08 November 2010

Brickwall - Barron(e) and Hane

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 10 October 2011)

I thought I'd share some information on a brickwall concerning the surnames Barron(e) and Hane.  A researcher sent a query letter to the WCPL and after several hours work, here's a brief summary of what we've found.  If anyone has suggestions, please email me.

Jane Kelly (Local History and Genealogy Director at the Williams County Library in Bryan) and I worked on a researcher's questions concerning Barrone-Hane in this county; Jane checked probate listing, cemeteries, marriages, family files, and obits while I filled in some more data on these.  For my part I can relate there would be NO Mella Hane birth documentation, nor death info for Barron or Hane here as birth and death records were not kept until 1867.  Church records are sparse, as well as obits as early as 1852 are sparse.  Newspapers are spotty until CW period.  We do have good marriage, cemetery readings if stones existed c1950's, probate 1824 - present, and land records for the county.  Other places to check would be the Record's Center for probate and Recorder's Office for land. 

I have put together what was found, the little extras, for you.  I hope if nothing else, this is food for thought.
Please keep us in the loop if you find more info as we always want to stay current with early families.

Early Marriages of Stark Co, OH, v1 1809-1840, AGS, 1986
Hane, Joseph/Elizabeth Barren  16 Oct 1831 – 352  A213
There are several more listed but I imagine you already had this.  I checked this to get a feel for the families before they came to Williams County.

1830 Sugar Creek Twp, Stark Co, OH federal census p324
George Berone
1m 5-9
1m 10-14
1m 30-39
2f under 5
1f 10-14
1f 15-19
1f 30-39

So it looks like the travel pattern for the Barron/Hane group is Stark Co, OH to Wood Co, OH to Hillsdale Co, MI (see below) to Williams Co, OH to Lebanon, Clinton Co, MI for Hane

Internet sites give this as possible Barron lineage
Nicholas Barron and wife Catharina Christina
Johann Philip Barron and wife Eve
George Barron and first wife unknown and second wife Margaret Bechtol, which checks out if the rest of this is true – the children of George Barron and unknown wife are:
1. Elizabeth – Joseph Hane
2. Mary – James Black
3. Elias – Lydia Hane
4. Simon – Barbara Wentz
5. Susana
6. Lydia – Uri Cramton, married 2 Oct 1844, Hillsdale Co, MI
7. Hiram
There is no mention of a brother George, so the Margaret Bechtol probably is new stepmother unless you know there was a brother George.

Williams County, Ohio Land Grants – Disputed Territory in Millcreek Twp, sold 1835-38; all land sold for $1.25 per acre

George Barron of Wood Co, OH – Section 3 – 10S 1W – Section 3 -10S 1W – 80A – 16 Mar 1837

George Barron of Hillsdale Co, MI - Section 33 -9S 1W – 160A -15 June 1837

Joseph Hane of Wood Co, OH – Section 34 – 9S 1W – 160A – 16 Mar 1837; Section 3 – 10S 1W – 40A – same date

1840 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p221
George Baume
1m 5-10
1m 15-20
1m 20-30
1m 40-50
1f 10-15
1f 15-20

John Harve
1m under 5
1m 30-40
1f under 5
1f 20-30

Joseph Harve
1m under 5
1m 5-10
1m 30-40
1f under 5
1f 5-10
1f 20-30

These were listed in order – it is possible that these are mistakes on surnames and could translate to George Barron, John Hane, and Joseph Hane – right area and time frame; note that George appears to be a widower so if this is George Barron, his wife has died bef 1840

Williams County, Ohio Marriages
Elias Barrone/Lydia Hane – V1 p51 – 25 Mar 1841
George Barrow/Margaret Ann Bechtol – V1 p61 – 9 Oct 1842 (there are Bechtols in 1850 Superior Twp – Adam and Ezra families)
Lydia Margaret Han/Philip Fisher – V2 p100 – 14 Oct 1847 (they live in Center Twp 1850; she b 1827 in Verga??)
Fernando B. Hane/Cora Jane Morton – V3 p640 – 1 Jan 1867

Williams County, Ohio Probate 
George Barrone - #135 estate – will written 18 May 1844 and recorded 15 June 1844
Wife - Margaret
Seven children listed
1. Bitsey (Elizabeth) wife of Joseph Hane
2. Nancy wife of James Black
3. Elias
4. Simon
5. Lydia
6. Susana
7. Hiram - to be sent to Westmoreland Co, PA to be brought up by testator's connections there; if not possible, then the court of Williams Co was to appoint a guardian
Executors - John Rings and George Ely
Signed with his mark
Witnessed by Alanson Pike and David Angel 

………my thought is that George came here and married second wife in 1842; died in 1844; no burial records for cemeteries in Millcreek Twp which we checked; no death records; no church records; same for Hane as well as no birth records there for anything before 1867; no obits as well for Barron or Hane…….another question is what happened to Margaret Bechtol Barrone after his death?

According to Issue Docket, Clerk of Court, 1846-1852, the estate of George Barrone, final settlement, continued in the March 1851 Term and in September 1851 Term the estate was finally settled.  This would mean it took approx seven years to complete the task of this estate settlement.
Henry Hane - #314 estate – 17 May 1853
Jacob and John Hane - #1050 guardianship – 3 May 1866

Next you asked for Hane children:
Joseph Hane 4 June 1806 PA – 20 Aug 1881 Lebanon, Clinton Co, MI and Elizabeth Barron 5 Aug 1814 PA – 3 Jan 1893 Florida
Found online in several sites – red is what’s recorded in Williams County

1. Henry Kent Hane 13 Sept 1832 OH – 29 Apr 1908 Tampa, FL; m 15 Sept 1860, Lebanon, MI, Sarah Jane Townsend – was he blind?
2. Catherine Hane 9 Apr 1834 – 10 Jan 1893………if this is true where is she in 1850 census??
3. Sharlott Hane 2 June 1836 OH – 6 Nov 1894
4. William Luther Hane May 1837 or 3 Feb 1838 OH – 23 May 1913 Ovid. MI; mar Louise Victoria Johnson
5. Abraham Hane 19 Dec 1840 OH – Jan 1861 – was he CW casualty??
6. Pamelia Hane 22 Nov 1842 OH – 17 Sept 1877 Essex, MI; mar HG Underwood
7. Joseph Hane 7 or 8 Sept 1844 OH – 6 Apr 1850 @5Y 6M 29D bur Olive Branch Church p18
8. George Hane 7 Oct 1846 OH – 26 Aug 1850 @3Y 10M 19D bur Olive Branch Church p18

9. Malbina “Mella  E” Hane 21 Sept 1848 OH -  Mar 1 Jan 1871, Jerome DeLong, Clinton Co, MI
10. Uri Hane 9 Apr 1851 – 9 Oct 1854 @6M bur Olive Branch Church p18
11. Caleb V Hane 14 Feb 1853 OH – 21 June 1904 Mecosta, MI; mar 1875 Flora ***

1850 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p31B
Hane, John 41 PA
Delilah 31 PA
Rubin 12 OH
Lucinda 11 OH
Margaret 8 OH
John 6 OH
Mary  4 OH
(1860 Byron, Kent Co, MI p72; 1870 Byron, Kent Co, MI p102B)

Hane, John 69 PA
Catherine 66 PA
Henry 26 OH

Hane, Joseph 44 PA
Elizabeth 36 PA
Henry 18 OH
Sharlott 14 OH
William 12 OH
Abraham 9 OH
Pamelia 7 OH
Malvina 1 OH

Down the way on p32
Hane, Jacob 29 OH
Nancy 20 OH
John 1 OH
David 5/12 OH
(Early Marriages of Stark Co, OH, v2 1841-1855, AGS, 1988: Jacob Hane mar Nancy Lewis, 29 Aug 1847 – 132  B288)

1860 Millcreek Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p124
h/h 26/26
Hanes, Jacob 39 OH
Nancy 30 OH
John 10 OH
David 9 OH
Mary 8 OH
Jacob 5 OH

Online sources say this about Hane family –
John or Johannes Hane and wife Catharine have
1. George Washington Hane mar Mary Ann Hoffman in Pickaway Co, OH and end up in Nevins, Vigo Co, IN but there are too many different parents for this GW – suspect info
2. Joseph
3. John
4. Jacob
5. Henry
No daughters mentioned that I could find; #2-5 look like brothers to father and mother John and Catherine; again no death, probate, or burial records for them


Anonymous said...

I have details for descendants of Uri Cramton and Lydia Barrone. They are both buried in Wild Cherry Cemetery, Ransom, Hillsdale County, Michigan. Royse Cramton rcramton@comcast.net

Pamela Pattison Lash said...

Hi Royse,
Thank you for responding. I have contacted the researcher and hope you two can connect. For my own part, can you shed any more details on the parents of Lydia Barrone Cramton?