28 January 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Amsbaugh (Roll 48)

Delilah Jennie Longanecker Hammon Amsbaugh v Samuel Amsbaugh (Roll 48, Box 164, case number 2118) – 12 October 1889 (see Amsbaugh and Longanecker divorces)

By Pamela Pattison Lash

This divorce detailing is a continuation of several earlier cases all dealing with Samuel Amsbaugh.  He was married and divorced three times, all recorded in Civil and Criminal Court records of Williams County, OH.  For more information on his earlier life check the divorce detailing under Amsbaugh, posted here.  Another tip with these divorces is to seek later records because as in this example, earlier statements are found.  Since the Civil and Criminal records are on microfilm, it’s possible that some earlier documents were filed with later proceedings.

An interesting aside before I discuss the divorce – by June 1878 there were multiple mentions in local Bryan newspapers of a fire at the dwelling of Samuel Amsbaugh, who was insured by the Brady Fire Insurance Group.  Roll 42 case number 1506 also sheds more light on some of the events found in Roll 48. 

Our story picks up with the third divorce proceedings found as late as 1889 but really beginning in 1879 with the marriage of Delilah Jennie Longanecker Hammon to Samuel Amsbaugh.  With new information gleaned from the afore-mentioned Roll 48 #2118 the story adds details and provides more insight into the character of Samuel.  The data in red is from what was known from other records.  The new data appears in black.  Hopefully, you as the reader will not be too confused, as I’ve tried to untangle this web of chaos.

On 24 Apr 1879 in Wms Co, Samuel married Delilah Jenny Longanecker Hammon, daughter of Peter and Nancy Reifsnider Longanecker. Delilah was born on 30 October 1838 in Ohio. Delilah had been married before to an unknown Hammon.  This marriage was not recorded in Williams County and since her family moved here from Richland Co, OH sometime between 1860-1870, it may be that she was married in Richland County.  In this detailing there is mention of two known daughters – Elnora b1865 and Mary Alice b1866. Mary Alice Hammon married Jacob A Marsh in Wms Co, OH on 15 Nov 1888 (Marriage V5 #1359). Williams Co, OH Probate has a guardianship case filed on 26 Apr 1881 (case #2310) for a Francis A and Mary A Hammon. If this case involves her children it may be that she needed to protect their financial interests or she was pressured to set up Samuel Amsbaugh as her children’s legal guardian.  This record would be good to consult. Delilah’s obit mentions her being the mother of two sons and one daughter as of 1892.  More research needs to be done to fill in her Hammon relations. From the 1880 Millcreek Twp federal census records the family was listed as Samuel Amsbaugh 58 PA, Delila 42 OH, Cletus P. 9 OH, and Elnora Hammon 15 OH as stepdaughter.

An interesting story appeared in the “Bryan Democrat”, 16 Sept 1886, “Friday’s Bee (Toledo, OH newspaper) published a report of a shooting scrap near Primrose (Millcreek Twp) in which it was stated that Sam Amsbaugh shot John Shaffer through the body; that the wound would probably prove fatal and that Amsbaugh had skipped the country.  Our officers say that no information of that kind has reached them and people from that neighborhood know nothing about this affair”.  From Journal 13 p212 - 2 July 1885; Roll 42 case number 1506, Sept/Dec 1885,  "Anna" Amsbaugh charged her husband Samuel with extreme cruelty and gross neglect and wanted $50 in alimony.  She claimed they had a daughter Mabel.  A divorce was granted.  That’s what the record stated but obviously there was a change of heart.  Another puzzle  - who is this daughter Mabel? In Journal 13 p230 - 5 Sept 1885 one learns that Delila Jane Amsbaugh came before a judge in Defiance County who ordered Samuel to pay her the sum of $100 and set up a fee schedule, which was recorded in Wms Co the next day.  Evidently the divorce was not granted as I found more information about the couple in Roll 48.  What a tangle!

Delilah further stated that on 15 Aug 1885 Sam left her; he was guilty of gross abuse and cruel, profane language.  Prior to this in Jan 1884 he assaulted her with a shovel; on 21 June 1884 he threatened to kill her with a knife, struck her with a clinched fist, grabbed her hair, and struck her in the mouth.  On 7 June 1885 he brandished a long knife and shouted, “I’ll shut you up so damned fine that dogs won’t find you”.  When she separated from him he took all her clothing.  Deliah also said that she had loaned Samuel $119 since their marriage and she wanted her money back even if she has to place a lien on his property which was valued at $9,000 in real estate and $2,000 in livestock.

Roll 48 #2118 (12 Oct 1889) data shows her recounting past details such as:

*Delilah restated the marriage data to Samuel, which corresponds with earlier findings.
*She stated that she had no children with Samuel.
*In Jan 1882 Samuel was cruel to her at their residence in Millcreek Twp where he threatened to kick her, and threw a large piece of wood and struck her; he used profanity.
*Between Aug-Sept 1882 he constantly swore at her.
*In the summer and autumn of 1884 he kicked her, beat her face and called her “a damned whore”.
*Sam in an answer to the court stated that in Apr 1884 Delilah and her daughter assaulted him with a whip and club.  Delilah threatened to shoot him with his loaded revolver.  Delilah left him and did not return for five days.  She used profanity toward him.
*She brought an action of divorce shortly after that but on 22 Dec 1884 she came to court and asked for a dismissal, which was granted.  At that time she stated that Samuel owned 160 acres valued at $7,000; she owned 20 acres in Millcreek Twp herself and had personal property and livestock as well.  She wanted alimony and desired to be restored to her former name of Hammond, but she changed her mind about the divorce.
*On 7 Aug 1885 Sam believed she had committed adultery with John Curlew at the home of James Curlew of Millcreek Twp.
*On 17 Aug 1885 Samuel “did strike and assault James Corlen”.  In court Jennie Amsbaugh appeared as a witness for the state and a Clinton Amsbaugh was a defense witness.  What happened to Samuel in regard to this assault is not known. Note that one record has the assault victim as James Corlen and this divorce record stated the name as James Curlew.

*On 10 Jan 1888 she needed to travel to Alvea/Albia, Iowa as her daughter was dying.  Sam gave his consent to this trip.  Her daughter died on 12 Jan 1888 and after the funeral she needed money to return home, but Sam refused to send her any.  He claimed he did not have as much money as she thought; he had debts.
*On 1 Mar 1888 she said he neglected and abused her.
*On 12 Nov 1889 Delilah filed new divorce proceedings and asked for $100 in alimony. *On 14 Nov 1889 Sam wanted her to stop these new proceedings. 
*She came back to court in June 1890 asking for more money.

The next part of story deals with three witness depositions found in Roll 48.

The first witness was Mary Alice Marsh, 23, housekeeper living in Bryan, OH.  She was Delilah’s daughter and when Mary Alice was 13 she came to live with her mother and Sam.  She stated these details:
*Sam was always cursing her mother and was cross.  He once raised a hammer to Delilah as if to strike her but “I grabbed it away and he slapped me.”  Another time after “my grandfather died, mom was sick.  She asked me to cook supper.  I burned the ribs as I never cooked much before.  He cursed me and his son went to mom’s room and threw a stick at her, and told her to get up and fix something to eat.”
*”One time I spoke to Norman Clay (Sam was always quarreling with him) and Sam later threw me out of the house for consorting with Norman.  He threw my clothes into the mud.  Before I left he choked my mother until her face burned black and her tongue hung out.”

The second witness deposition was taken from Everett Stonestreet who lived on Asher Manley’s farm.  He knew Sam for about 7 years. 
*Everett was working at Sam’s place raking hay when he heard Sam abusing his wife.  He saw Sam “take a butcher knife and ran her around the house and down the road”.
*Another time he saw the couple at the Lyceum in Kunkle.  Mrs. Amsbaugh appeared there in her stocking feet and when I asked her about this she said, “she didn’t have any shoes that fit”.  She said “he took her old pair to Coslet to fix and they were so old and not worth fixing so Sam bought her another pair for $2.50 but they didn’t fit.  I told him I was capable of buying my own shoes”.
*This deposition dipped back to the past as Everett talked about an event on 3 July 1884 when Delilah was gone for a month or two.  By 5 July 1884 Sam had a woman by the name of Vick Smith keeping his house.  Vick was between 27-30 years old.

Philip Wolf who was going to work for the railroad but had worked for Sam and knew him for 11-12 years made the final deposition.  He saw and heard abuse as Sam cursed his wife and hit her with a large chunk of wood.  When she ran from Sam “I stopped him from following her”.

There were documents on Roll 48 that stated after a divorce was granted in 1889 that in Nov 1890 Delilah came back to court and wanted more money.  The court granted her $25 more in alimony and later another $30 plus Sam had to pay court costs.

What is known of Samuel’s later years is that he wrote his will of 1891, as stated earlier, leaving equal shares to son Milo V of Bryan, son Cletus Perry of Alvordton, dau Ceclia A. Bashelier of Parsons, KS, plus grand-dau Goldie Bashelier.  He stated that if after the sale of his property there was a residue, Thomas L. Amsbaugh would be an equal heir to that money.  No ex-wife was mentioned in his will, but Delilah J. Amsbaugh did not die until 23 Sept 1892 @53Y 10M 23D.  Her “Bryan Democrat” obit does not mention any husband or ex-husband.

The following is a federal census timeline for Delilah:

1850 Cass, Richland, Ohio; Roll: M432_724; Page: 204A; Image: 226.
h/h 145/150 Longacher, Peter 30 PA plasterer
Nancy 30 PA
Alfred 8 OH
Delila 11 OH
Ruhema 5 OH
Kaziah 4 OH
Benton 3 OH
Oliver 1 OH

1860 Blooming Grove, Richland, Ohio; Roll: M653_1029; Page: 363; Image: 348; Family History Library Film: 805029.
h/h 1097/1130 Longanecker, Peter 48 PA plasterer
Nancy 40 PA domestic
Delila 21 OH domestic
Alfred 18 OH laborer
Laura 16 OH domestic
Catherine 15 OH domestic
Benton 13 OH
Oliver 12 OH
Marvin 9 OH
Lindsey, Mary Jane 20 seamstress OH
Isabella 21 domestic OH

By 1870 Peter and Nancy Longanecker and family moved to Jefferson Twp, Williams Co, OH; I have not found Delilah in 1870.

1880 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 493B; Enumeration District: 4; Image: 0622.
h/h 232/237 Amsbaugh, Samuel 58 PA-PA-MD
Delila 42 wife OH-OH-OH
Cletus 9 son OH-PA-OH
Hammon, Elnora 15 step-dau OH-OH-OH
Marks, Marion 19 farmer OH-OH-OH

Bryan Press', Bryan, Williams, Ohio, Thursday 29 Sept 1892, p. 5

Deliah J. Amsbaugh was born October 30, 1838, and died September 23, 1892, aged 53 years, 10 months and 23 days.  She leaves two sons, one daughter, four brothers and two sisters to mourn her loss.  The funeral services were conducted in the English Lutheran Church by the pastor, on Sunday at 2 p.m.

Bryan Democrat', Bryan, Williams, Ohio, Thurs. 29 Sept 1892 p. 5

Mrs. Jennie Amsbaugh, a widow lady who was residing with her brother, Mr. Longenecker on Lynn near Butler Street, died Friday night after a brief illness caused by la grippe. (Note two things – she rated an obit in both rival Bryan newspapers and she was not a widow but a divorcee’.)

Fountain Grove Cemetery, Bryan, OH, WCGS, p26:
Marsh, Jacob A 1859-1923
Mary A, w/o Jacob 1866-1951
Amsbaugh, Delilah J no stone

Here are two records for further study:
Williams Co, OH Probate – Delilah J. Amsbaugh – 30 Jan 1893 – case number 3369 – estate
Civil and Criminal Court Records Roll 52 case number 3189 – Delilah J Amsbaugh estate

27 January 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Ackley (Roll 48)

The Twin, Runaway, Prisoner, Musician, Drunk, and Much-Married Barber OR Are There Two Dell Ackleys?

Mary Bost Ackley v Del B. Ackley (Roll 48, Box 166, case number 2178) – 18 Mar 1890, Divorce in Williams County, Ohio

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 26 Jan 2011)

Mary Ackley stated at the divorce proceedings that she, Mary Bost, married Del Ackley on 18 May 1887 at Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Williams Co, OH.  The couple had one living child, a daughter Hattie, who would be 7 months old on 14 Dec 1889.  He was guilty of gross neglect, he failed to purchase clothing and supplies for his family, and he abandoned her about three months before initial filing of 27 Dec 1889.  He left her and traveled to Kansas City, Missouri where he spends money on liquor.  During the summer of 1888 he was intoxicated, ill-treated her, and cursed her.  She had personal property that was now in the custody of James C. Mortland.  She asked to be restored to her maiden name of Bost. A legal notice appeared in the Edgerton Earth for six consecutive weeks.  Del did not respond to any of the charges.  A divorce was granted.

I have a puzzle for researchers – are there two men intertwined in this story or is this man the much-married fellow.  Some facts fit and some do not.  You be the judge.  Here’s what we know:

Dellie Ackley and Mary Bost were married in Williams Co, OH on 18 May 1888 (Marriage V5 #1234).  It’s important to note that Dell B. Ackley has other names mentioned throughout this account; he’s been titled Dell B, Delbert Ignitus, Dep, and Dellie to name a few. 

Delbert Ignitus Ackley, b 22 Feb 1869, St. Joseph Twp, Williams Co, OH, son of Henry Harvey Ackley and Adaline Amelia Haddix Ackley; he was a twin to Gilbert L (Births V1 p6).  His parents were also married in Williams Co, OH on 22 Oct 1865 (Marriage V3 p480).  Father Harvey was a Civil War veteran, having served in Co F 129th Indiana Infantry.

So far Dell’s presence in the 1870 federal census has not been found, but the Ackley family was enumerated in the 1880 federal census as follows:

1880 Hicksville, Defiance, Ohio; Roll: 1011; Family History Film: 1255011; Page: 186B; Enumeration District: 237; Image: 0598.
h/h 467/484
Ackley, HH 33 IN-OH-blank, clerks in store
Adeline 33 OH-VA-PA wife
Irtus 13 OH-IN-OH son
Delbie (Dallas) 11 OH-IN-OH son
Gillis 11 OH-IN-OH son
Nettie 9 OH-IN-OH dau
Nellie 7 OH-IN-OH dau
Vernon 5 IN-IN-OH son
Pearl 4 IN-IN-OH dau

An interesting news article from neighboring Defiance County gave an account of what life was like for the Ackley boys as teenagers.

The Defiance Democrat, 15 May 1884 stated:  “In Defiance, Defiance, Ohio on Sunday last several of our young Americans took it into their heads to act the prodigal son and accordingly boarded a train and started west in high glee. The boys were Charley Wise, ‘Doc’ Ferris, Gil and Dell Ackley. They had been working in the stave factory and drew their wages Saturday. Mr. Ackley took the Ackley boy's money away from them, with the exception of 75 cents each, and the boys thought they couldn't stand it, and accordingly, in the company with the other boys, went west to grow up with the country. The Ferris boy returned the next morning; the Ackley boys were stopped by the authorities near Chicago, by the strength of a telegram sent by their father, while the Wise boy continued on his way to the west. Rumor has it that the Wise boy broke open a trunk belonging to his mother and toke there from $40 belonging to her and a revolver. The Ackley boys returned Wednesday morning. The affair has created quite a sensation as well as anxiety to their parents.”

The next big event as stated before was the marriage of Dell Ackley to Mary Bost in Williams Co, OH on 18 May 1888.  In some records Mary is listed as Mary Post.  Nothing has been uncovered to-date about her other than her marriage to Dell, the birth of her child, and the divorce decree.  The couple had one known child prior to their divorce as found in this birth record.  Note that Mary stated in the divorce action they were married in 1887 but the record is clearly 1888.

Mattie Ackley b 14 May 1889, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Williams Co to Dell Ackley and Mary Post, (Births V2 p118).  From Williams Co, OH Deaths V2 p51 there is an entry for a Hattie Akley of Edgerton, who died on 9 Mar 1890 @9M 26D of inflammation of the bowels; “Hattie” was born in Edgerton.  I believe this Hattie was the daughter of Dell and Mary.  The child’s age if calculated would fit; it’s also important to point out that the old birth and death records are difficult to read and the exact days may not have been recorded in a timely fashion or may have been products of clerical error.  Furthermore, in the divorce action the child is listed as “Hattie” Ackley.  If this is right Mary suffered the loss of her only child and received a decree of divorce nine days later.  Also the divorce action clearly named Mary as Bost not Post.

Dell’s father, Henry Harvey Ackley, received a military pension on 18 Jul 1889 in for service during the Civil War.  Several years later HH Ackley died on 1 July 1891 in Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH.

Online sources show a possible second marriage for Delbert B. Ackley, who married Millie Hornbeck on 20 July 1896 in Vigo Co, IN (Marriage Book 14 p108).  Is this our man?  If so, what happened to Millie?

A second newspaper article, this time from Ft. Wayne, IN, shows a violent side to Dell.

Fort Wayne (Allen Co, Indiana) News, 16 Aug 1897
Like a Fiend
Posse Captures Dep Ackley After a Desperate Struggle

Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH – 14 Aug 1897- Dep Ackley, who almost murdered his twin brother in a duel yesterday and afterwards made his escape to the wood, was captured between 5 and 6 o'clock yesterday after a chase which lasted all night and yesterday.

He was captured in a cornfield south of a small town named Knoxville by a posse. He fought desperately with a knife and club and before finally overcome he succeeded in cutting a man named Backus over the heart. Backus cannot recover. He was not captured until his clothes were torn into shreds and he had been clubbed into insensibility.

Gill Ackley, the brother and victim of the man captured, is still unconscious. After an examination it was found that the carotid artery in the neck had been cut, making a fatal wound. The citizens are greatly aroused over the affair and if Gill dies Dep will be roughly dealt with.

Note that Dell’s brother did not die from this attack.

Two military service records online show the following details:

Dell Ackley from Fort Wayne, IN was a musician serving from 26 Apr 1898 – 1 Nov 1898.

Disable Veteran’s Records show the following: Private, Co I 157th US Infantry; enlisted 26 Apr 1898, Indianapolis, IN; discharged 1 Nov 1898 (6 months service); born OH 52Y old brown eyes, brown hair, 5’5”, baker, res – Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH, mar Catherine Ackley, admitted 20 Apr 1927, Dayton, Montgomery Co, OH Disabled Veterans Home

Company I was organized at Waterloo, DeKalb County, on September 15, 1879, and was assigned as Company A, Third Infantry, designated afterward as Company I, Third Infantry, Indiana National Guard.

According to the 1900 Wayne Twp, Allen Co, MI federal census p1B, Dell Ackley, b Feb 1871, age 30, single, was a prisoner in the state facility and had been there two months.

DeKalb Co, IN divorce records show a Dell Ackley being sued for divorce by Mary Houlton Ackley in May 1900 (May Term 1900 p317). Dell was a musician in the Spanish-American War for DeKalb County, IN.  This marriage/divorce could be related to the divorce action in Williams Co – is Mary Houlton Ackley a newer bride, or is there a second Dell Ackley?

1900 Ft. Wayne, Allen, Indiana; Roll: T623_358; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 28.
Ackley, Dell (Feb 1870) 30 OH-OH-IN prisoner, single, baker

Two other online sources show possible marriages:
1. Dell B. Ackley married Mary Cook on 25 Apr 1904 in Elkhart Co, IN (Marriage Bk 13 p317)
2. Delbert Ignitus Ackley and Fay M Hayden were married on 24 Aug 1908 in Saint Joseph, Berrien Co, Michigan.

One does know that by 1910 Dell is living at home with his mother.  Could the granddaughter, Ludia N, be his child?

1910  Elkhart Ward 2, Elkhart, Indiana; Roll: T624_347; Page: 15A; Enumeration District: 10; Image: 684.
114 Sycamore St
h/h378/384 Ackley, Adeline A 63 OH-VA-PA widow
Ludia N grand-dau 21 single OH-OH-OH order girl for carriage factory
Delbert B son 41 single OH-OH-OH barber

Another online source shows a further marriage for Dell:

Delbert Ignitus Ackley and Lola Gay Kemper were married on 3 May 1914 in Howard Co, IN. Possible son, Velore Ackley, is listed as son of Albert and Lola Kemper Ackley.  Note that Albert and Delbert are close; could this be the subject of this detailing? By the 1920 federal census one finds Lola G Aekle enumerated as follows:

1920 Liberty, Howard, Indiana; Roll: T625_438; Page: 11A; Enumeration District: 152; Image: 1037.
h/h 282/283 Kemper, Mary
Aekle, Lola G dau 42 divorced IN-IN-IN dressmaker
Velore C grandson 5 IN-IN-IN

Dell received a military pension on 9 Feb 1923 for service in the Spanish-American War.

By 3 Apr 1930 he was a barber at Perkins, Erie Co, OH; he had a wife Katherine, b 1873 in Germany

25 January 2011

William Alexander Collie Family (see Skinner Family)

William Alexander Collie (see Skinner Family)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 11 May 2011)

This settler to NW Twp, Williams Co, OH came from Scotland where he was a carpenter and a joiner.  He first came to North America via Canada and then after 1851 traveled to various places in Ohio before permanently setting up roots in Williams County, Ohio c1858.  His wife, also a native of Scotland, came as a child to the states and lived in Richland Co, OH c1832.  This couple had three known children who were reared on the family farm of 180 acres.  The Collies were members of the Eagle Creek Presbyterian Church.  Alexander, as he was known, served in the capacity of a township trustee, a land appraiser, and by 1882 a Director of the Williams County Infirmary.

He also served in the Civil War as a member of  Co C 196th Ohio Volunteer Infantry, entering as a private and mustering out as a corporal.  His widow applied for and received a pension for this service on 7 Aug 1890.

This is what is known of the family:

William Alexander Collie (6 Oct 1827, Banffshire, Scotland – 1 May 1887, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH; buried in Malcolm Cemetery) was the son of William and Margaret Morrison Collie.  He married Elizabeth Lindsey on 15 July 1854 in Ashland Co, OH.

Elizabeth Lindsey (1826 Aberdeenshire, Scotland – 16 May 1891, NW Twp, Williams Co, OH; buried in Malcolm Cemetery) was the daughter of James and Janette Jeffrey Lindsey.

The couple had the following children:
1.  Lindsey James (22 Feb 1860 NW Twp – 16 Aug 1918 NW Twp; buried in Columbia Cemetery; mar Elizabeth Thompson, 29 Dec 1894 Wms Co, OH – Marriage V6 #`335)
2.  Jannetta Ann (see previous post on Skinner family)
3.  William Alexander (c1867 - ?; mar Ida Fox, 31 Dec 1889 Wms Co – Marriage V6 #146)

NW Township Cemeteries, Williams Co, OH p78, 81, 104, 105
Weston Goodspeed, History of Williams Co, OH, 1882, p247, 811
Shinn’s History of Williams County, OH, 1905, p324-325
Williams Co Historical Society, History of Williams Co, OH, 1978, V2 p487

A timeline for the family through census records shows the following:

1850 Ruggles, Ashland, Ohio; Roll: M432_658; Page: 501B; Image: 246.
h/h 64/64 Lindsay, James 55 Scot farmer
Jeannette 57 Scot
Elizabeth 24 Scot
James 21 Scot
Robert 18 Scot
Peter16 OH
Ann 14 OH

Note the surname is Lindsay and the family lived in Ohio between 1834-1836 at least.

1851 Scotland Parish: Inveravon; ED: 4; Page:  5; Line: 7; Roll: 514; Year: 1851
There is an Alexander Collie living as a boarder with a Hepburn family; he was a journeyman carpenter; it has not been established whether this is the subject of this detailing.

1860 Northwest, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 12; Image: 27; Family History Library Film: 805052.
h/h 179  Collins, Alexander 31 Scot farmer
Elizabeth 36 Scot
Lindsey J 3/12 OH
James 31 Scot
Note the name on census is Collins; it would appear that Alexander may have a brother James who lived with the family

1870 Northwest, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M593_1282; Page: 152B; Image: 308; Family History Library Film: 552781.
h/h 204 Collie, Alex 42 Scotland farmer
Elizabeth 44 Scotland
Lindsey 10 OH
Jennie 7 OH
William 3 OH

1880 North West, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 433B; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 0506.
h/h 106/108 Collie, Alexander 51 Scot-Scot-Scot farmer
Elizabeth wife 53 Scot-Scot-Scot
Lindsey son 20 OH-Scot-Scot
Jeanette dau 16 OH-Scot-Scot
William son 13 OH-Scot-Scot

Bryan Democrat, 6 Mar 1884
Alexander Collie, Infirmary Director, tendered his resignation on Tuesday.  During his two years of service Mr. Collie proved himself a faithful and efficient.