31 December 2018

Pool Room Proprietor Divorce - Gause v Gause - Williams Co, OH, 1906

Bertha M Gause v Bert D Gause, Williams Co, OH, 1906
By Pamela Pattison Lash

Bryan Democrat (Bryan, OH), Thursday, 27 November 1906, p1 c7
Ordered to Leave Home
So Says Mrs. Bertha M Gause in Petition for Divorce from Bert D Gause
Charging among other things, that her husband, Bert D Gause, ordered her to leave home before the next afternoon, or that he would hire a dray (wagon) and move her and her clothing, Mrs. Bertha M Gause, prays for a legal separation of the marital ties that now bind her to an alleged recreant spouse.

In the petition filed in common pleas court, and sworn to by her, Mrs. Gause charges that her husband has been guilty of extreme cruelty and gross neglect of duty.  She says that for two years Mr. Gause has refused to give her any affection or attention.  That he refused her money, unless she would tell him for what purpose she wished to use it.  Mrs. Gause also says that the defendant would take his meals at a hotel and that on several occasions from the slightest provocation, cursed her before large crowds of young people.

Mrs. Gause says her husband has property in Montpelier valued at $2,000.  She asks for a divorce, suitable alimony, and that she be restored to her maiden name of Bertha M Daughton.  DA Websterr of Montpelier is her attorney.  Mr. Gause operates a pool room in that town.  The couple was married at St Joe, MI on September 27, 1903.

Here’s what I found about this couple:
Bert D Gause (31 July 1878, Roan, Wabash Co, IN – 7 December 1960. Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN), was the son of George Gause and Kate Corder; he is buried in Rice Cemetery, Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN.
Bertha M Daughton/Doughton (13 December 1884, Montpelier, Williams Co, OH – 24 February 1979, Toledo, Lucas Co, OH), was the daughter of Cassius/Caius Doughton and Emma S Wingert.
As stated in the newspaper article the couple was married on 27 September 1903 in St Joseph Co, MI.

Other marriages included

Bert D Gause married Mae A Deal , daughter of Silas Grier on 24 December 1920 in Elkhart Co, IN; Mae had been divorce twice before, once in 1911 and the other shortly before her marriage to Bert.  The couple had a daughter, Emeline, born 1931.

Bertha married William M Lane on 14 May 1908 in Lucas Co, OH and divorced by the 1910 federal census. She married Daniel J Rehklau in Lucas Co, OH on 4 April 1915.

From South Bend and Indianapolis, IN newspapers , starting on 9 January 1915 -5 March 1915 one learns that Bert was a naughty boy.  Melvin Long, a tramp, was arrested for stealing $200 worth of cigars from freight car on route from Florida to Chicago.  William Long, his brother, a Lake Shore trainman, is charged with receiving stolen goods.  Bert D Gauze, poolroom owner, is accused of buying some stolen cigars and Clyde Deller, laborer, is held under investigation in Elkhart, IN.

Bert had to pay a cash bond on $500 for his appearance in court.  It has been said he purchased stolen items from a gang of loafers about his place.  Bert was convicted of receiving stolen goods and fined $50 plus served 30 days in jail.

In South Bend and Indianapolis newspapers of 1916 Bert placed several ads in newspapers – he has a first class mail order or hardware specialty, full of merit, dies ready for manufacturing, price $5,00.
Free inducements offered you to locate in MI, OH, IL, and IN with some capital furnished as going concern.

Cigar and billiard room, part cash, seven years in business, will stand strict investigation, no junk, good business, well located, best reason for selling…………….Bert D Gause.

One also learns that Bert has a brother, William who was the owner of William Gause Shows and Italian Band (carnival) that toured principal cities in US, plus in 1909 had a first class restaurant in Peru, IN.

Elkhart Co, IN Marriages V 29 p593
1880 Roan, Wabash Co, IN – Bert 3 IN with parents
1900 Paw Paw, Wabash Co, IN – Bert D 21 IN with parents
1900 Montpelier, Williams Co, OH – Bertha M 15 OH with mother
1908 Toledo, Lucas Co, OH Marriages, p213 – Bertha says she’s never been married before
1910 Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN – Bert 31 In with brother
1915 - Lucas Co, OH Marriages (1914-1917) – Bertha says she’s been divorced once from Lane; Rehklau is six years her junior
1917 WWI Draft Registration – Bert D of Elkhart Co, IN
1920 Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN – Bert 42 IN roomer
1930 Elkhart Co, IN – Bert D 50 IN/Mae A 42 IN living with her parents
1940 Elkhart, Elkhart Co, IN – bert 60 IN/Mae 52 IN
1942 WWII Draft Registration – Bert of Elkhart Co, IN