30 December 2013

Reviewing My Blog Experience

By Pamela Pattison Lash

As I bid 2013 a farewell and look to the future, I decided to review my own work and started with my first post on this blog A Beginning.  There is certainly a lot of material here and I hope you find this as interesting as I have as its author.  In 2012 I was lucky to get my "dream Job" as a library assistant at our Local History and Genealogy Center.  This facility is the place to visit if you've connections in Williams County, Ohio, but we also have many other features there such as materials on the counties that border us, resources for the other 87 Ohio counties, collections on other states, the military, how-to-genealogical sources, family files and donated genealogies, etc. That's really just the tip of the iceberg for what one can utilize at our center.  We also have an online database for obituaries of county residents which can be found HERE

Technology has allowed us as researchers to find much more on our ancestors than we deemed possible, but please take the time to sift through your findings, make clear assessments of them, and document your sources.  There is much online that is inaccurate.  Another piece of advice I will share is this - you never know what you will find so be prepared to learn things that may try your patience and sensibilities.  We can not walk in the shoes of our ancestors nor can we truly know what motivated them in their words and deeds.  
We can only get a distant snapshot of their lives.

Here's hoping you find your elusive ancestor in 2014 and have the pleasure of sharing the information with others.