If you ever run across a divorce on a Bertha May Douglass who married 3 July 1893 in Williams Co., Ohio to William W. Taylor alias William Potter- let me know.  I only found him in the 1880 Springfield Twp. Census, then could never find him again.  That is until one evening this past winter I discovered some information on another person's family tree.  I looked, I read, and I thought there was a mistake.  Then I saw an old photo posted, on the information, and on the bottom- Bryan, Ohio.  So, I emailed the researcher.  She said- it was always said in our family that William had another wife and family, but we didn't know who it was.  Apparently he went to Michigan and remarried, but I'm not sure he ever divorced.  This other researcher didn't think he divorced either. 

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Looking for information about early Millcreek Twp settlers, David Severence and wife Esther Knapp, Walden M. Severence and Elizabeth Forman, Delia Cordelia Severence and Josiah Cyrus Person, Jennie Person and William Francis Warner, William Warner and Catherine Rutledge.

Looking for information about early Florence Twp settlers, John W. Lash and Ruth Swart, David W. Lash and Josephine Street, William Street and Harriet Archer, John O. Street and Elizabeth Bunting, David Bunting and Elizabeth Wisman.

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Pam, I'm interested in Williams County -- I have learned about my Goll, Peugeot, and Juillard families but know little about Planson or Racine. Do you have information about these families? I'm searching for connections. Thanks. Geri.


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I'm intrigued by the reference to Benjamin BORTON as guardian for Elmer Whinnery in 1873. (1) My great(2)-grandfather Edward Kemp Marvin died in 1863 and left in Williams County, Ohio a widow Lucy Ann (COOPER) Marvin with 6 children. My great-grandfather Francis Marion Marvin (age 6) was sent back to Richland County, Ohio, to live with John and Margaret CLAY (whose son William Clay lived in Williams County). John Clay died in 1870, and Francis Marion Marvin returned to Williams County where (according to his obituary) he lived with John BARTON (which I believe is a typographical error and should be BORTON). Francis Marion Marvin married Ella Lucretia KIME in 1874 and so would have been part of the Borton family at most 1870-1874. (2) Goodspeed's 1880 history of Williams County (available at Google books) says that John Borton had a brother Job who "reared four children by adoption." John and Job were in the business of "raising peppermint and distilling its oil." A Borton familyhistory online at 
also says that Job Borton "took three different children and reared them to woman and man's estate." Do other readers of this blog know anything about the unrelated children raised by various Borton family members? Frances Van Scoy FrancesVanScoy@aol.com
Looking for evidence of marriage 1857 of Lucinda J(Josephine?) Huyck and Andrew Wesley Grice in Williams County (Stryker?) and their divorce 1861-1862, my great grandparents.

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