20 March 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Tanner (Roll 47)

Mary Ann Stantz Tanner v George A. Tanner (Journal 15 p120 - 25 Nov 1889; p264 - 24 Mar 1890; Roll 47 Box 160 case number 2083 – 25 May 1889)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 17 December 2011)

The couple was married on 2 Apr 1874 in Williams Co, OH.  Mary Ann gave a list of her children with their ages:
Frank H 14
Phebe A 13
Thomas E 11
Allen G 10
Arthur W 9
Lucinda J 7
Harvey L 5
Sarah S 4
John H 1

Mary Ann stated that George was guilty of extreme cruelty with violent assaults upon her and striking her on the head with his fist.  He knocked her down to the floor and threatened her life.  She was compelled to run away from home.  His residence was unknown to her as of 13 June 1889.  She wanted a divorce, reasonable alimony, and custody of the children.  A divorce was granted but she had to pay the court costs.  She did receive custody of the children.

Here’s what I found on this couple:
George Allen Tanner, son of James and Lucy Mudge Tanner, was born on 1 June 1844 in OH; he died on 5 July 1910.

1870 Amboy, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: M593_673; Page: 223A; Image: 126; Family History Library Film: 552172.
h/h 80/179 Tanner, James 60 NY farmer
Lucy 57 NY
Miranda 31 NY
George 26 OH at home idiotic

Mary Ann Stantz, the daughter of Henry and Susan Harman Stantz, was born on 1 June 1851 in Holmes Co, OH died on 19 July 1912 in Marshall, Calhoun Co, MI.  The parents were buried in West Buffalo Cem, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH.

1860 German, Holmes, Ohio; Roll: M653_989; Page: 478; Image: 515; Family History Library Film: 803989.
h/h 387/379 Stantz, Mary A 9 OH living with her parents Henry and Susan Stantz

1870 Center, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M593_1282; Page: 40B; Image: 84; Family History Library Film: 552781.
h/h 20/25 Stantz, Henry 45 OH farmer
Susan 48 OH
Elizabeth 21 OH
Mary 18 OH
Noah 17 OH
Henry 11 OH
Harry 9 OH
Sarrah 7 OH
Lawrence 6 OH
Oasey (m) 9/12 OH

The couple is married on 2 Apr 1874 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V4 p329)

1880 Amboy, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: 580; Family History Film: 1254580; Page: 49B; Enumeration District: 81; Image: 0537.
h/h 263/269 Tanner, George 36 OH-OH-OH laborer
Mary wife 29 OH-PA-PA
Frank H son 5 MI-OH-OH……..born in Hillsdale Co, MI c1875
Phebe dau 4 MI-OH-OH…….born in Mt. Pleasant, MI c1876
Thomas E son 3 MI-OH-OH
Allen son 2 MI-OH-OH

1900 Oliver, Kalkaska, Michigan; Roll: T623_721; Page: A; Enumeration District: 91.
h/h 136/137 Tanner, George F (June 1844) 55 mar 11Y OH-NY-NY day laborer
Louisa A wife (Nov 1860) 39 3/2 ch MI-OH-FR
Chloe E dau (June 1890) 9 MI-OH-MI
Lucy N dau (Aug 1894) 5 MI-OH-MI
This could be a possible next marriage for George Tanner but this needs more research.

Mary filed for divorce on 25 May 1889; the case was continued on 25 Nov 1889; then the case was settled on 24 Mar 1890:
Mary Ann charged George with extreme cruelty and gross neglect.  She had to pay the court costs.  Their children were listed as:
Frank H, Pheba A, Sharas E (I think this is Thomas), Allen G, Arthur W, Lucinda J, Harry L, Sarah S, and John H.  It would appear that she received a divorce.

Here is a possible next marriage for Mary:

William M Couts and Mary Stants Tanner were married in Hillsdale Co, MI on 18 Sept 1889 and had a son, Charles J. Couts on 25 Nov 1889 in Williams Co, OH (Births V2 p119). Note that the divorce was awarded on 24 Mar 1890. William, the son of Thomas and Matilda McManus Couts, was born in Crawford Co, OH, and not married before whereas Mary Tanner was married once before.  Their witnesses (the minister's wife) would suggest perhaps an elopement.

In 1891 the couple had a son, Wilbur T Couts.
Both boys are living in Center Twp, Williams Co, OH with their grandmother, Matilda Couts in 1900.  It appears by 1902 William Couts has married again.

1910 Marshall, Calhoun, Michigan; Roll: T624_639; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 0070; Image: 1082; FHL Number: 1374652.
h/h 118/118 Patterson (Tanner), Mary mother widow 12/10 ch OH-PA-PA living with sons Frank and Thomas; an online source states that Mary Stantz Tanner married a Coute Patterson but that needs further research to verify.  Note the similarity with Couts from above.