30 December 2013

Reviewing My Blog Experience

By Pamela Pattison Lash

As I bid 2013 a farewell and look to the future, I decided to review my own work and started with my first post on this blog A Beginning.  There is certainly a lot of material here and I hope you find this as interesting as I have as its author.  In 2012 I was lucky to get my "dream Job" as a library assistant at our Local History and Genealogy Center.  This facility is the place to visit if you've connections in Williams County, Ohio, but we also have many other features there such as materials on the counties that border us, resources for the other 87 Ohio counties, collections on other states, the military, how-to-genealogical sources, family files and donated genealogies, etc. That's really just the tip of the iceberg for what one can utilize at our center.  We also have an online database for obituaries of county residents which can be found HERE

Technology has allowed us as researchers to find much more on our ancestors than we deemed possible, but please take the time to sift through your findings, make clear assessments of them, and document your sources.  There is much online that is inaccurate.  Another piece of advice I will share is this - you never know what you will find so be prepared to learn things that may try your patience and sensibilities.  We can not walk in the shoes of our ancestors nor can we truly know what motivated them in their words and deeds.  
We can only get a distant snapshot of their lives.

Here's hoping you find your elusive ancestor in 2014 and have the pleasure of sharing the information with others.

27 December 2013

WCGS December 2013 and January 2014 Plans

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Pat Goebel, Co-VP of the Williams County Genealogical Society, has a report on our December meeting and info on what's coming up in January 2014.  Here's what she has to share:

The December meeting of the Williams County Genealogical Society met with a celebration of the season with food and sharing of ideas. One lady shared how Ft. Wayne Library, National Archives, and Family Search websites have added more articles to their online collections.   You can hire someone who lives in those areas to do the research for you when you can’t make it to their facilities. Another member handed out flyers on searching old newspapers online and told how she has found several articles on her ancestors. A gentleman shared how he found maps on the internet of Indian trails in Pennsylvania which many ancestors followed across the country. Another lady shared the family tree her daughter created for her about her own family.

January 13, 2014 will be the next meeting which will be held 6:30pm in the Harmon Room of the West Annex to the Bryan Public Library. Come hear what the four ladies tell about their researching trip to Washington DC during the shutdown. Pictures and video will be included.

The purpose of WCGS is the preservation of county records and family research.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, excluding July and August, at 6:30pm, in the conference room of the West Annex of the Bryan Public Library. The public is invited for all the meetings.

For further information concerning WCGS, visit the Website at www.wcgs-ogs.com or write to WCGS, P.O. Box 293, Bryan, Ohio 43506.

04 December 2013

Interesting Old Newspaper Recollections

By Pamela Pattison Lash

I found this recently and retyped the text, cleaning up as best I could some spelling mistakes.

Bryan Democrat, 5 January 1871
Willlams County Reminiscences

Last week while hunting up matter for the Business Directory, published elsewhere in this paper, we encountered a number of "old settlers " from whom we learned the following particulars of the early settlement of this county. The first actual settler in what is now known as Williams County was James Guthrie, who "squatted" near Bean Creek, in 1827. He put up a cabin and cleared a small patch of land, but gave little attention to agricultural pursuits, spending most of his time trapping along Bean and Beaver creeks, or hunting in the adjacent forests.

In 1830, Hollingshead and Lindenberger "squatted" on Bean creek, near Guthrie's claim, and cleared up the land. Daniel Colgan afterwards "entered the tract" settled on by Hollingshead, bought his claim, and occupied the farm until his death, which occurred some four years ago.

During the summer of fall of 1833, Joseph Bates and John Young moved their families to the northeastern part of the county, and were followed by Eli Oliver, Turner Thompson, Jabez Jones and John Miller, each of whom entered lands, and moved on to them.

About October 1st, 1833, Judge John Perkins and his two sons Isaac and Garrett, his son-in-law, John Plummer, and John Moss, George Lantz, Henry Jones and a man named Hood came with their families from Brunersburg to live near where the village of Pulaski now stands. The settlement was named Lafayette, but for some reason was subsequently changed to Pulaski. We are informed that the site for the new settlement was chosen by Isaac Perkins and John Plummer, who trapped along the banks of Bean and Beaver creeks as early as 1820.

Judge John Perkins, who seems to have been the leading spirit among the pioneers, was one of the earliest settlers of the Maumee Valley, having removed from Ross County, to Prairie du Masque, on the Maumee River, in 1816 or 1817, and from Brunersburg in 1819. He built the first gristmill at Brunersburg, and was one of the three first Associate Judges appointed for Williams County, a position he held for many years. He built the first grist and saw mills in what is now Williams County.

About the 20th of Nov. 1833, Wm. Wyatt moved from Delaware County and settled near the Perkins’s; on lands he had previously "entered". Mr. Wyatt informs us that on the night when the "stars fell" (13th of Nov.) he was encamped between two Powell's creeks, and that he reached his destination on the 20th.

In 1839 the number of old settlers in this vicinity had materially increased. Dr. Thomas Kent, who had moved to Lafayette a year or two before, favors us with the following list of voters at the election in 1839: John Perkins, Garrett Perkins, Isaac Perkins, Ezra Wilson, Reuben H. Gilson, George B. Jones. Isaac Swagger, William Killpatrick, Jas. McKinley, Henry Johnson, James Alexander, Garrett T. Hill, David Pickett, Alonzo Rawson, Rob't. Thompson, George Everett, Thomas Kent, Benjamin Kent, Henry Cassatt, John Beaver, George Lantz, Daniel Wyatt, Davison.

About that time an effort made to change the location of the county seat from Fort Defiance to a more central point in the county. Several locatives aspired to the honor, among them the villages of Pulaski and Center; also the Perkins' far, on Beaver creek, Bowman' s farm two miles south-west of Bryan, and the " Walnut-tree site", one and a-half miles west. The present site of Bryan was a howling wilderness, but its owner, Hon. John A. Bryan, then the Auditor of State, coveted the honors and was mainly instrumental in securing a change. In the year 1839-40 the Legislature enacted a law to change the county seat and appointed Hon. John McCutchen, of Crawford, Burns of Coshocton, and Culbertson of Perry, Commissioners to select a site. In the spring of 1840 the Commissioners arrived, and after a passing glance at the several sites, unanimously decided in favor of Bryan's tract. It is quietly intimated that the location was agreed upon before the Commissioners left Columbus, but it was necessary to personally visit the localities before announcing their determination. But probably the strongest inducement for its location on the site finally selected was the fact that Mr. Bryan had offered a donation of several thousand dollars towards the erection of the county buildings.

At that time the plat was covered with a dense forest, not a stick had been cut for any purpose, and the "lay of the land" was considered low and somewhat marshy. The nearest dwelling in a northerly dwelling on a clearing owned by a man named Ingle. John Davis now owns and occupies the farm. East, Garret Perkins' was the nearest opening, just where the State road crosses Beaver creek, now occupied by Mr. Clodfelter.

South, seven miles away, was Crago's tavern, a small round log house, where the proprietor entertained men and beast in real old-fashioned, backwoods style. West, nearly two miles, Wm. Sheridan, sen., worked on a small farm and carried on blacksmithing in its various branches. Mr. Sheridan still lives on the farm cleared up by him over thirty years ago.  During the summer of '40, and after the location of the county seat, the streets and lots were run off by Miller Arrowsmith, Esq., county surveyor, and the embryo city named Bryan and after its distinguished projector and proprietor. As soon as the survey was completed, Volney Crocker, (then living on land owned by Hon. E. Foster, south-east of town) struck up a bass-wood log shanty on the lot since for many years occupied by Reasoners' tavern, which he lodged in while engaged in clearing off the Court House square. The shanty could hardly be dignified with the title of cabin, for it was neither "chinked nor daubed", and was only occupied for a short time. Before the completion of Mr. Crocker's contract, Daniel Wyatt came on from Beaver creek, cleared a lot and built a round log cabin, about where the residence of Samuel White now is. The cabin was "chinked and Daubed", had a puncheon floor and a real chimney, made of sticks and run up on the outside of one end of the cabin. It was unquestionably the first dwelling house erected in Bryan, and was occupied by Mr. Wyatt and family a long time. Mr. Jacob Over, who had visited the site before the town commenced, returned a few days after the completion of the cabin and boarded with Mr. Wyatt during the following winter. Mr. Over still resides in Bryan and is a hale, hearty man.

Before the raising if Mr. Wyatt's cabin, Uncle John Kaufman commenced an improvement on the corner of Main and Bryan streets, where Dr. Graser's residence now stands, and soon had up a comfortable cabin into which he and his family removed during the fall of '40. Uncle John made the brick for the present Court House, in 1842-43, and assisted in its construction. He still resides in Bryan and finds much pleasure in recounting incidents in the early history of the country.

The third dwelling was erected by a man named Hamilton, on the lot owned by J. J. Snyder on Lynn Street. During the fall and winter several other cabins were raised and occupied, and the county seat began to assume shape. Up to the spring of 1841 the citizens had been using surface water, which they obtained from holes or reservoirs dug, in the ground. Mr. Wyatt having received liberal encouragement dug a well on his lot, just in the rear of his cabin. Fountains of flowing wells were unthought-of of and he was proceeding in the usual manner to dig a curb well. Having reached the hardpan late in the evening he determined to rest from his labors. Returning to work in the morning he found that the water had burst the hardpan, filled the well and was running out at the top. This was the first well in Bryan and it was dug several months after the town site was laid out. Hamilton dug a well on his lot a short time afterwards. The first fountain bored was on the lot where Carter's drug store now stands, by Dr. Thomas Kent, in 1842, with tools made expressly for the purpose by Wm. Sheridan, sen. It was the first fountain, so-called, in town.

During the fall and winter of 1840-41, a log Court House was raised on the lot now occupied by I. R. Whitmore, on north Main Street, and in the spring of 1841 the county records were removed from Defiance. The county offices were in a log building in the south side of the square. The county officers did not come with the records, but entrusted the business in the hands of the deputies. The officers and deputies were - Ed Phelps, clerk, Levi Colby, deputy; W. A. Brown, auditor, S. R. Brown, deputy, E. Loyd, treasurer, J. L. Martin, deputy; C. L. Noble, recorder; W. A. Stevens, deputy; Daggett, sheriff, John Drake, deputy; Mr. Stevens, transacted nearly all the county business during the first year or two, except during court week and tax-paying time.

The first term of Williams County Court of Common Pleas was begun and held in the log Court House, April 19, 1841. Present, Hons. Emory D. Potter, President Judge, Jonas Colby and Wm. D. Haymaker, Associates, The Grand Jurors were; Horace Hilton, John Bowdle, James Partee, Jacob Kries, Zachariah Hurt, Wm. Travis, Francis Loughhead, Daniel Wyatt, Geo. W. Durbin, Jacob Dillman, Isaiah Ackley, Amos Stoddard, Seth Stinson, Fred Meizer, and Jacob G. Weldin. Jacob Dillman was appointed foreman, our fellow townsman George W. Myers, was one of the Petit Jurors at the same term. It is safe to say that with such men "to the fore" justice between man and man was fairly and impartially administered. The first political convention of which we have any account was of the Democratic persuasion, and held at the house of Col. J. B. Kimmel, at Williams Center in the fall prior to the two dollars a day and hard cider year of 1840. Col. K. presided, and tradition says the proceedings were marked with the utmost harmony and good feeling. The harmony and good feeling however did not prevail to any great extent a few years later. The first tavern opened in Bryan was on the east side of the square in 1841, by Thomas Shorthill. Mr. S. was appointed Postmaster the same year, but his brother, James Shorthill, transacted the business of the office. The first store was started, also on the east side, by our fellow-townsman Wm. Yates, Esq. He continued in business at the old stand until the winter of '55-6, when his building was burned. The business amounted to about $2,500 the first year. Twenty-nine years later $2,000 will hardly cover the transactions of one year.

In 1841, E. H. Leland opened a law office He was soon after followed by George Higgins. In 1842 Leland and Higgins were candidates before the Democratic county convention for the nomination for Prosecuting Attorney. Leland was successful, and elected, of course, the county being reliably Democratic. Higgins soon afterwards moved to a more congenial clime.

A. J. Tressler, Esq., now cashier of the First National Bank of Bryan, was the first schoolteacher. He taught the young idea how to shoot, in 1842, in a log schoolhouse near where Brown's tailor shop now stands, south side of the square. The following notice might have appeared in the Bryan papers of 1842, had there been any papers printed here at that date:

Married - In Bryan, Ohio - 1842, by J. B. Kimmel, Esq., Mr. A. J. Tressler and Miss Olivia Kent, both of this place.
It was the first marriage consummated in the village of Bryan.

The new Court House, begun in 1842, was completed in 1845, and was at that time the best structure for the purpose in Northwestern Ohio.

The first newspaper started here was the The Northwestern, by Blacker (Blaker). It was Democratic in politics and issued weekly from a small frame building on north Main Street. It was sickly from its birth and lived about a year.

01 December 2013

Early Wills in Williams Co, OH 1858-1872 Index

My Gleanings of Early Williams County, Ohio Wills
By Pamela Pattison Lash

This info comes from a roll of microfilm at the WCPL-LHG Center.  The data is an index to the listing of early wills from 1858-1872.  The database that I set shows the surname, first name, page on the actual microfilm, the date of probate, and the case number.  This microfilm has a copy of each of these wills.  Information may be helpful for your family research.

Adams, Josiah 361 – 6 Nov 1866 #1096
Altman, George 472 – 22 June 1869 #1300
Andrews, Samuel H 142 – 24 Feb 1863 #733
Anspaugh, Jonas 407 – 5 Feb 1868 #1187
Ashleyman, John 505 – 11 Jan 1870 #1137
Axtell, Daniel 375 – 5 Feb 1867 #1117
Bargahiser, Levi 536 - there is a Washington Bargahiser 16 Jan 1854 #289
Barrett, Elias 512 – 9 Mar 1870 #1358
Bigg, John 549 – 3 Oct 1870 #1387
Black, Mathew 563 – 2 Jan 1871 #1404
Blair, Reynold 560 – 22 Dec 1870 #1402
Bowlby, Joseph 551 – 13 Oct 1870 #1388
Brace, Betsey 326 – 29 Jan 1866 #1020
Brace, William 381 – 21 May 1867 #1139
Brannan, Hugh 348 – 29 May 1866 #1057 aka Brannon
Brannan, Rebecca 431 – 7 Sept 1868 #1229
Brim, George 553 – 18 Oct 1870 #1389
Brubaker, John 504 – 6 Jan 1870 #1334
Bryner, John K 576 – 26 May 1871 #1434
Burke, Thomas 389 – 6 Aug 1867 #1153
Burlew, Daniel 514 – 12 Feb 1870 #1346
Cannon, John S 566 – 15 Dec 1871 #1474
Carothers, William 344 – 9 May 1866 #1051 aka Williamson Coruthers
Carter, Isabelle A 534 – 12 Apr 1870 #1363
Champion, Horace G 49 – 19 July 1860 #594
Chappius, Charles 8 - ??
Chenelot, Peter 379 – 25 Feb 1867 #1120
Churchill, Philo W 53 – 16 Aug 1860 #596
Clark, Oliver 109 – 21 June 1862 #692
Cline, John 41 – 24 May 1860 #585
Cobb, Simeon S 169 – 22 July 1863 #773
Conan, John 604
Connely, David 353 – 23 Aug 1866 #1078
Cook, Daniel 547 – 1 Oct 1870 #1386
Coonrod, William 417 – 10 June 1868 #1211
Covell, Hiram 323 – 17 Nov 1865 #995
Creek, Peter 332 – 7 Mar 1866 #1038
Crocker, Polly 288 – 29 Mar 1865 #922
Crocker, Samuel 120 – 18 Aug 1862 #700
Cronk, Elizabeth 70 – 25 Jan 1861 #622
Cronk, William 32 – 20 Dec 1859 #569
Daso, Christina 474 – 17 June 1869 #1299
Deceder, Jacob Anthony 267 - ??
Deitelbach, John David 316 – 6 Oct 1865 #985 aka Deetleback
Demmings, Rebecca 397 – 12 Oct 1867 #1168 aka Dennings
Denchar, Edgar M 261 – 3 Nov 1864 #879
Dennis, Timothy 115 – 9 June 1862 #685
Dick, George SR 34 – 2 Feb 1860 #571
Dillman, Jacob 528 – 8 Apr 1870 #1362
Dormois, Frederick 25 – 3 June 1859 #550
Douglas, Uriah 426 – 11 Sept 1868 #1231
Durbin, Scott 180 – 18 Dec 1863 #804
Eager, Hulda 282 – 30 Mar 1865 #962
Eggleston, Erastus 128 – 15 Oct 1862 #711
Elkins, Sarah A. 159 – 19 May 1863 #761
Ely, Robert 277 – 23 Feb 1865 #911
Erskin, William 421 – 11 Aug 1866 #1223
Erwin, John 122 – 16 Sept 1862 #704
Eve, Henry 456 – 15 Dec 1868 #1253
Favorite, Joseph 5 – 21 May 1858 #508
Fesler, William 216 – 18 May 1864 #843 and 5 Sept 1866 #1084
Finch, Nathaniel 584 – 19 June 1871 #1439
Flegel, Jacob 368 – 4 Dec 1866 #1103
Forsyth, Douglas 238 – 29 July 1864 #860
Forsyth, Sarah 232 – 29 July 1864 #859
Fox, Thomas 346 – 24 May 1866 #1055
Fried, Joseph 279 – 21 Feb 1865 #910
Fuller, Evert W 192 – 27 Jan 1864 #817
Furguson, Henry 133 – 8 Dec 1862 #724
Furguson, Peter 103 – 29 Apr 1862 #683
Furr, Nancy 156 – 19 May 1863 #760
Garton, Harris 20 – 7 Apr 1859 #544
Garwood, John 199 – 22 Mar 1864 #834
Gaskill, Joseph 364 – 27 Sept 1866 #1088
Gentit, Jacque Pierre/Perret 100 – 24 Feb 1862 #675
Gentit, Susan 510 – 3 Feb 1870 #1344
Gerod, David William 7 – 7 July 1858 #511
Gilbert, Isaac F 523 – 26 Feb 1870 #1349
Gilford, Abraham 388 – 23 Apr 1867 #1136 aka Gibford
Graves, Joshua Josiah 107 – 6 June 1862 #690
Grim, Joseph 271 – 13 Jan 1865 #900
Griswold, John R 51 – 7 Aug 1860 #595
Harris, Frank SR 454 – 18 Dec 1868 #1256
Haury, Henry 499 - ?? maybe Hicks
Hawkins, Joseph 508 – 15 Sept 1862 #702 and 25 Jan 1870 #1339
Hazzard, William 413 – 20 May 1868 #1209
Held, Henry 356 – 28 Aug 1866 #1080
Hicks, Henry W 588 – 14 July 1871 #1447
Holmes, Gilbert 589 – 17 June 1871 #1437
Hoover, Jacob 184 – 3 Dec 1863 #800
Hoplinger, Melcher 592 – 7 Aug 1871 #1450
Howell, Anna 465 – 19 Apr 1869 #1287
Howell, Henry B 102 – 5 Mar 1862 #680
Hunter, John W 175 – 31 Aug  1863 #784
Jodry, George 352 – 27 July 1866 #1067
Johnson, Allen N 79 – 29 Apr 1861 #639
Johnson, Eli 317 – 5 Oct 1865 #984
Jones, Moses 293 – 21 Apr 1865 #930
Jordan, James W 404 – 5 Mar 1867 #1122
Kailey, Henry 470 – 11 May 1869 #1294
Kaufman, John 374 – 11 Aug 1879 #2168 - aka Caufman
Kent, Benjamin SR 61 – 29 Dec 1860 #613
Kimble, William 265 – 17 Oct 1864 #875
Kime, Daniel 272 – 14 Feb 1865 #909
King, Walter E 600 – 24 Nov 1871 #1468
Kinney, David L 85 – 20 June 1861 #643
Knapp, Jacob 88 – 29 Oct 1861 #655
Knox, Robert B 195 – 3 Feb 1864 #818
Kollar, George 496 – 9 Oct 1869 #1317
Kromiller, Ludwig 362 – 19 Oct 1866 #1093
Ladd, Ira 438 – 10 Oct 1868 #1236
Lafer, Nicholas 486 – 24 Aug 1869 #1310
Lawrence, Maximillian 596 – 27 Oct 1871 #1462
Legett, Thomas G 607
Lehman, Daniel 97 – 6 Feb 1862 #677
Lind , Nancy 542 – 29 Apr 1870 #1370
Lindenburger, Evaline 178 – 8 Sept 1863 #788
Long, George 137 – 6 Feb 1863 #729
Long, HC 391 – 23 Apr 1867 #1137
Lyons, David 291 – 24 Apr 1865 #933
Malliowry, Mary J 409 – 24 Feb 1868 #1195
Manly, Asher B 105, 11329 May 1862 #687
Marvin, E K 299 – 23 Aug 1865 #964
Maugar, Philip 558 – 1 Nov 1870 #1393
McCrea, Joseph 494 – 6 Oct 1869 #1316
McKean, Joseph 481 – 20 July 1869 #1306
Meyer, Jacob 565 – 23 Jan 1871 #1408
Miller, Horatio 43 – 28 Aug 1860 #584 1/2
Miller, Moses L 36 – 13 Mar 1860 #573
Miller, William H 30 – 7 Dec 1859 #567
Moore, Mary C 138 - ??
Morgan, Charles W 335 – 24 Feb 1866 #1034
Morris, Alexander A or H 220 – 8 June 1864 #850
Morris, Charles 488 – 27 Aug 1869 #1311
Munnel, James 208 – 21 May 1864 #845
Neichardt, Jacob 573 – 6 Apr 1871 #1422
Neidhart, Jacob M or N 228 – 14 June 1864 #853
Newcomb, Erastus 532 – 27 May 1870 #1378
Newman, Andrew 447, 476 – 7 Nov 1868 #1250
Norris, Noah 263 – 14 Dec 1864 #890
Ogle, William JR 154 – 27 Mar 1863 #753
Oliver, Eli 22 – 16 May 1859 #548
Omey, Daniel 578 – 27 May 1871 #1435
Opdycke, Albert H 126 – 17 Sept 1862 #705
Owens, John 436 – 8 Oct 1868 #1235
Paddock, Mary A 399 – 9 Nov 18_9 #341
Page, Prudence 72 – 28 Mar 1861 #630
Parker, Payne 2 – 10 Mar 1858 #501
Pember, Frederick 213 – 3 June 1864 #849
Pennington, Thomas 202 – 24 Mar 1864 #836
Pepple, William 10 – 31 July 1858 #516
Perkins, Garret 443 – 23 Oct 1868 #1242
Perkins, Jacob 27 – 24 Sept 1859 #558
Pew, Richard 327 – 16 Jan 1866 #1014
Pew, Thomas Stafford 467 – 30 Apr 1869 #1289
Pfinsday, Christian 594 – 3 Oct 1871 #1456
Pickle, Joseph 135 – 11 Dec 1862 #720
Pinckley, Levi 64 – 3 Jan 1861 #616
Pinkley, John 15 – 14 Oct 1858 #530
Poast, John 188 – 28 Dec 1863 #807
Pool, Banister 491 – 23 Sept 1869 #1313
Powell, Jeptha 322 – 23 Oct 1865 #989
Pratt, Elizabeth C 544 – 29 July 1870 #1381
Preston, William C 502 – 22 Aug 1839 #74
Pumphrey, John 82 – 21 May 1861 #640
Quidort, Jacob 540 – 29 Apr 1870 #1369
Ramsey, Robert D 423 – 21 Aug 1868 #1224
Randolph, William 414 – 2 June 1868 #1210
Reader, William 419 – 18 June 1868 #1215
Renard, John P 148 – 14 Apr 1863 #745
Rezan, Rebecca 171 – 12 Aug 1863 #776
Rhodes, Daniel 76 (Roads) – 29 Mar 1861 #631
Richardson, A G 428 – 25 Aug 1868 #1226
Rider, Nathaniel 59 – 8 Dec 1860 #609
Rinkle, Frederick 146 – 3 Mar 1863 #740
Ritchey, Isaac L 98 – 20 Feb 1862 #679
Robinson, Elliot 342 – 15 May 1866 #1053
Roux, George 484 – 4 Aug 1869 #1308
Russel, James 434 – 30 Sept 1868 #1233
Saul, John 111 – 1 July 1862 #695
Schaffter, Frederick 91 – 21 Jan 1862 #665
Schmitt, Jacob Henry Ludwig 451 – 13 Nov 1868 #1251
Scott, Mary 569 – 13 Mar 1871 #1415
Scovill, Catherine 517 – 19 Dec 1870 #1347
Shaffer, Margaret R 445 – 6 Nov 1868 #1248
Shaul, Isaac 68 – 12 Jan 1861 #618
Shaull, Jacob 150 – 23 Apr 1863 #749
Sheets, Frederick 330 – 26 Feb 1866 #1032
Shepherd, William 300 – 16 Dec 1858 #537
Shinnebarger, George 354 – 24 Aug 1866 #1079
Shultz, William SR 526 – 8 Mar 1870 #1357
Singer, David 598 – 18 Nov 1871 #1470
Smith, Eleanor 571 – 3 Apr 1871 #1421
Smith, Fanny 582 – 19 June 1871 #1438
Smith, Jonas 334 – 24 Mar 1866 #1044
Smith, Morris H 26924 Dec 1864 #893
Smith, William 320 – 30 Oct 1865 #990
Smitley, John 290 aka Smithy – 21 Jan 1865 #902
Snow, William 297 – 13 July 1865 #951
Sprague, John C 186 – 4 Dec 1863 #802
Stow, Cornelia A 376 – 9 July 1864 #856
Sumner, Uri 196 – 15 Feb 1864 #820
Sumner, William 13 – 3 Mar 1858 #500
Sutherl, Joel B 144 Luther??
Sutton, Hiram 295 – 30 June 1865 #944
Taylor, James B 204 – 18 Apr 1864 #839
Temple, Joseph JR 162 – 27 Nov 1861 #657
Thayer, Israel 11 – 10 Aug 1858 #519
Thomas, Salathial 173 – 15 Aug 1863 #778
Tressler, Jonathan 462 – 8 Apr 1868 #1282
Umbenaur, Elisabeth 350 – 3 July 1866 #1062
Wadsworth, James S 250 – 3 Nov 1864 #878
Walters, Nancy 411 – 9 May 1868 #1207
Wanamaker, Samuel 555 – 29 Oct 1870 #1392
Weaver, Charles Lewis 57 – 3 Dec 1860 #608
Welch, John 152 – 24 Apr 1863 #750
Wetmore, William Shepherd 301 – 16 Sept 1865 #971
Whiting, Edward Capt 46 – 28 Feb 1852 #239 3/4
Willett, Benjamin 117 – 18 Aug 1862 #699
Wolfelt, Nickolas 287 – 24 Mar 1865 #920
Wright, Alexander 357 – 10 July 1860 #591
Wright, Tobias 372 – 2 Apr 1867 #1131
Wynn, James M 274 – pos Turner M Wynn – 27 Jan 1865 #903
Wynn, Sarah Ann 394 – 13 Sept 1867 #1160
Young, Mary A 370 – 4 Dec 1866 #1097
Young, William H 130 – 3 Nov 1862 #715
Zuver, John 284 – 14 Mar 1865 #918

10 November 2013

Two Divorces for Flora Fackler Stucker Horning - Eugene Stucker and Adolph Horning

By Pamela Pattison Lash

This is a detailing of a lady who has married twice and divorced twice, but she is listed as a widow in her death notice.  Again divorce material can help solve such unusual situations.

The Bryan Democrat, 15 January 1915, p1 c 3
Flora Stucker Asks Divorce
Files Petition in the Common Pleas Court Through CA Bowersox Against her Husband, Eugene Stucker

Charges of gross neglect of duty are mentioned in the divorce petition filed in common pleas court by Flora Stucker against her husband, Eugene Stucker, as grounds for the suit.

The plaintiff in the cause avers that she and the defendant were married December 20, 1884, and three children were born to the union.  During their married life, the plaintiff declares that her husband failed, refused, and neglected to supply her with the ordinary comforts of life – failed to clothe her, furnish proper and sustaining food, and refused her money although he was able to do so.

When she was sick several years ago, the plaintiff states, her husband refused to pay the medicine and doctor bills which were caused by her illness.  She was compelled to work out, sew and accept every way, which was open to her to provide, support, and maintain herself and living child.  She declares that she asked for money and was refused with gross and profane language. 

Mrs. Stucker prays divorce, possession of certain household goods and whatever alimony the court may deem equitable.

Eugene Stucker (12 July 1858 Fayette, Fulton Co, OH – 1 Mar 1929 Prattville, Hillsdale Co, MI) s/o Adam Stucker and Elizabeth Hibbard

Florence E Fackler (25 Dec 1866 Alvordton, Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH – 11 May 1938 West Unity, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH; death certificate says widow;
informant AE Stucker of Adrian, Hillsdale Co, MI; burial Adrian, Hillsdale Co, MI) d/o Daniel Fackler and Lydia Cole

Possibly married 20 Dec 1885, Waldron, Hillsdale Co, MI – note different year than what was stated in the divorce proceedings

1. Estella Blanch 26 Jan 1889 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH (Births, V2 p117) – 18 Apr 1907, Williams Co, OH
2. (Reverend) Alva Elmer 23 Jan 1894 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH; mar Myrtle Clark
3. Nellie Fay 1898 Madison Twp, Williams Co, OH; mar Edson Boner

1870 Gorham, Fulton Co, OH – Oregene Stucker 12 with parents

1880 Gorham, Fulton, Ohio; Roll: 1017; Family History Film: 1255017; Page: 9A; Enumeration District: 014; Image: 0457.
Stucker, Eugene 21 OH living with parents Adam and Elizabeth Stucker

1880 Mill Creek, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1077; Family History Film: 1255077; Page: 489A; Enumeration District: 004; Image: 0613.
Fackler, Florella 13 OH living with parents Daniel and Lydia Fackler

1900 Madison, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1332; Page: 13A; Enumeration District: 0107; FHL microfilm: 1241332.
h/h 292/294 Stucker, Eugene 41 (July 1858) mar 14Y OH-PA-PA renting farm
Flora wife 32 (Dec 1867) 3/3ch OH-OH-PA
Estelle B dau 11 OH-OH-OH
Alva E son 6 OH-OH-OH
Nellie F dau 2 OH-OH-OH

1910 Madison, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 0123; FHL microfilm: 1375254.
h/h 141/141 Stucker, Eugene 51OH-PA-PA mar 25Y mar 1x farmer
Florella wife 44 OH-OH-PA mar 1x 3/2ch
Alva E son 16 OH-OH-OH farm hand
Nellie Fay dau 12 OH-OH-OH

Sometime in 1915 the couple was divorced; filing date was January 1915

Flora Fackler Stucker married Adolph Horning, 26 June 1916 in Williams Co, OH; he was the son of Jacob and Hannah Gump Horning; he was 63 and she was 48; each was divorced; he was a resident in 1900 of Shelby, Richland Co, OH with a wife

1920 Pittsford, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: T625_768; Page: 12B; Enumeration District: 131; Image: 426.
Stucker, Eugene 61 OH-PA-OH home farm laborer, divorced living with brother Douglas Stucker

1920 Williams Co, OH
Horning, Adolphus 57 OH-Germ-PA
Florella wife 53 OH-OH-PA

Sometime bet 1920 and 1930, Florella divorced Adolph Horning

 On 1 Mar 1929 Eugene Stucker died in Prattville, Hillsdale Co, OH

1930 West Unity, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH – neither party is living with the other one
Stucker, Florella 60 divorced OH-OH-PA head of household and h/h 99/94 Adolphus Horning 66 also living in West Unity divorced

On 11 May 1938 Florella Stucker died in West Unity, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH and was buried in Adrian, MI; marital status - widow

28 October 2013

WCGS Meeting News for October 2013 and Upcoming November Event

By Pamela Pattison Lash

It's time soon to set your clocks back this weekend and it's time to find out what's happening with the Williams County Genealogical Society.  Pat Goebel, Co-VP, has some info for anyone interested in the last meeting and the "field trip" scheduled for November.  Here's what Pat has to report:

The Williams County Genealogical Society met in October for a question answer session with Rex Bentley, former employee of a monument establishment. Members brought many questions about cleaning monuments, types of stones, how to restore letters on monument, etc. It was a very informative meeting for those present.

The next meeting will be November 11, 2013.  Since it’s Veterans Day, the meeting will be at the Veterans Memorial at the Williams County Fairgrounds at 6:30 pm. Mr. Robert Walkup, President, will give a guided tour of the museum. Outdoor lighting is LED lights so you’ll be able to see the displays.

The purpose of WCGS is the preservation of county records and family research.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, excluding July and August, at 6:30 pm, in the conference room of the West Annex of the Bryan Public Library. The public is invited for all the meetings.

For further information concerning WCGS, visit the Website at www.wcgs-ogs.com or write to WCGS, P.O. Box 293, Bryan, OH 43506.

17 October 2013

The Baldwin Brothers - Watch for Tiny Clues and Spellings in the Census Records

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Francis B Baldwin and his brother, Ambrose, both joined Co C 111th OVI - Francis returned home and lived a long life in Williams Co, OH, but Ambrose died in battle.  Finding the Baldwin brothers was a bit difficult as the 1850 and 1860 Brady Twp federal census records listed the family name as Boldwin so it took a few different searches to find them.  Then I encountered two different locations for Francis' marriage - one in Huron Co and the other in Fulton Co, OH (contiguous county with Williams).  My advice - keep plugging away; don't give up!!  Also look for clues to give you a sense of what life was like for the people - 1874 was a significant year for the Baldwins.

Here's what I found:
First of all this is the pension record where Ambrose and Francis' mother, Annie E Baldwin, applied for pension based on Ambrose's CW service.  Note the date as 1874.

Francis Burr Baldwin
25 Sept 1843 OH- 6 June 1917 West Unity, Brady Twp, Williams Co, OH; son of Lewis/Louis J Baldwin and Hannah or Annis Elizabeth Smith
Buried Floral Grove Cem, West Unity, Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH
Married 1 Jan 1866, Fulton Co, OH(V3 p63), Miss Harriet F Leach; familysearch has same date but two different locations – when you look at record it’s definitely Fulton Co, OH

Harriet Fidelia Leach (July 1847 MI or OH - 13 May 1937, Williams Co, OH)
Buried Floral Grove Cem, West Unity, Brady Twp, Wms Co, OH

1860 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 155; Image: 315; Family History Library Film: 805052.
Harriet Leach 14 OH living with GW and Mary Finch family

1. Rosann Amelia 1866-1928; mar Hiram L Gifford, 28 Sept 1884, Waldron, Hillsdale Co, MI
2. Margret A 1871  could she be EA Baldwin b 14 Nov 1870 Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH with Francis and Harriet listed as parents (Births V1 p22); married George W Cook, 1 Jan 1891, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V6 p119)

1850 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M432_741; Page: 3B; Image: 12.
h/h 47/48 Boldwin, Lewis 32 mason PA
Hannah 29 OH
James 9 OH
Francis 6 OH
Ambrocs  5 OH

1860 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M653_1052; Page: 152; Image: 310; Family History Library Film: 805052.
h/h 407 Boldwin, LJ 51 PA farmer
Annis 39 OH
Francis 17 OH farm laborer
Ambrose 14 OH
Hannah 10 OH

Francis B Baldwin
Age at enlistment:            19
Enlistment Date:            14 Aug 1862
Rank at enlistment:            Private
State Served:            Ohio
Survived the War?:            Yes
Service Record:            Enlisted in Company C, Ohio 111th Infantry Regiment on 14 Aug 1862.Mustered out on 27 Jun 1865 at Salisbury, NC.
Birth Date:            abt 1843
Sources:            Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio

1870 Madison, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M593_1282; Page: 116A; Image: 235; Family History Library Film: 552781.
h/h 214/215 Baldwin, Francis 27 OH farmer $400
Harriet 21 OH
Rosan 3 OH

Next here's the pension record for Francis - first as an invalid in 1874 and later for Harriet as his widow in 1917; 1874 was the year for both Francis's mother to apply for brother Ambrose's CW pension and for Francis to apply for his own CW service.

1880 Wright, Hillsdale, Michigan; Roll: 581; Family History Film: 1254581; Page: 345C; Enumeration District: 097; Image: 0000.
h/h 243/245 Baldwin, Francis B 37 farmer OH-PA-PA
Harriett wife 32 MI-PA-PA
Rosanna dau 13 OH-OH-MI
Margret dau 9 OH-OH-MI

1890 Veteran Schedule, Madison Twp, Wms Co, OH
Baldwin, Francis B Private Co C 111th OVI with dates 1862-1865

1900 Madison, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1332; Page: 10B; Enumeration District: 0107; FHL microfilm: 1241332
h/h 238/240 Baldwin, Francis B 56 (Sept 1843) mar 34Y OH-PA-OH farmer; owns farm
Harriet F wife 52 (July 1847) 2/2 ch OH-MI-MI

1910 Brady, Williams, Ohio; Roll: T624_1241; Page: 6A; Enumeration District: 0117; FHL microfilm: 1375254.
h/h 164/168 Baldwin, Francis B 66 mar 44Y only marriage OH-OH-OH; owner of farm
Harriett F wife  62 2/2ch only marriage OH-OH-OH
Gifford, Leroy grandson 19 OH-OH-OH farm laborer

Co C 11th OVI
17 Aug 1874 invalid pension application
15 June 1917 widow pension application

1920 Toledo Ward 9, Lucas, Ohio; Roll: T625_1410; Page: 5B; Enumeration District: 102; Image: 577.
Harriet F Baldwin 73 MI-US-US widow living with Rosie A Keckler (dau) 53 and Roy L Gifford 29

1924 and 1929 widow Harriett living in Toledo, Lucas Co, OH via City Directories

1930 West Unity, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1891; Page: 6B; Enumeration District: 1; Image: 13.0; FHL microfilm: 2341625.
Harriet Baldwin widow 82 MI-NJ-NJ living alone on E Johnson St  owns home $600

07 October 2013

WCGS Meeting - October 2013

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Ever wonder how to properly clean and maintain a tombstone?  Pat Goebel, Co-VP for WCGS, has info to share about our next meeting.  Here's what she shared:

The Williams County Genealogical Society will meet Monday, October 14, 2013 at 6:30 pm in the Harmon Room, West Annex, Bryan Public Library, Bryan, OH. Mr. Rex Bentley will be the guest for a question and answer session on monument care. Rex formerly worked for a monument company for many years. He was involved in every aspect of the company and in the cemetery. Bring a question from one of these ideas or bring your own on the care and upkeep of monuments:
Type of stones used in monuments; care of different kind of stones used; what kind of weather cleaning should or should not be done; how to clean different fungus or stains off monuments; Lettering-what to use to read difficult lettering on monuments.

You may bring one picture of a monument to ask for advice on cleaning or restoring that monument.

Bring a friend and learn more about keeping our families’ memory for the future.

The purpose of WCGS is the preservation of county records and family research.  Monthly meetings are held on the second Monday of each month, excluding July and August, at 6:30pm, in the conference room of the West Annex of the Bryan Public Library. The public is invited for all the meetings.

For further information concerning WCGS, visit the Website at www.wcgs-ogs.com or write to WCGS, P.O. Box 293, Bryan, OH 43506.

29 August 2013

Brickwall - Newton Miles Jones

By Pamela Pattison Lash

I recently had a query about the parentage of a Williams Co, OH ancestor – Newton Miles Jones.  His daughter was a figure in a divorce action from another posting. (See Schamp)  Here’s what I’ve found so far:

I started out with his online death certificate from Familysearch.  This gave me his birthplace, which helped me narrow down family records:

Newton Miles Jones (May 1831 Champaign Co, OH – 6 October 1905 Center Twp, Williams Co, OH); s/o William Jones and Elizabeth Swan; buried Oak Dale Cemetery, Urbana, Champaign Co, OH according to find-a-grave, but no marker; however, he is buried in Fountain Grove Cemetery, Bryan, OH next to wife Sarah B Jones

Obit of NM Jones - Bryan Democrat, 12 Oct 1905 p1 c3

His parents:
William Jones (1795 VA-1856 Urbana, Champaign Co, OH); buried Oak Dale Cem – Section 42 Lot 16
Elizabeth Swan (19 Oct 1796 VA – 28 Dec 1872 Champaign Co, OH; buried Oak Dale Cem
The Urbana Citizen & Gazette, January 2, 1873
Died 28th December at the residence of her son, JW Jones, Mrs EH Jones, aged 76 years 2 months.

His possible siblings:
James M Jones (1817 - 1895)*
Julia A Jones (1818 - 1840)*
Washington Jones (1821 - 1841)*
Nancy Jones (1824 - 1840)*
Mary Jones (1826 - 1830)*
John Wesley Jones (1829 - 1899)*
Newton M Jones (1831 - 1905)*
Charles C Jones (1833 - 1839)*
Margaret Jones (1835 - 1891)*
Lewis E Jones (1837 - 1907)*
Brackson Jones (1838 - 1839)*

1850 Concord, Champaign, Ohio; Roll: M432_665; Page: 317A; Image: 195.
Miles Jones is 14 OH living w/parents William and Elizabeth

His possible first marriage:
Elizabeth Goslee, b. July 24, 1833, Champaign County, Ohio; d. July 21, 1856, Champaign CO, Ohio; m. Newton Jones, April 12, 1855, Champaign CO, OH.

His second marriage:
Newlin Jones/Sarah Barbara Stahl -Married 8 Mar 1857, Williams Co, OH (Marriage V2 p157)

Sarah Barbara Stahl (1 Mar 1838 Millersburg, PA – 19 June 1924 Bryan, Pulaski Twp, Williams Co, OH; bur Fountain Grove Cem); d/o Peter Stahl and Cathenia Conrad/Conrath, pos born in Reading, Berks Co, PA; Jenny Jones was informant on her death certificate; husband Peter Stahl d. 28 July 1875, Williams Co, OH

Her brother’s obituaries:

Bryan Democrat, July 17, 1923, p 1

Long Ill, Heart Trouble Ends Life Sunday; Burial Tuesday
SIMON P. STAHL, one of the best-known residents of Bryan, died at his home Sunday afternoon, heart trouble being the cause of his death. Funeral services are to be held from the home, 221 South Lynn Street, Tuesday afternoon at two o'clock, with Rev. JOHN WESLEY LILLY, of Hicksville, assisted by Rev. M. L. GARBERSON officiating.  Burial will take place in Fountain Grove cemetery. Mr. STAHL was born March 22, 1848, and had lived in Bryan and vicinity practically all of his life. He had been a stock buyer and farmer, and was the owner of one of the finest farms in the county. He was a fine citizen in every respect, known for his honor and integrity, and generally liked and admired by a host of friends. For eight years Mr. STAHL had suffered with heart trouble, his life hanging in the balance all that time. He leaves his wife, KATHERINE, to whom he was married 53 years ago, and a son, CHARLES T. Stahl.

Bryan Press, July 19, 1923, p 6

SIMON P. STAHL, whose soul left its earthly habitation on the 15th day of July,1923, at 11 o'clock a.m. at his residence on South Lynn street, was born in the county of Wyandot, Ohio, on the 22nd day of March, 1848, age 75 years, three months and 23 days.

He came to Williams County at the early age of fifteen years, with his parents, PETER and CATHARINE STAHL, and since that time has resided in and near Bryan, his entire life. On May 5th, 1870, he was united in marriage to KATHARINE LOWER, who still survives him, they having been allowed the companionship of each other for 53 years. He leaves a son, CHARLES T. STAHL, an attorney at the local bar; three sisters, SARAH JONES, SALOME SMITH and ANNA OXENRIDER, all of Bryan; two brothers and two sisters having preceded him to the great beyond.

He became a member of the United Brethren church at the age of sixteen years, and has been affiliated with the same church, at Williams Center and Bryan, since that time. He and his good wife, fought the commercial battles of life on their farm on the Center road, and after 35 years retired to Bryan, where they have resided for 15 years. He always was interested in what would be better for humanity, and was of a progressive nature, encouraging improvements, which were consistent to the public demand; he took an active part in the political life of his township; and in advancement of the church he was always interested. Although of a quiet nature, his influence was felt; his friends placed trust in him and it was never betrayed; his integrity and upright manhood was known and best known to those who knew him best.

Card of Thanks--We desire to express our heartfelt thanks to all who in any way aided in the care of our husband and father during his long illness; for the words and acts of kindness and sympathy after his decease; for the many and beautiful floral wreaths, and for the autos offered and used, and for the words of comfort from the ministers--Mrs. KATHARINE STAHL, Mr. and Mrs. CHAS. T. STAHL.

1850 Crawford, Wyandot Co, OH – Sarah B. Stahl 12 PA living with parents Peter and Catherine Stahl; Peter b 1818 PA/Catherin b 1817 PA; living in Center Twp, Williams Co, OH in 1870

1. Franklin
2. Philena “Jenny”
3. Simon Elmer (2 September 1865, Bryan, Pulaski Twp, Williams Co, OH – 3 January 1941, Hicksville, Defiance Co, OH) –parents: Miles Jones and Sarah Stahl; states his father was born in Tuscarawas Co, OH/his mother born in Bryan, Williams Co, OH; buried in Farmer Cem, Farmer, Defiance Co, OH, married Bertha, truck gardener

1860 Center Twp, Wms Co, OH federal census p82, as Newton 24 OH, Sarah 21 PA, Franklin 2 OH, and Philena 1 OH.  Note that Philena became known as Jennie Jones.  In 1862 the Jones family increased with the birth of son Simon E.

1870 Center, Williams, Ohio; Roll: M593_1282; Page: 59A; Image: 121; Family History Library Film: 552781.
h/h 310/310 Newton, John 38 OH farmer
Sarrah 32 PA
Frank 12 OH
Jane 11 OH
Elmer 9 OH
Note that the census taker transposed Newton’s first name to become the last name of the family

1880 Center Twp federal census the Jones’ were listed as Newton 49 OH with parents native of VA, Sarah 42 PA with parents native of PA, and children Franklin 22 OH, Jennie 21 OH, and Simon E 18 OH.  Jennie was listed as single.

1900 Center Twp federal census p11B, the Jones family was listed as Miles Jones b May 1831 (69) OH, married 44Y with 3 children, all surviving, wife Sarah b Mar 1838 (62) PA, and daughter Jennie b Apr 1859 (41) OH, a widow with one child surviving. 

1910 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p160, as father Newton had died and widow Sarah 81 PA lived on Center Street as head of house with her divorced daughter Jennie 51 OH. 

The 1920 Bryan, Pulaski Twp federal census p165 showed the pair as Sarah 81 PA and Jennie 60 OH; again they were classified as widows.

24 June 2013

Phillip Gruber/Grover and Wife Barbara Hain Gruber/Grover - Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH

By Pamela Pattison Lash

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, a person may be recorded as deceased in two geographically different locales - this is one example of such a citing: 

Here’s the odd thing about this couple – FamilySearch has a death record for Barbara Gruber with the particulars I noted below for death in Pickaway Co, OH BUT the Williams Co, OH Death Records also show the following:

(Death, V2 p5) Barbara Grover, at 66 years of age died on 14 Apr 1879 in Picqua Co, OH; also her place of birth; her residence was Picqua and she died of cancer

(Death, V2 p20) Phillip Grover, at 76Y 6M 4D died on 9 Jan 1883 in Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH of dropsy; he was a native of Pickaway Co, OH

Phillip Grover/Gruber
(5 July 1806 Pickaway Co, OH – 9 Jan 1883 Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH- Deaths V2 p20); widower, farmer; s/o Christian and Catherine Metzgar Gruber – note that mother Catherine was buried in Zion Cemetery, Pickaway Co, OH and evidently she was one of Christian’s three wives

m12 Oct 1830 Pickaway Co, OH – Barbara Hains (2 Mar 1812 or 1818 OH – 14/15/16 Apr 1879 Pickaway Co, OH – her death record as Barbara Gruber notes she was born in 1818 and died on 16 Apr 1879 – Deaths, Pickaway Co, OH, Bk2 p177)

1850 Washington, Pickaway, Ohio; Roll: M432_720; Page: 207A; Image: 419.
h/h Groover, Philip 44 OH
Barbara 48 OH (all children b OH)
Joseph 16
Lucinda 14
Eliza A 12
William 10
Sarah 8
John 6
Harriet 4
Noah 1

1860 Washington, Pickaway, Ohio; Roll: M653_1023; Page: 84; Image: 173; Family History Library Film: 805023.
h/h Groover, Philip 55 OH
Barbara 50 OH (all children b OH)
Eliza A 23
Sarah 19
John W 16
Harriet 15
Noah 12
Benjamin 7
Caroline 1

1870 Washington, Pickaway, Ohio; Roll: M593_1256; Page: 550A; Image: 619; Family History Library Film: 552755.
Gruber, Phillip 64 OH
Barbara 58 OH

1880 Springfield, Williams, Ohio; Roll: 1078; Family History Film: 1255078; Page: 675D; Enumeration District: 013; Image: 0212.
Philip Grewer 75 OH living with daughter Eliza M Sells and husband Israel Sells
*There is no obit or probate for Phillip in Williams Co, OH but quite a few online postings have him dying in Fulton Co, OH with a different death date
*Both Liza and Israel Sells are buried in Boynton Cemetery, Springfield Twp, Williams Co, OH.
*Although Phillip is not found in the cemetery listings, I wonder if he is also buried in Boynton Cemetery; his wife died in Pickaway and shortly after this he's living with his daughter via 1880 federal census..........food for thought