to Millcreek Twp spring 1845; he b. 21 Nov 1821; she b. 11 July 1823; m1844 Richland Co; children who reached majority were Jeremiah, William, Catherine, Sarah, John
M Elizabeth Bear, 24 June 1869; d/o Daniel and Sarah Bear, early Wms Co settlers
Children - 3 died young, Sydney S, Martha D Kelly (OL), Charles B
Lived in Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, OH for 9 years and MI for 2 yrs

P464 - George Clifton (b. 30 Nov 1855, Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Parents - John R and Sarah E Borton Clifton, natives of Burlington Co, NJ; she b 26 Oct 1812; m. 8 June 1839; 1840 to OH, first to Fulton Co then 1843 to Brady Twp; Quakers; children - Rachel Mills (M) Matcalf (J), Esther Sparks (G), Sarah B. Hutchison(J), Mary Crumrine (D), Charles D, dec, John S, Samuel, dec, Abigail Crumrine (S), George
M Alice Hibbard, 1889, d/o Jonathan and Sarah Vanarsdalen Hibbard; early settler of Gorham Twp, Fulton Co, OH; children - Carrie Hamlin (A), Irene Fidler (G), Alida, Albert, Elmer, Alice, Catherine Smith (M), Cora
Daughter - Nellie H, b 1 Sept 1897

P398 - Charles Cook (b. 27 Dec 1840, Lehigh Co, PA); CW Vet Co H 197th OVI
Parents - Henry and Mary Laub Cook of PA to Wayne Co, OH 1848; then Holmes Co, then Seneca Co, and in 1858 Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH; she d.1883; he d. 1890; children: Jonas, Clarissa Woodring, Daniel, Henry, Mary Osburn(J), Charles, angeline Keller, William, Franklin,dec, Benjamin, dec, Susan Critchfield, Elizabeth Burch (J)
M1 Barbara Daso, 1863 of Wms Co; d/o Nicholas Daso; she d. Mar 1872
Children - Elizabeth Ebaugh (M), George W.
M2 Helen Richeson of Wms Co in fall 1872; she d. 1888
Children - Adam H, Mary, Ella
M3 Catherine Pfingsday, 1888,; she of Richland Co, OH, d/o Christopher Pfingsday
Child - Leona, dec

P450 - James Cummins (b. 24 June 1822, Trumbull Co, OH)
Came to Portage Co 1827; to Wms Co 1840
Parents - John and Rebecca Hatfield Cummins; he d. 1854; she d. 1876; children - Adelin Wright, James, Joseph, dec, Julia Allen, William, dec, Hiram, dec, Caroline Wadsworth
M1 Phoebe Kirk, 13 Apr 1844, of Columbiana Co, OH; d/o Timothy and Polly Hoops Kirk; to Wms Co 1842; children - Mary Lambright, Phebe, Nathan, Catherine Durbin, William; Phoebe d. 1863
Children - John dec, William, Mary Rising (W), George, Caroline dec, James, one infant
M2 Jane Evans, 12 Apr 1864; she b. Portage Co, OH, 23 Dec 1839 d/o John and Elizabeth James Evans, both Wales natives; to US 1835 to Portage Co; children - John, dec, Margaret Reese Jenkins (William), Jane, David, James
Children - 3 dec youngsters Marion, Fidelia, Henry, Charles, Delbert, Elizabeth Vanortrick, Susie Martin, Zilpha, Orpha, Alva,dec

Commemorative Gleanings - The B's

Williams County Ties - Gleanings from Commemorative Biographical Record, Northwestern Ohio Including Defiance, Henry, Williams, and Fulton, Chicago: J. H. Beers & Co,1899

Sometime ago I extracted data from the above-mentioned history for NW Ohio.  I gleaned information for those with ties to Williams County, Ohio, but there are many other men mentioned from the other NW Ohio counties.  I encourage you to check out this source for those.

By Pamela Pattison Lash

P240 - Clark Backus (b. 17 Jan 1820, Hampton Twp, Windham Co, CT)
Grandfather Calvin Backus
Parents Chester and Sarah Holt Backus; children: Clark, Caroline Fletcher (Harris), dec, Sarah Ladd (JC); he d. 1831, CT
Came to Bridgewater Twp, Wms Co spring 1838
M Susan Heritage, Mar 1843; she b. England; d/o Richard and Joanna Bragington Heritage; came to Seneca Falls, NY then to Wms Co 1841; children: John, Eliza McKinzy, Mary A. Strickland (J), Emma Madison (J), Susan, Joseph, dec, James, Amelia, dec
Children - Caroline Cook (David), Emma Lantz (J),, Sarah Osborn (H), CW, Orville J, Leonard C, Frank M, 2 infants dec

P473 - Clarence Betts (b. 1 June 1858, Springfield Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Grandfather - John L. Betts, Wms Co settler; d Apr 1898
Father - Hiram Betts (see below)
M Lillian Snyder, 1 June 1882, d/o Amos Snyder of Evansport
Children - Mabel, Grace, Florence

P218 - Hiram T. Betts (b. 12 May 1833, Trenton, NJ)
Father John L. Betts, b 21 Jan 1803, Nova Scotia; d. Apr 1898; m Sarah A. Pryor, 25 Apr 1826, NY City; she b. 28 June 1806, Philadelphia, PA; 1846 to OH settling in German Twp, Fulton Co, OH; 1848 to Stryker, OH; 1855 to NY; 1856 to Fulton Co, OH; she d. 28 Apr 1883, Springfield Twp; children: 2 infants dec, John, Margaret, George, Hiram T, James, Clara, Robert, Albert
M Mrs. Mary Ann Thurston, 22 Aug 1854, Springfield Twp, Wms Co; widow of Samuel M. Thurston; d/o Matthias Appleman; she b. 5 Nov 1816, Columbia Co, PA
Children Franklin T. and Clarence R.

P328 - Eliel Taylor Binns (b. 16 Sept 1850, Westfield, Medina Co, OH)
Grandfather - William Binns of Bury, England, 50 miles NE of Liverpool
Father - Samuel Binns came to US 1838, first in New York City; 1842 to Westfield, Medina Co, OH; d. 12 June 1889; m. 1836, Ellen Taylor; children: Eliza Murphy (James), William (Lois Ford), Sarah (Otis Ford), Eliel Taylor, Ella Vail (James)
Came to Bryan, OH 1871
M1 Allie N. Waler, 16 Sept 1879; she d. 3 May 1880
M2 Rhoda E. Lane, 20 Apr 1882; children: Laura, Mildred

P126 - Melvin Morreli Boothman, Judge (b. 16 Oct 1846, Jefferson Twp, Wms Co, OH); CW Vet Co H 38th OVI
Grandfather Robert Boothman W1812 vet as British soldier; settled in Hubbard, Trumbull Co, OH; went to New Orleans, LA where died 1820 of yellow fever; m Eliza in OH; as widow married Ludwig Miller/Lemuel Micheltree of Pulaski Twp, Wms Co
Father Lemuel Boothman, b1818, Trumbull Co, OH; to Jefferson Twp, Wms Co fall 1842; m Melisendra Hart, Wms Co; to Bryan 1872; children: Adelina Thomas (John), Melvin M, Emily L Hyatt (AR), Louis K (Alice Kerr), Rollin E (Mary E. Countryman), Elery C (Eliza J. Starr; Mary E. Shelley), Julian W (May Ely), Maria, William M (Constance Eager), infant dec
M Angie Bushong, June 1871; d/o Jacob and Hannah Bushong of Jefferson Twp, Wms Co
Children Ernest H (b 28 Apr 1872), Grace (b. 16 Apr 1874), Dale M (b. 17 Feb 1877), Jean Bessie (b. 5 Sept 1881)

P440 - John Borton (b. 4 Sept 1820, NJ)
Grandfather - Benjamin Borton, W1812 Vet
Parents - Bethuel and Rebecca Clifton Borton, of NJ; he b. 2 Jan 1782; widow came to Wms Co 1836; she b. 17 Sept 1786; d.1859; Quakers; children - Charity Mason(J), Mary Borton (S), Benjamin, dec, Nathan, dec, Rebecca Borton (J), Bethuel, dec, Reuben, dec, Job, dec, John, Martha Ely (A), Samuel of Fulton Co, OH; Samuel and John only ones living c1899
M1 Elizabeth A. Taylor, b.17 Dec 1818, d/o John and Elizabeth Peacock Taylor
Children - 2 dec as infants Reuben and Job, Susanna Harlan(George) Tule (E), William, John, Martha Lyon (Nathaniel), Sarah Mann (O) Kosier(David), Elizabeth Pancost(G), Rebecca Hutchison(G), Mary Mason (J); she d. 5 July 1887
M2 Mrs. Rebecca Wise, Dec 1887, widow of Solomon Wise and mother to Lee, Ermie, Lawrence, Bessie; she b. 8 Aug 1845, Mahoning Co, OH, d/o Edward and Catherine Hurst McLean of Stark Co, OH
Child - Grace, b. 6 Oct 1888

P64 - Charles Alexander Bowersox, Judge (b. 16 Oct 1846, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co)
Grandparents Christian Bowersox (d. Baltimore, MD) and Mary Bowersox (d. 1858, Wms Co); children John Warner, David (Martha Breckenridge), Eliza Cornell (Benjamin)
Parents John Warner and Mary Jane Breckenridge Bowersox; he(10 Jan 1808, Frederick Co, MD - 14 Apr 1889 @81Y 4M); she d 1867 @60Y; to Adams Co, PA 1828; to Canton, Stark Co, OH 1831; to St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co Oct 1838; both buried Edgerton, OH; children James Grier (Salina Hall), John Wesley (Amelia Yeager), Mary Emmeline (Jairus Casebeer; Daniel W. Weitz), Nancy Ellen, Eliza Letitia, dec, Charles Alexander, Francis Ansbury, dec
M Laura A. Jarvis, 10 June 1875, d/o Samuel and Laura Jarvis of Westerville, OH
Children Charles Rudolph (28 Mar 1886), Helen (18 Aug 1896)

P359 - Charles J. C. Boynton (b. 14 Apr 1831, ME)
Parents - Alpheus W, and Sarah Stockbridge Boynton, ME natives; she d. 1836; came to Maumee, OH 1837; 1841 moved to Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH; he d. 22 Feb 1875
He married 4x
M. Mary Clampitt, 1857; she d. 1860
Children - Sarah E. Thompson (Bartlett), infant dau dec.
M2 Catherine Kennedy, 11 Dec 1862; native of Ashland Co, OH; d/o GW and Charlotte Glesner Kennedy of Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH; he d. 1877; she d. 1852
Children - Alpheus W., Heman C, Horace D, Dora, Josephine

P588 - John A. Brown (b. 6 July 1850, Center Twp, Wms Co, OH)
Parents Nicholas and Sarah McManus Brown; from PA to Center Twp 1847; he d. Sept 1895; she living c1899; children - William, James dec, John, Mary Jordan (Ellis), Andrew T
M Mary J. Stockman, 30 Apr 1871, d/o Ephraim Stockman
Children - Clara, Andrew