14 May 2011

Newspaper Obit in Williams County, OH - Allomong

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Those old newspapers are loaded with tidbits of life and death in Williams Co, OH.  It is always amazing to me how blunt some comments were back then.  I must admit when I read this example of “insensitivity” I felt sorry for the parents to have this published about their child. 

Bryan Democrat, 6 Mar 1884

John Allamong’s son Frank, known as the “fat boy” died Thursday.  He was 13 years old and weighed 280 pounds.

Here's a little bit of info on Frank's lineage:

Franklin C. Allomong (1872 Williams Co, OH – 28 Feb 1884 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH @12Y 6M; burial in Leggetts Cem) Note the Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH Cemetery Records, WCGS, 1995 shows the death date as 28 Feb 1881; it’s very easy to mistake a 1 for a 4 or 7, especially on old tombstones.

Frank’s parents were:

John Allomong (Sept 1821 pos Armstrong Co, PA – 21 May 1905, Edon, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH @83Y 6M 28D; burial in Leggetts Cem); son of John and Julianna Rarick Allomong.

Note an online source states that John was “a large man, over 6 feet tall and weighing well over 200 pounds.”

Bryan Democrat, 25 May 1905
John Alloway died at the home of his son Charles, Sunday.  He had been in poor health for several months and was one of the oldest farmers living near Edon.

Note the newspaper article misspelled his last name.

(second wife) Rachel King (1835 OH – 4 May 1898 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH @63Y 10M 8D, burial in Leggetts Cem); dau of William and Catherine Kugler King, residents of Franklin Twp, DeKalb Co, IN c1850
John and Rachel were married on 29 May 1856 in DeKalb Co, IN.

1880 Florence, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 561B; Enumeration District: 8; Image: 0757.
h/h 151/160 Allomong, John 59 PA-PA-PA farmer
Caroline dau 19 OH-PA-OH
Rachael wife 47 OH-PA-PA
William son 16 OH-PA-OH
Charlies 14 OH-PA-OH
Frank 8 OH-PA-OH
Jacob 4 OH-PA-OH

11 May 2011

Possible Update on Beaty Divorce Action

Johannah Van Sickles (?) Beaty v William Beaty (Journal 12 p165 - 18 Dec 1883; Roll 39 case number 1168 - 2 July 1883)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 11 May 2011)

The divorce action previously posted may have more information.  The court action documents contain a "soiled document" warning as the microfilm copy of the roll has light spots on it where the day and month of the marriage are recorded but did not show up on the microfilm; upon reexamination of the document I still see the year as 1881, but that may be a misrepresentation of the actual marriage date. The clerk may have made a mistake or the filer (Johannah) may have had a memory lapse.  Anyway, it is possible that the Johannah Beaty mentioned is Anna Van Sickles who married William Beaty in Williams Co, OH on 8 July 1880. If this is indeed the case, then the couple married in 1880, the divorce action was filed in 1883 with a dismissal.  This could also mean that the action was refiled in another venue and a divorce was later granted.  I found the 1900 federal census for William Beaty to contain the info that he was divorced.  Again this may be a result of this divorce or another.  At this point the detailing is sketchy.

To recap, this is what was found in the Williams Co, OH Civil and Criminal Court Records with additional information on Ionna/Johannah/ Anna Van Sickles and William  Beaty. 

The couple was married in Bryan in 1881 (no month or day); nothing has been found in the marriage records.  Johannah stated in court that William was guilty of gross neglect.  On 15 Mar 1883 he choked and abused her.  He has been a habitual drunk for three years or more.  The case was dismissed.

William  Beaty (Apr 1826 PA – 29 Apr 1903, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH at County Infirmary) s/o Robert and Sarah Kehl Beaty

William Beaty was first married to Mrs. Maria Shoemaker Wilson, widow of William Wilson, in Wms Co on 13 Apr 1847 (Marriage V2 p96). Maria, the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Miller Shoemaker, was born in Stark Co, OH c Dec 1816.  Maria married William Wilson on 16 Apr 1837 in Stark Co, OH; he died bef 13 Apr 1847.

Sarah (1849 OH – 3 Apr 1874 Stryker, Williams Co, OH); m Jacob Charles Eitel
Laura Alwilda (1851 OH – c1896 Van Buren Co, MI); m Walter N Jackson
Lorenzo Adam (1 Dec 1852 Williams Co, OH – 15 Oct 1901 Newburg, Jasper Co, IA); m Sarah Samantha Gaddis
Lavina Beaty (12 July 1854 Williams Co, OH - 20 Sept 1911 in Henry Co, OH); m Walter Scott Culver
Delphine M (5 Feb 1856 Williams Co, OH – 27 Mar 1934 Flint, Genesee Co, MI); m Curtis Webb Lucy
Adaline (Apr 1858 Williams Co, OH - ); m Charles Obadiah Morfoot
William H (28 Jun 1860 Williams Co, OH – 11 June 1895 pos Jasper Co, IA); m Estella Elizabeth Richardson

1850 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 9B; Image: 24.
h/h 133/135 Beaty, William 25 PA farmer
Mariah 31 OH
Wilson, Clarcy 11 OH
Beaty, Sarah 1 OH
Catharine 15 PA
Sarah 56 PA

1860 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 158; Image: 322; Family History Library Film: 805052.
h/h 522/499 Baty, William 35 PA farmer
Maria 40 OH
Sarah 11 OH
Laura 9 OH
Adam 7 OH
Lavina 5 OH
Delphine 4 OH
Adoline 2 OH

1870 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M593_1282; Page: 5A; Image: 13; Family History Library Film: 552781.
h/h 68/71 Beaty, William 45 PA farmer
Maria 51 OH
Alwilda 19 OH
Lorenza 17 OH farm laborer
Lorina 15 OH
Dellia 14 OH
Ada 12 OH
William C 9 OH
Living next door to mother, Sarah Beaty 78 PA

Maria died c17 Jan 1878 in Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH

According to the 1880 Brady Twp federal census, p500C, the family was listed as William 56 PA widower, Leroy A (Lorenzo A) 27 OH, and Sarah 23 OH. 

8 July 1880 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V4 p693) William Beaty married Anna Van Sickles

1900 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 101.
h/h 60/61 Beaty, William (Apr 1825) 75 divorced PA-PA-PA
Rolland, Eugene servant (June 1843) 57 widower OH-FR-FR

Ionna Vansickle (1860 Williams Co, OH - ) dau of Elias and Elizabeth Marr/Howe?? Vansickle

Elias Vansickle (24 July 1834 OH – 10 Feb 1893) son of Isaac and Joanna Woodruff Vansickle, mar 9 Apr 1818, Belmont Co, OH
Mar Elizabeth Howe, 5 Sept 1852 Perry Co, OH (1836 OH - ) And/Or
Mar Elizabeth Marr, 9 Sept 1853
Elizabeth Marr (19 Oct 1837 OH - )

Mary Mae
Ionna 1860 OH……also called Joanna
Sarah Ellen 1862 OH
Lyddie Anna 1864 WI
Charles W 1871 WI……1930 South Sioux City, Nebraska
Dora E 6 May 1873 WI
Albertus 1876 OH
Alice 1878 OH

1850 Monroe, Perry, Ohio; Roll: M432_719; Page: 247B; Image: 231.
h/h 10/10 Vansickle, Joanna 49 PA
Elias 19 OH
Samuel 17 OH
David 16 OH
Julia Ann 12 OH
George W 8 OH

1860 Centre, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 81; Image: 166; Family History Library Film: 805052.
h/h /1223 Vansickle, Elia 28 OH farmer
Elisabeth 27 OH
Mary 5 OH
Corintha  3 OH

1870 Wyalusing, Grant, Wisconsin; Roll: M593_1717; Page: 509B; Image: 626; Family History Library Film: 553216.
h/h 90/91 Vansickle, Elion 34 IN farmer
Elizabeth 34 IN
Mary 14 WI
Clarintha 11 WI
Joanna 10 WI
Ellen 8 WI
Anna 6 WI
Charles 1/12 WI
Samuel 32 WI farm laborer

1880 Pulaski, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1078; Family History Film: 1255078; Page: 624B; Enumeration District: 11; Image: 0110.
h/h 174/185 Vansickle, Elias 55 OH-OH-PA farmer
Elisabeth 44 wife OH-PA-MD
Ionna 20 dau OH-OH-OH
Sarah E 18 dau OH-OH-OH
Lyddie 15 dau OH-OH-OH
Charles W 9 son WI-OH-OH
Dora E 6 dau WI-OH-OH
Albertus 4 son OH-OH-OH
Alice 2 dau Oh-OH-OH