20 January 2011

The George William Skinner Family of Williams Co, OH - Need Some Help?

The George William Skinner Family of Williams Co, OH - Need Some Help?

By Pamela Pattison Lash

While strictly speaking this family is not a brickwall situation but a researcher contacted me and asked what I could find on this Skinner family.  I dug around and came up with this data for a blog post.  If you know more about the family, please contact me and I'll pass your help along.  An interesting aside to this Skinner group is the presence of twins.

The researcher is particularly interested in Samuel Fremont Skinner, son of George Williams and Elizabeth Kime Skinner.  Allied families for this lineage would be Skinner, Kime, Collie, and Peters to name a few.

George William Skinner (22 Aug 1816, Perry Co, OH or Sandusky Co, OH- 1 Apr 1896 Williams Co, OH, Deaths V3 p120 @79Y 7M 9D) and Elizabeth Kime, mar 9 Feb 1840, Seneca Co, OH; they are buried in Malcolm Cem; Elizabeth Kime (10 Apr 1822, VA – 14 May 1897, Wms Co, OH @75Y 1M 4D)

George William Skinner - Williams Co, OH Probate, 30 Oct 1896 case #3758 – estate

1. unknown child (only mentioned online w/no data)
2. John B. 13 Nov1840 OH-4 Mar 1862 Albany, IN; CW vet who died @21Y 3M 21D; bur Columbia Cem
3. George W 11 Feb 1844 OH – 25 June 1862, Bolivar, TN – CW vet
4. Daniel 4 Sept 1846 – (wonder if they’re twins or somewhere along the line Daniel and David are recorded as two but really one birth) – see 1850 federal census
5. David N 4 Sept 1846 OH – 15 Sept 1854 NW Twp; bur Columbia Cem @8Y 11D
6. Mary C 1849 OH  – mar William Heiserman, 26 Aug 1873, Williams Co, OH (Marriages V4 p287)
7. Anthony 1852 OH –
8. Laura Ann 25 Feb 1854, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH – 25 Sept 1929, Lansing, MI; mar James A. Bunce, 19 Jan 1875, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V4 p379); buried at Malcolm Cem
9. Arthur 1854 OH – (looks like twin to Laura)
10. Samuel Fremont (see below)
11. infant son  Jan 1860 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH – 5 Feb 1860, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH @8D; bur at Columbia Cem
12. Charles Franklin 15 Mar 1862, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH – 10 Oct 1892 NW Twp; (Death V3 p118); bur Malcolm Cem; mar Ella Powers, 25 Feb 1886, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V5 #161)
13.  Bertie Elmore 3 June 1870 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH – 24 May 1871 NW Twp (Death V1p12); bur Malcolm Cem; cause of death @11M was measles

Samuel Fremont Skinner (26 Dec 1856 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH – 26 Sept 1937 Toledo, Lucas Co, OH); res Montpelier, widower; bur Malcolm Cem and  Jeanette Collie, dau of William Alexander Collie and Elizabeth Lindsay; Janette Ann Collie (29 Dec 1863 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH – 23 Sept 1892, NW Twp (Death V3 p118); cause of death – childbirth

Samuel F. Skinner – Williams Co, OH Probate – 10 Mar 1925 case number 7575 – misc; Ohio Death Certificate #57742 for SF Skinner, Lucas Co, OH, 26 Sept 1937

1. Lottie Ann 29 July 1883, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH (Birth V2 p56) - ; mar Robert Beach, 5 Dec 1903, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V8 p551)
2.  Dortha B 20 Sept 1885, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH (Birth V2 p80) - : Charles Peters
3.  Olin 29 July 1888 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH (Birth V2 p115) – aft 1930; mar Alice Hershey
4.  George Allen 29 July 1888 NW Twp (twin)
5. Nettie Ann 23 Sept 1892 NW Twp, Williams Co, OH (Birth V3 p179) – 2 Jan 1981, Hillsdale Co, MI; mar Lewis Edgar Headley, 8 Aug 1912

Resource Timeline for Skiiner family

1850 Washington, Sandusky, Ohio; Roll: M432_726; Page: 11A; Image: 250.
h/h 1683/1713
Skinner, George 34 OH
Elizabeth 32 VA
John 10 OH
George W 8 OH
Daniel 4 OH
Mary 2 OH

1860 Northwest, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 12; Image: 27; Family History Library Film: 805052.
h/h Skinner, George 43 OH farmer
Elizabeth 38 VA
John 20 OH
George W 16 OH
Mary C 11 OH
Rhoda 9 OH
Laura A 6 OH
Samuel 3 OH

1864 Williams Co, OH Atlas – Skinner, G  - NW Twp Sec 35, 36

1870 Northwest, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M593_1282; Page: 152B; Image: 308; Family History Library Film: 552781.
Skinner, George 53 OH
Elizabeth 48 VA
Rhoda 19 OH
Laura 15 OH
Fremont 13 OH
Charles 8 OH

1874 Williams Co, OH Atlas – Skinner, George  - NW Twp Sec 36
Skinner, Elizabeth – NW Twp Sec 24, 35

1880 North West, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 436D; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 0512.
h/h 172/174 Skinner, George 63 farmer OH-PA-PA
Elizabeth 48 wife VA-VA-VA
Fremont 23 son OH-OH-VA
Charles F 19 son OH-OH-VA

1894 Williams Co, OH Atlas – Skinner, Geo – NW Twp Sec 24
Skinner, FS – NW Twp Sec 24
Skinner, Elizabeth – NW Twp Sec 35
Skinner, CF – NW Twp Sec 30

1900 Northwest, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 4A; Enumeration District: 109
h/h 76/76 Skinner, Fremont (Dec 1856) 43 widower Oh-OH-OH farmer
Lottie dau (29 July 1883) 16 OH-OH-OH
Doretha B. dau (20 Sept 1885) 14 OH-OH-OH; d/o SF Skinner and Netty J Cooley
Olin son (July 1888) 11 OH-OH-OH

Samuel Fremont Skinner - Missing in 1910 federal census

1920 Northwest, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T625_1450; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 159; Image: 242.
Skinner, Fremont father-in-law 62 widower OH-OH-PA farm laborer living with Robert and Lottie Beach; Lottie, his dau, 36 OH; she was mother of Beach children – Leola, Orlis, Dorothy Wilma, Paul, Hazel, Robert Jr.

1930 Toledo, Lucas, Ohio; Roll: 1838; Page: 14A; Enumeration District: 116; Image: 750.0.; Toledo State Hospital
Skinner, SF 71 OH widower no occup

SF Skinner’s Ohio Death Certificate #57742 – Lucas Co, OH – 26 Sept 1937

18 January 2011

Coroner’s Inquest Records in Williams County, Ohio

Coroner’s Inquest Records in Williams County, Ohio

By Pamela Pattison Lash

(Scattered references found in Roll 86 of microfilm titled Williams County Ohio Probate; microfilm housed at Williams County Public Library in Bryan, Ohio.  Many how-to genealogy books mention the value of unusual or hard-to-locate records; these fit into that category.)

I am always harping on the value of old records found in Civil and Criminal Court aka Common Pleas data.  Here is an extraction done several years ago from Roll 86, which is the only coroner inquest data I have found to-date.  I hope it proves helpful to you.

30 June 1898
Henry Herholzer, 30, male, res Edon, OH, born USA, brown eyes, brown hair, no marks; found with no articles of property and no money
Henry Wertz, coroner; Stephen Lash, undertaker

11 Sept 1900
Letter to Probate Judge from HF Taylor, Montpelier.  Ohio division point on the Wabash…I have the body of Ed Watson, a colored man killed in Wabash Yards here the morning of the 8th (8 Sept 1900).  Inventory taken and found one very old razor with broken handle and rusty blade, one old razor case, WCTU cards (Women’s Christian Temperance Union).

20 Dec 1900
Orrin H. Nihart has body at Blakeslee on Wabash right of way; Charles Carmon, 22, male, res of Montpelier, light eyes and hair, no marks, property consisted of 5 silver dollars, 1 quarter, 1 nickel, Silverine watch, lead pencils, notebook, letters

27 Dec 1900
Orrin H. Nihart has a body at Blakeslee on Wabash Railroad company grounds; Wayne Crowl, 22 male, res of Montpelier, black hair, no marks, property found on him: watch, several letters, notebook, $3.30

19 Apr 1901
SS Frazier, coroner; Mrs. Emma Colon 36, res of West Unity, dark eyes and hair, no marks; no property and no money

6 Jan 1902
Augustus Warren, acting coroner in village of Melbern; unknown male bet 45-50; supposed to be from Ireland; gray eyes, black streaked with gray hair, heavy sandy eyelashes and mustache; property included a shirt, towel, handkerchief, pair of socks, pipe and tobacco, 2 cakes of soap, 2 pocket combs, 2 pocket knives, one small brush, one pack matches, one lead pencil, one copy of Toledo Daily Blade, dated 27 Nov 1901; one nickel and five pennies; one beer check good for five cents in trade at bar at the Pearl

30 May 1902
SS Frazier, coroner; home of and body of TM Lambright, 52, male, Pioneer, OH res with blue eyes and dark hair, property consisted of small bunch of tobacco, one jack knife, pocket handkerchief, no money

11 Jan 1903
Sherman S. Frazier, coroner, in Montpelier Fred Haight, 36, male, born in IN, burned beyond recognition

1 July 1903
Nicholas Bauman, 83, male, res Superior Twp, born Germany, blue eyes, gray hair, 5”7”, missing right hip which made right leg shorter; full gray beard and whiskers, thin cotton shirt and light cotton trousers, lungs full of water which freely flowed when he was turned over, small pocket knife in pants

22 July 1903
Sherman S. Frazier, coroner, Bryan, OH res of FA Boluis, 53, male, born in Germany, dark hair and eyes; no property, no money

2 Oct 1903
Sherman S. Frazier, coroner; Kunkle, OH res of Harvey B. Coleman, 76, blue eyes, white hair, born USA, small place on back of right hand where the skin is peeled off and small place on left side of face about two lines in length, property consisted of empty pocket book, handkerchief, penknife, matchbox, no money

6 Oct 1903
no coroner available so info supplied by John E. Meek, JP Springfield Twp; body of Erastus R. Carter, 48, res Stryker, grey eyes, brown hair, struck by train at Tiffin River crossing, found that he died by his own carelessness

28 Sept 1904
Sherman S. Frazier, coroner; Bryan OH, George Clum, 18, male, from Auburn, IN, blue eyes, red hair, gash on upper part of head and running down to back of head on both sides of median line of scalp and skull, both severed; scar on left hand, right thigh is broken, both legs broken, right leg crushed, no property or money

26 Sept 1911
HH Patton, coroner; West Unity, OH; Mrs. Harriet Gardener, 74, female, res of West Unity; born Lorain Co, OH; light brown eyes, gray hair, no marks; property found on body was night dress, stockings, slippers, no money

11 Oct 1916
Coroner report; John Folk, 86, male, res Florence Twp, born USA, blue eyes, dark mixed with gray hair, found one and one half miles east of Blakeslee on Wabash RR; articles of property included a hickory cane, handkerchief, drinking cup partially damaged, bunch of keys, money purse, $5 bill, 2 dollar bills, 1 silver dollar, and other loose change, total money $9.72

17 January 2011

Gleanings for Wms Co, OH Ties in the "Butler Record", DeKalb Co, IN

Gleanings for Wms Co, OH Ties in the "Butler Record", DeKalb Co, IN

By Pamela Pattison Lash

(This material was extracted from a series of newspaper obituaries; the first date for each person is the date in which the obit appeared; other pertinent data was copied as printed; if you find someone who fills a connection for you, it would be a good idea to consult the full obituary.)

15 Jan 1897 - James Burkhart
b. 29 June 1831, Greenburg, PA
d. 2 Jan 1897 @65Y 6M 3D, Butler, IN
came to Wms Co 1847
m. 1853, Eliza Bevers
8 children/7 survive (6 sons; 1 daughter) plus a brother
burial -  Slater Cemetery
Note: found in 1850 St. Joseph Twp federal census - 10 Sept 1850

2 Oct 1896 - Mrs. A. E. (Venoah) Grindle
b. 17 May 1848, NY
d. 18 Sept 1898 @48Y 4M 1D
family kept handles and nameplate from coffin
m. Enoch Grindle, 16 July 1871
7 children/ 5 survive (4 sons; 3 daughters)
Note: found these names in various materials for this county

2 July 1897 - John Shaffer
b. 28 Aug 1809, Urweiler, Germany
d. 16 June 1897, home of E. Blum
m. Elizabeth Zabst, 1830
came to US 1835 to Crawford Co, OH; to 1865 Montpelier, OH; 1875 wife died and lived with children in Ashland, Crawford Co, OH
funeral in Montpelier
burial - Cogswell Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

23 July 1897 - Henry Kissinger
d. 23 July 1897, CW vet
burial - West Buffalo Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

4 Mar 1898 - Edward Wilson Eakright
b. 13 Aug 1857, Wilmington Twp, DeKalb Co, IN
d. 26 Feb 1898 @40Y 6M 13D
brother JJ Eakright; parents - Abraham and Susannah Arkwright
m. Susan Barnhart, daughter of John and Eliza Barnhart, 4 May 1884
children - Nora Effie, Earl Edwin
survived by wife, son, aged mother, 2 brothers, 2 sisters
burial - Mt. Pleasant Cemetery
Note: found Arkwright in NW Twp and Hillsdale Co, MI

18 Mar 1898 - James Steller (may be Stuller)
b. 11 Jan 1836, Carroll Co, OH
came to Edon with father in 1854
m. Phoebe Foster, 11 Apr 1857
5 children
moved to Edgerton on 3 Mar 1877; then spring of 1886 to Butler
survived by wife, 4 children, 4 brothers, 2 sisters
burial - Edgerton, OH, Wms Co, OH

6 May 1898 - Calcina Decker
wife of Isaiah Decker
b. 20 Jan 1828, Niles, Cayuga Co, NY
d. 25 Apr 1898 @70Y 8M 5D
age 18 in Huron Co, OH married Isaiah when he was 20
5 children/ 2 boys survive
burial  - Greenwood Cemetery, Auburn, IN
relative - George Webber and wife of Bryan, OH

30 Sept 1898 - Sarah Simpkins Warner
b. 10 Oct 1820, Fayette Co, PA
d. 21 Sept 1898
came to OH with parents in 1834
m. John Warner in 1841; he died 1873
7 children/ 4 survive (only mentioned three): Lucinda Olive, w/o Rev Alonzo Gaff of Lagrange, George F of Edon, OH, Anna M w/o William A. Watson of Troy

11 Nov 1898 - Mrs. Josephine Lybold
b. 18 May 1828, Wittenburg, Germany
d. 2 Nov 1898 @70Y 5M 14D
came to US in 1850 and went to Carlisle, Holmes Co, OH
m1 Fred Ringenberg (had son Ed and daughter Mrs. M. Bowman)
m2 Fred Lybold (had sons Fred and Henry plus deceased infant)
1865 went to Edgerton area where Lybold died
burial in Edgerton, OH

9 Dec 1898 - Clinton Rising
Spanish-American War vet Pvt Co I 157th IN USV
Committed suicide by taking wood alcohol, invalid, res. Montpelier, OH

8 Dec 1899 - Francis Edgar Stoner
oldest son of AB Stoner of West Unity, OH
b. 24 Feb 1857
d. 29 Nov 1899, Butler, IN
m. Anna Tressler, 19 May 1876 of Jefferson, OH
survived by 2 children, wife, parents, 1 sister, 2 brothers

15 Dec 1899 - Helen M. Blaker Firestone
b. 4 Oct 1865, Edgerton, OH
d. 7 Dec 1899 @34Y 2M 3D
m. Elmer Firestone, Dec 1888
burial - Butler Cemetery

26 Jan 1900 - Eliza A. Boise Scott
b. 14 Oct 1815, NY
d. 13 Jan 1900
m. Cornelius Scott, 1832; W1812 vet
8 children/6 survive (4sons, 2daughters)
1844 from OH to Michigan
lived with daughter Mrs. Bavin of Alvarado, Steuben Co, IN
1880 received widow's pension
burial - Bethel Cemetery 3 miles west of Edon

26 Jan 1900 - Ruth Kisbeth, daughter of Frank Kisbeth
d. 19 Jan 1900 @2M 1D
burial - Edgerton, OH

23 Feb 1900 - Joseph D. Bell, postmaster of Arctic, IN
b. 5 May 1850, Stark Co, OH
1860 came with parents to DeKalb Co, IN
survived by wife, 1 daughter, 4 brothers, 1 sister
m. Lulu Casebeer, 10 Mar 1892
burial - Edgerton, OH

30 Mar 1900 - Abner Stoner of Garrett, IN
b. 21 Feb 1835, Mansfield, OH
d. 14 Mar 1900, Garrett
lived for a time at Battle Creek Sanitarium for pneumonia
came to Lagrange with parents where father died
mother lives in West Unity, OH
m. Jane A. Cox, 1854, West Unity
5 children (4 sons, 1 daughter)
survived by wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 2 brothers)  One son named SG Stoner
ran a drug store

28 Dec 1900 - Robert Worthington
b. 31 May 1833, Medina Co, OH
d. 17 Dec 1900
at 4 years of age went with parents to IN; then age 15 to Wms Co
m. Alice Wilson, 6 Mar 1851; she died 12 Nov 1898
lived with only daughter
burial - Edgerton, OH

25 Jan 1901 - Mary Jane Houlton Bratton
b. 9 Dec 1837, Highland Co, OH, oldest child of Francis and Eveline Houlton
d. 20 Jan 1901 @68Y 1M 11D, DeKalb Co
came to DeKalb in Mar 1838; her father murdered by Abbott
m. William Bratton, 30 Oct 1861; he died on 1 Oct 1865
two sons: John B and Francis O
sister: Mrs. Isaac Loutzenheiser of Edgerton, OH
foster daughter: Sarah Sewell
Mr GA Young helped family for 28 years
Burial - Hamilton, IN

1 Feb 1901 - Almira King Cummins
b. 24 Dec 1857, Hancock Co, OH
d. 22 Jan 1901 @43Y 29D, Butler
daughter of George and Nancy King
came to Steuben Co, IN as child
m. George Cummins, 20 Aug 1879; moved to Edgerton, OH
moved 10 years ago to Butler
4 children/3 survive: Maude, Jimmie, Georgia
mother, 4 sisters, father died before her
survived by step-mother, sister (Mrs. Otis Monday), husband, 3 children
burial - Edgerton, OH

7 June 1901 - John Shafer
b. 19 Feb 1830, Baltimore, MD, son of Jacob and Lydia Shafer
early age went to Doylestown, Wayne Co, OH; one of 10 children, had 4 brothers, 5 sisters
m1. Frances Bordner, Doylestown, 22 July 1849
came to Wms Co 1860; 1884 to Edgerton where Mrs. Shafer died Sept 1887
4 children/ 3 survived (Mary d. 1887, Howard, Caroline, Anson)
one daughter , Mrs. AJ Ackerman lives in Butler
m2. Mrs. Amelia Engel, 1892
funeral through Edgerton Lodge

5 July 1901 - Lee Hine
Mr. And Mrs. Charles Hine of Edon went to Auburn, IN for funeral of his brother Lee Hine; another brother SM Hine, ex-treasurer of DeKalb

13 Sept 1901 - Abram Plowe
b. 19 Dec 1821, Little York, PA, son of David and Catherine Plowe
d. 3 Sept 1901 @79Y 8M 15D at daughter's home in Kendalville, Noble Co, IN
came with parents to Wayne Co, OH
m. Jane Glime, 31 Jul 1851
7 children
in 1853 to Bryan, OH; 4 years later to Wolcottville, Lagrange, IN
in 1880 to Jamestown, ND where wife died
survived by 5 children, 1 sister, 1 brother

8 Nov 1901 - Augustus Porter
b. 4 Oct 1815, Cuyahoga Co, OH
d. 25 Oct 1901 @ 86Y, S. Haven, MI
burial - Butler, IN
2 granddaughters, son Clark's children, and son-in-law Rev Charles Ticknor of Clarksville, IA
came to Steuben Co, IN 1838 and later lived in Wms Co
in 1892 moved to S. Haven
m1 Rachel McLaughlin, 1845; she died bef 1892
m2 through advertisement in newspaper, a lady from Massachusetts who traveled to Kalamazoo, MI; they married in home of Lewis Burget; she survived him
(also 6 June 1902 - Mrs. Grace Porter Ticknor)
d. 25 May 1902 @37Y
daughter of Augustus; buried next to him
she died of consumption
graduate of Butler High School
m. Rev Charles Ticknor, 26 Feb 1889
funeral in home of Mrs. Jacob Showalter

21 Feb 1902 - Mary Thayer Olds Fry
b. 19 Sept 1819, Massachusetts
d. 8 Feb 1902 @82Y 4M 19D in Edgerton, OH
m1 Mr. Olds, had 4 children
m2 Mr. Fry
survived by 6 children, one daughter died (Mrs. Swager)
burial - Clarksville Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

28 Feb 1902 - Louis Planson
d. in Boulder, Montana, County Hospital @70Y
he left west at 25 years old and wanted to make his fortune and live as he once had
his wife and son went to Montana 2 years ago
survived by wife, daughter Mrs. GE Crider, son GL Planson of Montpelier, OH

19 Sept 1901 - Mary Emmeline Bowersox Casebeer Weitz
b. 10 Mar 1839, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH
first child born in that school district and township
d. Arctic, IN, 9 Sept 1902
m1. Jarius Casebeer, 1855; he died May 1860
she was widow with 2 children - 1 survived her
m2 DW Weitz, 11 Oct 1868
5 children - 3 survive her
burial - Farnham Cemetery, Wms Co, OH
survived by husband, 4 children, 2 brothers, 1 sister

12 Dec 1902 - Sarah Oxenrider
b. 16 Aug 1860, Wms Co, OH
d. 5 Dec 1902 @42Y 3M 19D, Butler, IN
family moved to IN when she was 17; married at age 18; had 7 children
survived by mother, 3 brothers, 1 sister who lives in ND, 1 sister in MI
burial - Butler Cemetery

16 Nov 1903 - Joseph Skelton
b. 24 Jan 1823, Stark Co, OH one of 7 sons and 5 daughters
d. 23 Oct 1903, Edgerton, OH @80Y 8M 29 D
m. Margaret Holm, 26 Mar 1846; she died 10 Sept 1891
in June 1851 moved to St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co; 1871 to Edgerton
9 children/7 survive
one daughter, Mrs. Cummins of Edgerton

12 Feb 1904 - Russel Hammel
b. 22 Nov 1817, Wayne Co, NY
d. 1 Feb 1904, Fremont, IN
in 1844 came to Defiance, OH with parents, Robert and Catherine Hammel
lived in Wms Co
m. Henrietta Van Wermer, 28 Aug 1853
children: Mrs. Thomas Baum of Montpelier, Otis of Fremont, IN
moved to Fremont in 1902
survived by aged wife, 1 daughter, 1 son
burial - West Buffalo Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

19 Feb 1904 - Mrs. Hively
died in Edgerton, OH in a house fire

6 May 1904 - Ida Jane Emig
b. 6 Jan 1861, Primrose, Wms Co, OH
d. 26 Apr 1904, Pioneer, OH and the home of her mother
m. John H. Topper, June 1897
survived by mother, father, 2 brothers, 5 sisters, 1 child (2 died in infancy)
burial - Primrose Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

27 May 1904 - Mrs. Edward Hinkle
d. North Troy, IN
burial - West Buffalo Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

5 Aug 1904 - Jesse M. Mountz
b. 20 Mar 1828, North Georgetown, Columbiana Co, OH
d. 27 July 1904, Troy Twp
m. Celesta C. Fugate, 16 Apr 1853
2 sons and 1 daughter
moved to Edgerton in 1860; to Troy Twp in 1865
survived by wife, 2 sons, 1 daughter, 1 sister
burial - Farnham Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

7 Oct 1904 - Mary Hable Boos
b. 1821, Gemesfebt, Germany
d. 1 Oct 1904, Edgerton, OH @83Y 5M 20D
went to Wooster, OH 1852; 1854 to Cleveland, OH where she married John Boos
moved to Edgerton 1860
7 children/4 survive
survived by husband, 2 sons, 2 daughters, (John G. Boos, Charles Boos, Mary Hawn, Mrs. JM Spier),1 sister, 1 brother
burial - Edgerton Cemetery, Wms Co, OH

Family Report - Crocker

Family Report on Volney Crocker

By Pamela Pattison Lash

This is an example of an early settler in Williams Co, OH - does any one have Volney Crocker in his/her research?  

1 Volney Crocker
Birth:            8 Feb 1818, NY
Death:            22 Apr 1888, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH
Burial:            Walnut Grove Cem, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH
Occ:                Mason
Father:            Samuel Crocker (-1862)
Mother:            Polly Fordham (-1865)

1850 wagon master; erected 1st house in Bryan 1839-1840; fall 1848 carriage maker
Upper Canada from NY 1829; then lower Canada to Stark Co, OH; brick and stone mason; 1834/35 to Wms Co in Williams Center with parents; 2854 to St. Joseph Twp 112 acres grew to 300 acres;1844 bought land in Wms Co at Lima Land Office; 1859 went to CA for 2 years during gold rush craze

Stories of Fountain City, Van Gundy, p166-167
Volney in 1844 made wagons in a log shop and later moved family one mile east and one mile north of Edgerton

Goodspeed p608
p314 he had contract to clear public square
p317 built first shanty while clearing public square; voted in Bryan on 15 June 1849

1840 Center Twp
p233 Samuel and Lorenzo Crocker family
Joseph McKean 1837 Center Twp #19

Wms Co, OH Probate #2903 - 28 Apr 1888
will written 21 Mar 1888
mentions dau Harriet Wilsey of Edgerton
son Frank of unknown address; gets V’s lawbooks and library
dau Sara A Crocker of Edgerton gets household goods
granddau - Emma E and grandson John Deeds
he made provision for substantial monuments for Samuel and Polly Crocker and Joseph and Jane McKean
Mrs. Lucinda Wideman, niece gets Bible owned by Samuel Gardner, dec
William G. Wilsey, son-in-law, had land dispute over rent; codicil added the next day cut out Harriet and husband from estate

Tombstone @70Y 2M 14D

1850 Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p87B 14 Sept 1850
Crocker, Volney 32 NY wagonmaster
Mary 29 PA
Harriet 7 OH
Mary 5 OH
Sarah Ann 3 OH

1860 St. Joseph Twp p120B
Crocker, Volney 43 NY
Mary 38 PA
Harriet 16 OH
Mary J 14 OH
Sarah 12 OH
Frank M 9 OH

1870 St Joseph Twp p29
#209 Crocker, Volney 52 NY
Mary 48 PA
Franklin 20 OH
Deeds, Mary J 24 OH
John 4 OH
Emma 2 OH

1880 St Joseph Twp p36-37
Crocker, Volney 62 NY-CT-CT
Mary 59 PA-PA-PA
Sarah 32 OH
Frank 30 OH
John 14 OH grandson
Emma 12 OH granddaughter

Spouse:            Mary McKean
Birth:            25 Jun 1821, Perry Co, PA
Death:            28 Feb 1885, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH
Father:            Joeph McKean
Mother:            Jane
Marr:            25 Aug 1842, Wms Co, OH

Children:            Harriet (1843->1888)
            Mary J. (1845-)
            Sarah Ann (1847->1888)
            Franklin (1851->1888)
            Emma E. (1853-1854)

1.1 Harriet Crocker
Birth:            1843/44
Death:            aft 1888

Spouse:            William G. Wilsey
Marr:            8 Mar 1866, Wms Co, OH

Children:            Charles

1.1.1 Charles Wilsey

1.1.2 James Wilsey

1.2 Mary J. Crocker
Birth:            1845/46

Spouse:            John B. Deatz
Father:            Samuel Deatz
Mother:            Mary Krieger
Marr:            19 Feb 1864, Wms Co, OH

Children:            John V.
            Emma Luella (1868-1950)

1.2.1 John V. Deatz

1.2.2 Emma Luella Deatz
Birth:            15 May 1868
Death:            9 Jan 1950

Spouse:            Charles M. Davis
Marr:            7 Feb 1889, Wms Co, OH

1.3 Sarah Ann Crocker
Birth:            1847/48
Death:            aft 1888

1.4 Franklin Crocker
Birth:            1851
Death:            aft 1888

1.5 Emma E. Crocker
Birth:            16 Jun 1853
Death:            4 Jan 1854, Wms Co, OH
Burial:            Walnut Grove Cem, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Wms Co, OH