16 July 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Burke (Roll 46)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 25 December 2011)

Luella S. Orewiler Burke v Galen L. Burke (Journal 14 p450 - 23 Nov 1888; p538 - 18 Mar 1889; Journal 15 case number 1980 – 5 July 1889; p86 – 12 Nov 1889; p206 – 3 Mar 1890; p387 – 28 June 1890; Roll 46 case number 1980 – 1888)
The couple was married in Wms Co on 30 Sept 1885 (Marriage V5 #717). This case was continued multiple times.  They had a son Lee Burke, born 2 Aug 1887 in Pioneer, Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH. The first journal entries do not give reasons for this divorce action, but the final one stated he was guilty of gross neglect of more than three years. There was a continuance in Mar 1890 and on 28 June 1890 the court issued a divorce.  Luella’s statements were deemed true, that she had a child, Lee O Burke, and was a proper and fit mother; she received custody of Lee.  She was also to receive a reasonable alimony, a divorce, and Galen was to pay her $300 on a schedule for three years plus he had to pay court costs.

Galen (19 June 1856, OH – 5 May 1921, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH; buried in Edon Cem) was the son of Jonathan and Phoebe Bratton Burke.

1880 Edon, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 556C; Enumeration District: 8; Image: 0746.
h/h 61/64 Burke Jonathan 49 OH-OH-OH farmer
Annie wife 38 OH-OH-OH
Galen son 23 OH-OH-OH farmer
Irwin son 15 OH-OH-OH works on farm
Iva dau 12 OH-OH-OH
Ira son 10 OH-OH-OH
Iona dau 4 OH-OH-OH

Jonathan Burke was a civic-minded fellow as he appeared on a grand jury list as a representative of Florence Twp in the May Term of 1883.

Galen Burke married Maggie Thorne on 29 Feb 1891 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V6 #395).  Maggie Thorne (4 July 1871 OH - 25 Sept 1959 Edon, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH; buried in Edon Cem)

1900 Florence, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 1A; Enumeration District: 105.
h/h 8/8 Burke, Galen (June 1856) 44 mar 9Y OH-OH-OH farmer
Maggie J wife (July 1871) 28 OH-Scot-OH
Wayne M son (Feb 1892) 8 OH-OH-OH

1910 Florence, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 0120; Image: 687; FHL Number: 1375254.
h/h 133/134 Burk, Galen 54 mar 2x mar 19Y OH-OH-OH farmer
Maggie wife 39 mar 1x 1/1 ch OH-Scot-OH
Wayne M son 18 OH-OH-OH no occup

Luella (1866 Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH – 5 Oct 1953 Cuyahoga Co, OH) was the daughter of John and Maria Keiser Orewiler.

1880 Madison, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 472A; Enumeration District: 3; Image: 0578.
h/h 223/223 Orewiler, John 50 OH-Ire-KY farmer
Mary wife 53 OH-PA-PA
Adam son 21 OH-OH-OH
Warren son 19 OH-OH-OH
Luella dau 14 OH-OH-OH
Cimmettia dau 11 OH-OH-OH

On 5 Mar 1898 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage 7 # 523) Luella Burke married Harvey Royce Root (4 Mar 1864 Wright Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI – 27 Dec 1931 Pioneer, Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH); he was the son of John and Harriet Pixley Root.

1900 Wright, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: T623_713; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 101.
h/h 144/148 Root, Roist (Mar 1864) mar 1Y Mi-NY-NY day laborer
Luella wife (May 1866) 34 OH-OH-OH 1/1 ch
Burke, Lee A stepson (Aug 1888) 11 OH-OH-OH
Root, Edward C brother (Apr 1858) 42 mar 7Y Mi-NY-NY day laborer

1910 Madison, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 0124; Image: 771; FHL Number: 1375254.
h/h 28/29 Root, Harvey R 46 mar 2x mar 12Y MI-MI-MI farmer
Luella wife 43 mar 2x 1/1 ch OH-OH-OH
Burke, Leo stepson 22 OH-OH-OH public school teacher
Frederick, Oletha foster dau 4 OH-unk-unk

1920 Wright, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: T625_768; Page: 10A; Enumeration District: 139; Image: 625.
h/h 207/210 Root, Royce 55 MI-NY-MI farmer
Luella wife 54 OH-OH-OH
Grace foster dau 14 OH-US-US scholar in school

1930 Pioneer, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1891; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 9; Image: 148.0.
h/h 80/81 Root, Luella 64 mar@ 19Y OH-OH-OH no occup

15 July 2011

Updated Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Knight

Matilda Albright Knight v Ezra O. Knight (Journal 15 p61 - 16 July 1889 case number 2064; Roll 47 Box 157 case number 2064 – 10 Apr 1889) – see Albright divorce action

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 15 July 2011) - more information discovered so I decided to repost this one; many other divorce detailings have been updated as well!

The couple was married on 17 Aug 1871 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V4 p185). 

Matilda charged Ezra with being willfully absent for more than three years.  He gave her no support for food, clothing, etc.  On 27 Dec 1888 he was a non-resident of San Pedro, CA where he is said to have obtained a divorce from her.  They have a son, Charles, now 16 who lived with his mother.  Matilda “Tillie” Knight was given clear title to Lot 36 Allen’s Addition, Bryan, OH as alimony.  A notice of divorce was posted in the Bryan Democrat, 18 Apr 1889, which ran for six consecutive weeks.  The divorce was granted.

The Bryan Democrat, 13 June 1889, p5
Ezra Knight and Matilda Albright, both residents of Bryan, were married about 17 years ago.  One child was the fruit of the union.  They succeeded in securing a neat little brick residence in the east part of town.  Some 4-5 years ago Knight went to California ostensibly to earn better wages.  Last fall he came back, loitered around town for a few weeks, put a mortgage debt of $100 on the property, and then went back to California.  Later it was learned that he had obtained a divorce in California and was seeking to obtain possession of the property or to dispose of it, whereupon Mrs. Knight filed a petition in Common Pleas praying for a decree of divorce from Mr. Knight, the custody of the child, and possession of the property.  The case came up before Judge Sutphen Monday afternoon and after a brief but comprehensive hearing a decree was ordered and the prayer of the petition granted.

Matilda Albright, (Aug 1852 Williams Co, OH – 24 Jan 1939 in Williams Co, OH; buried in Fountain Grove Cem, Bryan, OH as Matilda Marsh), was the daughter of Gideon and Catherine Deatz Albright. The following is found in my detailing of the Albrights in another post:

The Albrights were enumerated in the 1860 Pulaski Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p43 on 28 June 1860 as follows: Gideon 32 PA, Catherine 25 OH, Matilda 7 OH, William 6 OH, Jemima 3 OH, and Mary 1 OH.  This couple would eventually have a total of six children all born in this county: Matilda (Aug 1852-1939; m1 Ezra O. Knight, 17 Aug 1871; divorced 1888; m2 William Ervin Marsh, 7 May 1899); William (1854-pos bef 1870); Regena/Jennie (Nov 1856-aft 1930, Cumberland MD; m. Joseph Lippold c1879); Mary (1858-Jan 1882; m. **Wilcox); Benjamin F. (May 1861- cNov 1938; m. Gertrude Kampf, 4 Mar 1886); Anna Florence (1863-8 June 1938; m. William S. Stackhouse, 30 Jul 1888).

The Albrights were again found in the federal census records for 1870 Bryan, Pulaski Twp p17 with five of their children, as Gideon 40 PA, Catherine 38 OH, Jennie 13 OH, Mary 12 OH, Benjamin 9 OH, Anna 7 OH, and Matilda 18 OH domestic servant.

Ezra was the son of Samuel and Amanda Jane Johnson Knight who were listed in the 1870 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p18, as Samuel 45 PA carpenter, Amanda 41 OH, Alwilda 22 OH, Ezra O 19 OH works in stave factory, Joe P 16 OH, Milo O 13 OH, Emma L 11 OH. Samuel D. and wife Amanda were married in Wayne Co, OH on 25 Oct 1847.

The Knight family was enumerated in the 1880 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p632 and 655B as Ezra Knight 28/29 OH brakeman, Matilda 26/27 OH, and Charles 7/9 OH.  The census taker possibly made some mistakes and returned to the neighborhood as several surrounding families were listed twice with different particulars.  According to The Bryan Press, 15 Dec 1881 p5 c1, Ezra Knight and partner Frank M. Wise had opened up a neat little meat market in JW Smith’s wareroom and were selling best cuts of meat for only ten cents.

After the divorce on 7 May 1889 Mrs. Tillie Knight married William Irvin Marsh in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V8 p28). 

William had been married before to Lanetta T. Altaffer who died on 2 Oct 1896.  The Marshs were listed in the 1900 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p161 East Mulberry St as Irwin W Dec 1847 (52) OH house carpenter, Tillie Aug 1852 (47) OH, Dessey Jan 1884 (16) OH.

In 1910 William E. Marsh and wife Tillie lived on Walnut St according to the 1910 Bryan federal census p173 and by 1920 p140 Tillie Marsh 67 OH widow was still residing on Walnut St. William died on 16 Mar 1916 and was buried in Shiffler Cem, Jefferson Twp, next to his first wife.  Matilda died on 24 Jan 1939 and was buried in the Bryan Fountain Grove Cem as Matilda (Knight) Marsh.

So what happened to Ezra Knight?  We know he said he obtained a divorce in California. 
There is a marriage record for Ezra O. Knight 38 OH who married Mattie Lewis on 17 Apr 1889 in Los Angeles Co, CA.

According to a 1900 census it would appear that he married an Addie Hanscom c1896. 

1900 Los Angeles Ward 4, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T623_89; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 44.
Dewey Avenue
h/h 400/402 Knight, Ezra (Jan 1852) 48 OH-IA-IN carpenter mar 4Y
Addie wife (July 1851) 49 OH-KY-OH 0/0 ch

14 July 2011

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Stailey (Roll 46)

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Anna Goller Stailey v Thomas J. Stailey (Journal 14 p494 - 1 Dec 1888; Roll 46 case number 1962 – 1888; Journal 15 p3 – 28 Mar 1889 case number 1961)
            The couple was married on 30 Apr 1882 in Defiance Co, OH. The case was continued in 1888.  On 26 Oct 1886 in Defiance Co, OH a son, RR Stailey, was born to Anna Goller and Thomas J. Stailey. This action shows an infant child, Albner; a visitation schedule was set but for some reason she’s not entitled to a divorce at that time but did obtain one later.

See - Oscar C. Beechler v Agnes Wright Beechler (Journal 15 p254; Roll 48 Box 160 case number 2219) – Mar 1890

Oscar Beechler married Anna Goller Stailey (10 May 1865 – 13 Dec 1945, Los Angeles, CA) on 22 Jan 1891 in Defiance Co, OH. She was the daughter of John and Christina Strahley Goller and the former of wife of Thomas J Staley/Stailey.

Anna was from the Defiance Co, OH area as evidenced by the 1870 federal census:

1870 Washington, Defiance, Ohio; Roll: M593_1195; Page: 195A; Image: 393; Family History Library Film: 552694.
Goller, Anna 6 OH with her parents

There are also two other Civil and Criminal Court Rolls where Oscar C. Beechler is named – Roll 52 #3066 (1893-1894) and Roll 61 #4372 (1899-1900)

1900 Bryan, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T623_1332; Page: 14B; Enumeration District: 112.
Center St
h/h 350/355 Beechler, Oscar D (May 1847) 53 mar 9Y OH-PA-OH lawyer
Anna (May 1860) 40 wife 1/1 ch OH-OH-OH
Staley, Willie (Oct 1883) 16 stepson OH-OH-OH
h/h 351 Susan mother lived next door (June 1810) 89 widow 14/5 ch OH-PA-Del

Sometime between 1900 and 1910 the Beechlers were divorced.

1910 Pulaski, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 5A; Enumeration District: 0130; Image: 935; FHL Number: 1375254.
202 Lynn St
h/h 114/123 Beachler, Oscar C 61 OH-OH-OH lawyer in general practice divorced

1910 Los Angeles Assembly District 74, Los Angeles, California; Roll: T624_84; Page: 3A; Enumeration District: 0088; Image: 247; FHL Number: 1374097.
h/h 64/65 Stailey, Anna 46 widow 2/1 ch OH-unknown-Germ dressmaker
John W son 26 single OH-OH-OH carpenter

Oscar Beechler’s obit in the Bryan Press, 9 Jan 1913, p4, stated that he died on 5 Jan 1913 and was buried in Fountain Grove Cemetery in Bryan.  He was born in Center Twp 66 years before and lived in Ney and Williams Center during his early years. He was twice married and divorced from both wives.

Williams Co, OH Probate – Oscar C. Beechler, 9 Jan 1913 case number 5715 estate

Thomas J Stailey (Oct 1858 Defiance Co, OH – 1941 Defiance Co, OH; buried in Ney Cemetery, Defiance Co, OH) was the son of William and Maria Gurwell Staley who were married in Williams Co, OH on 21 Jan 1858.

1860 Washington, Defiance, Ohio; Roll: M653_947; Page: 412; Image: 278; Family History Library Film: 803947.
h/h 951/939 Staley, William 27 OH
Maria 23 OH
Thomas 1 OH

Thomas’ mother died on 5 Sept 1863 and his father would go on to marry two more times.

1880 Washington, Defiance, Ohio; Roll: 1011; Family History Film: 1255011; Page: 234A; Enumeration District: 241; Image: 0692.
h/h 76/82 Stailey, William 46 widower OH-PA-NY farmer
Thomas 21 OH-OH-OH farm laborer
John 19 OH-OH-OH farm laborer
Lilly 18 OH-OH-OH
George 13 OH-OH-OH
Rachel 11 OH-OH-OH

C1894 Thomas married Mary (surname unknown) (1871-1954; buried in Ney Cemetery, Defiance Co, OH)

1900 Clay, Morgan, Indiana; Roll: T623_394; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 45
h/h 139/139 Stailey, Thomas 31 (Oct 1858) mar 6Y Oh-OH-OH farmer – note age is wrong
Mary wife 28 (Dec 1871) 2/2 ch IN-OH-IN
Mervin son (Nov 1894) 5 IN-OH-IN
Marion son (May 1897) 3 IN-OH-IN

Probably 1910 District 3, Taylor, Kentucky; Roll: T624_503; Page: 19A; Enumeration District: 0134; Image: 699; FHL Number: 1374516.

1920 Tiffin, Defiance, Ohio; Roll: T625_1376; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 24; Image: 1116.
h/h 108/114 Stailey, Thomas J 61 OH-OH-OH farmer
Mary J wife 48 IN-OH-IN
William son 25 OH-OH-IN
Marion H 21 son OH-OH-IN

1930 Noble, Defiance, Ohio; Roll: 1789; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 20; Image: 1039.0.
h/h 110/111 Stailey, Thomas J 72 mar @35Y OH-OH-OH farmer
Mary wife 58 mar @22 IN-OH-IN
William M son 35 single IN-OH-IN farm laborer

11 July 2011

Brickwall - Walker and Swain

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Two early "settlers" (passing through the county) of Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH meld together for marriages by two sisters to two brothers.  John Walker appeared on the 1850 census with four daughters and an unknown John Smith, aged 11.  Joshaway Swain also noted on the 1850 census appeared with much younger wife and several sons.  There is a great deal of data for both men, some reasonable and some confusing.  Neither settler stayed very long in Williams Co, OH so there were scant records, but perhaps what I’ve pieced together can be help.  As always, if you know more about these people, please email me.

John Walker (1808 NJ – pos bet 1850 census – 1854 online death date)
Unknown Wife born NY – died between 1845 and 1850

Note from Williams Co, OH Marriages – John Walker married Louisa Flowers, 8 June 1856, V2 p165 – no proof this is one of the subjects of this posting.

1. Caroline (Dec 1835 NY – 1930 pos Dane, Major Co, OK); mar Israel Swaim, 12 Dec 1850, Williams Co, OH, Marriage V2 p114; 1860 Jackson, Linn, Iowa; Roll: M653_332; Page: 164; Image: 164; Family History Library Film: 803332; widow by 1915

2. Pricilla (1838 NY – aft 1880 pos Quincy, Adams Co, IA); mar James Swain, Linn Co, IA; by 1860 married and living in Decatur, IA
Note the Walker sisters, Caroline and Pricilla, married Swain brothers, Israel and James.

3. Catherine (1841 pos Albany, Albany Co, NY – 19 Oct 1875 Linn Co, IA); 1856 Iowa State Census has Catherine Walker living with sister Caroline Swain; mar James Richard Winsor, 21 Nov 1857 Linn Co, IA

4. Salina Adelaide (6 June 1845 pos Albany, Albany Co, NY – 5 May 1920 Graham, Norton Co, KS); 1856 Iowa State Census has Salina Walker living with Stephen (b1832 NY) and Julia (b1831 NY) Whaley, next door to Jacobsen family; 1860 Jackson, Linn, Iowa; Roll: M653_332; Page: 165; Image: 165; Family History Library Film: 803332, Salina Walker 17 NY living with Thomas and Mary (b NY) Jacobsen; mar Archibald Crawford Cruikshank, c1867; widow between 1900-1910

1850 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 28A; Image: 59.
h/h 360/362 Walker, John 42 NJ farmer
Carolin 16 NY
Pricilla 12 NY
Catharine 9 NY
Salina 7 NY
Smith, John 11 NY

1856 Iowa State Census - living in Center, Decatur Co, IA – Catherine 15 NJ with Israel Swann and her sister Caroline 21 NY in Jackson, Linn Co, IA

Joshua Swaim (5 Apr 1772 Berkeley, James Co, VA or Frederick Co, MD – c1850 Ft. Wayne, Allen Co, IN or c1870 Wayne, Allen Co, IN or c1881 Rock Bluff, NE) Note the last death date, found online, would make him well over 100 years old

Susannah Turner (1797 Berkley, James Co, VA – c1875 Rock Bluff, Cass Co, NE)

Joshua Swaim married second wife, Susannah Turner c1812, Morgan Co, VA; first wife pos Mary died c1812

1840 Jackson, Allen, Ohio; Roll: 375; Page: 85; Image: 177; Family History Library Film: 0020158
Joshua Swaim
1m under 5
2m 5-9
1m 70-79
2f 10-14
2f 15-19
1f 40-49

1850 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 32A; Image: 67.
h/h 415/417 Swaim, Joshaway 80 VA
Susannah 53 VA
James 19 OH (17 Oct 1830 Tuscarawas Co, OH – 1930)
Israel 17 OH (3 Feb 1833 Tuscarawas Co, OH – bet 1910-1915 Dane, Major Co, OK)
Joshaway 13 OH (13 Sept 1837 Toledo, Lucas Co, OH – 18 Oct 1916 Longdale, Blaine Co, OK)
Note the online trees for Swaim/Swain have many more children listed for Joshua, first wife Mary, and second wife Susannah

10 July 2011

Brickwall -McNabb

By Pamela Pattison Lash

In researching early settlers in Williams Co, OH to help people find connections for applying for First Families of Williams Co, OH status, I checked out the McNabb family in Millcreek Twp.  This family moved to Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI before 1864 as they are not included in the 1864 Atlas.  My big puzzle is the daughters, Mary and Sarah.  There is a lot of online data tying them into marriages with Amsbaugh and Rutledge, which could very well be accurate but something just doesn't seem right.  If you can shed any light on these McNabb, email me.

Addison McNabb (22 Jan 1810 Belmont Co, OH – 29 Mar 1877 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI @ 67Y 2M 12D); s/o John McNabb and Sarah Parrish
Winney Thomas (1815 PA  - aft 1894 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI); d/o James Thomas and Lydia Phillips
His parent married in Belmont Co, OH and they later moved to Coshocton Co, OH c1813.
A Genealogy of the Duke-Shepard-VanMetre Family, Samuel Smyth, 1909

Addison McNabb married Winney Thomas on 27 Apr/9 May/18 May 1835 in Coshocton Co, OH.  There are three different marriage dates online for this couple.

Mary (14 Feb 1836 Coshocton Co, OH – 4 Nov 1884 Hillsdale Co, MI); mar Solomon Rutledge, 4 Dec 1860, Williams Co, OH, Marriage V3 p144

Sarah Ann (5 Oct 1838 Coshocton Co, OH -28 Nov 1904, Edgerton, St. Joseph Twp, Williams Co, OH) mar Bazzle Daniel Amsbaugh, 6 Apr 1867 Amboy Twp, Hillsdale Co, MI

In the Sept 1847 murder trial of Andrew Tyler and Daniel Heckerthorne, Addison McNabb was the foreman of the jury who indicted the murderers for killing a six-year old boy.

1850 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 28A; Image: 59.
h/h 359/361 McNabb, Addison 40 OH farmer
Winney 35 PA
Mary 14 OH
Sarah 13 OH

Addison McNabb supposedly sold some land to Samuel Moss in the spring of 1853, but the family is still listed in the following 1860 census.

1860 Millcreek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 125; Image: 255; Family History Library Film: 805052.
h/h 35/32 McNabb, Addison 50 OH farmer
Winney 40 PA…….should c43
Mary 24 OH
Sarah 22 OH

1870 Amboy, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: M593_673; Page: 216B; Image: 113; Family History Library Film: 552172.
h/h 73/73 McNabb, Addison 60 OH
Winney 53 PA
Mary 30 OH
Sarah 25 OH

From the 1870 census one sees a discrepancy on ages of Mary and Sarah; also both girls should be married and having children if the Rutledge/Amsbaugh marriages are correct.  By the 1880 census the girls are no longer living in the household with their parents as Addison had died, but Winney is living next door to Solomon and Mary Rutledge, which would give credence to the possibility that her daughter Mary did marry Solomon.  It’s the mysterious 1870 census that makes one wonder why the two “married” women are living with the parents.  This is possible if
1. One or both of the parents are ill
2. One or both of the girls are ill or pregnant
3. One or both of the girls have separated from the husbands

1880 Amboy, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: 580; Family History Film: 1254580; Page: 40D; Enumeration District: 81; Image: 0519.
h/h 76/80 McKnabb, Winna 63 widow PA-PA-PA – living next door to Solomon and Mary Rutledge