27 October 2011

More Info on Dr. Quido H Graser

By Pamela Pattison Lash

To supplement the divorce detailing of Graser's son, I found this article in an old newspaper.  The divorce article can be found here: http://williamscountyohiogenealogy.blogspot.com/2010/10/divorce-action-in-williams-county-ohio_5265.html

The Bryan Democrat, 18 Jan 1872

Dr. Q H Graser – quaint, eccentric, volatile Graser, who was at one time a distinguished surgeon in the Hungarian army, has shaken the dust of Bryan from his feet and now talks learnedly and eloquently to the wonder-loving people of Leavenworth, Kansas.  We are sorry to lose Dr Graser and his museum; neither of which was ever appreciated by the straightforward everyday people of this locality.  They failed (except Capt Fisher, Squire Myers, and BR Willett) to recognize the medical skill, scientific attainments, which has puzzled the savants of both hemispheres and genius for collecting wonderful curiosities in nature and art, and did not therefore accord to him the encouragement and approbation, which the Doctor was frequently heard to say he was entitled to.  All this made him unhappy, discontented, despondent; he felt that the circumstances of his situation were against him; that the minds with which he came in daily contact could not be watered up to his standpoint; that the limits of Bryan were to circumscribed for a mind that took in at a glance the world from its earliest chaotic period to the furthermost point of eternity and he therefore went in search of a more congenial clime where science and professional skill would be more fully appreciated.  The magnetic needle of his hopes designated Leavenworth and there he has settled.  May his many good qualities of head and heart and above all his claims to distinction as a scientist and philosopher be recognized by his new fellow citizens and his life be peaceful – he has the facility of making it profitable.