08 November 2018

Williams County, Ohio Naturalization Record, 1836-1839, 1842, 1866 and 1860-1874

Williams County, Ohio Naturalization Record, 1836-1839, 1842, 1866 and 1860-1874

Probate Court
Microfilm Roll 37 – loose papers

Alien Name                  Arrived/Filed               Witness                 Allegiance           Resident From   Page

Kuenh, Conrad                  22 December 1836           -              King of **            Fairfield Co, OH                 A

Wrinberge, Conrad         22 December 1836           -              Hanover               Fairfield Co, OH                 A

Neidhardt, Jacob              14 June 1837                      -              France                  New York                            B

Loburen, Frederick          August 1832                       -              King of Prussia   Stark Co, OH                       C

Nees, George                    15 April 1839                       -              Alsace, France   Oneida Co, NY                   D

Schone, Rudolf                 Baltimore/June 1833      -              Hanover               Montgomery Co, OH      E

*, George                            17 November 1842          -              Republic of         Columbiana Co, OH         F

Bodell, Alexander            25 March 1866                   John Doe             -              Williams Co, OH                G

Naturalizations 1860-1874
Page Number/Alien Name
Allegiance/Resident From

P2/Boos, John
17 January 1860
Predeger, Valentine/Pifer, Conrad
Hesse Darmstadt/Erie Co, PA

P3/Fehlman, Frederick
June 1852
Hellman, William/Rinkel, Frederick

P4/Younk, Philip
6 March 1860
Anwlith, PG/Anwlith, Christian
France/Stark Co, OH

P5/Schaberg, Stephen
Arrived January 1830
Youse, Jacob/Wibist, Joseph

P6/Gates, Frank
9 March 1860
Gates, Joseph/Anwldt, PG
Bohemia/Seneca Co, OH

P7/Pike, Richard
13 March 1860
Lees, William/Bush, Joseph
Great Britain/Williams Co, OH

P8/Radenbaugh, Jacob
19 March 1860
Greisop, John/Grub, Peter
Prussia/DeKalb Co, IN

P12/Harbaugh, John
18 April 1860
Gise, Henry/Dirk, George
Prussia/Williams Co, OH

P14/Dirk, George
18 April 1860
Gise, Henry/Harbaugh, John
Belgium/Williams Co, OH

P16/Mentz, John
19 May 1860
Goll. George/Planson, Peter
France/Williams Co, OH

P18/Krommiller, Ludwig
2 June 1860
Coy, Andrew/Berey, John
Wurtemberg/Williams Co, OH

P19/Collenberger, Conrad
Arrived September 1846
Plummer, MB/Gearhart, Henry
Hesse Darmstadt/OH

P20/Snider, Henry
15 June 1860
Rinkle, F/Grub, Peter
Bavaria/Williams Co, OH

P21/Housnich, Jacob
Arrived April 1824
Plummer, MB/Lucts, E

P22/Bavin, John
16 June 1860
Copeland, John D/Miller, BR
Great Britain/Ireland/Williams Co, OH

P23/Carey, Julius
Arrived June 1840
Planson, Peter/Carey, Valentine

P24/Besey, John
23 June 1860
Coy, Andrew/Benner, Samuel
Switzerland/Williams Co, OH

P25/Dorriot, John
Arrived May 1840
Willet, BR/Doriot, Gustave
Switzerland/Williams Co, OH

P26/Doriot, Gustave
30 June 1860
Willet, BR/Doriot, Julius
Switzerland?Wayne Co, OH

P27/Dorrson, Henry
Arrived March 1853
Sheridan, William/Curm, Charles