08 November 2010

Brickwall - Clum and Wisner

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 6 November 2011)

A researcher requested information on Clum-Wisner connections in Williams County, Ohio.  If you can shed any light on this family, please email me.

Wanted: Who and Where Is Maria Clum Wisner?

He married twice and had families with both wives.  His second wife is shrouded in mystery as to her parentage and her whereabouts after 1910.  She is also party to a further mystery concerning her first child.

Samuel Wisner, the son of Stephen Seaman and Mary (Flitcraft) Wisner, was born on 22 Feb 1810 in Monmouth, NJ.  Stephen, the father, traveled from NJ to Columbiana Co, OH with his wife and four children c1818 where he held the position of Justice of the Peace; he was a veteran of the War of 1812.  Stephen and Mary were the parents of Samuel, Rachel, William, Benjamin, Sarah Seaman, John, Elizabeth, Rebecca Gaskill, Henry Clay and Mary Jane.  A short bio is found in The History of Columbiana Co, OH, 1879, p205.

Samuel took over the role of taxpayer in Perry Twp, Columbiana Co, OH for 1837 and 1838.  He married Elizabeth Richardson on 6 Dec 1832 in Columbiana Co, OH, and they were enumerated in the 1850 Perry Twp, Columbiana Co, OH federal census p43A as Samuel 40 NJ butcher, Elizabeth 38 OH, Delorma W 14 OH, Stephen 11 OH, Mary M 9 OH, Richard 7 OH, and Mary T 3 OH.  Elizabeth died bet 1857-1860; she could have possibly died in either Columbiana or Williams Counties as no death or burial record has been found to date. The couple had the following children: Delorma W (1831-1913), Stephen S (1839 - 1873), Mary Melissa (1841 -), Richard (1843 – 1925), Teresa Mary Willoughby (1847 -), and Abraham (1851 -). By the 1860 NW Twp, Williams County, OH federal census p11, Samuel Wismes, a widower, was listed as Samuel 50 NJ, Melissa 19 OH, and Stephen 21 OH; his son Delorma and wife Charlotte (formerly Whaley) were living next door.

Now comes the mystery woman, Maria Clum.  Here is a possible scenario for her parentage.  According to the 1850 Paint Twp, Holmes Co, OH p321A, a Clum family was enumerated as John Clum 77 MD, Frances 72 MD, Elizabeth 30 OH, and Maria 21 OH.  Their next-door neighbors were Jacob Clum 26 OH and wife Mary A 25 OH. Jacob is reportedly the son of John and Frances Eller Clum.

In 1850 Maria could be living with her parents, John and Frances (Eller) Clum.  There are many online databases recording this couples’ children, but no one lists Maria as their daughter.  It is possible that John married a Barbara Wacker first and upon her death married Frances, who could be Maria’s mother. 

In 1850 Maria may be living with her grandfather John and step-grandmother Frances.  John’s first marriage to Barbara Wacker produced a son, Abraham, who had at least one son and several daughters.  One of these daughters could be Maria. 

Add to the mix the David and Susannah Clum family who are residing in Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams Co in 1850.  David died on 28 Feb 1873; from his will (Probate case #1573 introduced on 10 Mar 1873), which is very difficult to read, he mentioned a niece; the writing looks like either “Wilma” or “Maria”.  A drawing of this Clum family’s home is included in the 1874 Williams County, Ohio Atlas; it is composed of a fine looking home, a barn, and two outbuildings.

Next in the chronological fact-finding there is a probate record for Frances Clum on 28 Nov 1856, Williams County, Ohio (Probate case #457).  Upon Frances’ death, Jacob Clum was the original executor of the estate.  He died around 1858 and Frances’ executors became Joseph Clum of Holmes Co, OH and John Hollar and Samuel Beerbower of Williams County.  Her estate included promissory notes made by Joseph Clum, Samuel Clum, John Orr, William Orr, Jacob Hudson, Philip Rhinehurst, Henry Heinter, Samuel Salamar, and Anthony **oble.  The packet also included a note made by Frances Clum and Joseph Clum promising to pay Jacob Hudson, executor of John Clum’s estate, the sum of $79.27; this note was dated eight months before Frances’ death.  

Republican Standard, 5 May 1858 p2
Administrator’s Notice
Notice is hereby given that the undersigned Joseph Clum of Mount Eaton, Wayne Co, Ohio has been duly appointed and qualified as administrator de bonis nom of the estate of Frances Clum, late of Williams Co, OH, deceased.
Joseph Clum
Bryan, 24 Apr 1858

Apparently this probate took four years to finally settle, making it about 1860 before all parties were satisfied.

By the 1860 Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p186 Maria Clum 29 OH and a George W Clum 7 or 1 OH (poor microfilm) were listed.  Other Clums are living in the area, such as Jacob Clum 37 OH and Mary A Clum, 35 OH.  Note these were her 1850 Holmes Co neighbors/relatives.

Aside from the mystery of the parentage of Maria comes a second puzzle as to the parentage of this George W. Clum whose surname was listed in censuses as Clum in 1860, Pickens in 1870, and Wisner in 1880.  Was he an illegitimate son of Maria who was much later identified as a Wisner after Samuel Wisner’s death; was he the son of an unknown Pickens father, or was he the son of an unknown Clum?  There is also the possibility that Maria was married and became a widow of an unidentified Clum, making George W legitimate; however, if that’s the case, why was George identified in 1870 as George Pickens?

Here are other records to reveal Maria’s life from 1862 to 1910:

1. Samuel Wisner married Maria Clum in Williams Co, OH on 24 Apr 1862 (Marriage V3 p234). 

2. According to the 1870 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p63A the Wisner family was listed as Samuel 59 NJ, Maria 40 OH, Charles 4 OH, Samuel 2 OH, and Ella /12 OH, plus George Pickens 9 OH.

3.  The oldest child of this marriage, Charles W Wisner was born on 16 Aug 1865 or 1867 in Metz, Steuben Co, IN.  Charles married Susan E Brubaker on 1 Mar 1888 in Williams Co (Marriage V5 #1186). He died on 12 Jan 1930 in Montgomery, MI and was buried in Leggett Cemetery in Williams Co.  Shinn’s History of Williams Co, Ohio, 1905, has a short biography of Charles; his estate was probated in Williams Co #8580 on 21 Jan 1930. 

4.  Second son, Samuel Ellsworth Wisner, was born on 15 Nov 1869 in Edon, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH and died in Mason, MI on 25 Nov 1953.  His first wife was Laura M Cooper whom he wed on 8 Jan 1893 in Williams Co, OH (Marriage V6 #868). They later divorced and Laura returned to Edon to marry Jasper Davenport.  Samuel may have wed a second time to Elizabeth (Spang) Calbath. 5 Feb 1925 in Lansing, Ingham Co, MI.

5.  Daughter Ella, born 8 Apr 1870 in Williams Co, OH, died in Dupont, Putnam Co, OH on 17 Oct 1918.  She first married Jacob Fought in Williams Co, OH on 29 July 1901 (Marriage V8 p270). Later she wed Ray Coble.

6. Samuel died in August 1873 and was buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery, Steuben Co, IN.  Sons from his first marriage, Stephen S and Richard Wisner, are also buried there.  Another son, Abraham, is buried in Powers Cemetery, Steuben Co, IN.

7.  Samuel’s will tells of his property in Williams Co, OH and mentioned his beloved wife (not named) and his three children – Charles W, Samuel E, and Ella Wisner. Note the children are named in their birth order and there is no mention of a George W, nor is there anything left to the children of his first marriage. Here is an extract of this will.

Williams Co, OH Probate #1601 estate of Samuel Wisner - 3 Sept 1873
In the name of the benevolent father of all, I, Samuel Wisner of Florence Twp, Williams County, Ohio, make and publish this my last will and testament.

First Item, I give and devise to my Beloved wife in lieu of her dower the farm on which we now reside situate in the south west part of the west half of the south east quarter of Section 33 (more details on land) containing about 25 acres of land during her natural life or as long as she remains my widow and all the stock household goods furniture provisions and other goods and chattels which may be there at the time of my decease during her natural life as aforesaid.  She however selling so much thereof as may be sufficient to pay my just debts at the death of my said wife the real estate aforesaid I give and advise my sons Charles W. Wisner and Samuel E Wisner and my daughter Ella Wisner and their heirs share and share alike.

Item 2, I give and devise my said wife Lots 77 and 116 in the village of Montpelier, Superior Twp, Williams County, Ohio and request her to sell the same to pay my just debts and to support my minor children.

In testimony hereof I have hereto set my hand and seal the 12th day of August 1873

Samuel Wisner

Witness – Sylvester Daniels

8.  According to the 1880 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p573A the widow Maria Wisner and her children are listed as Maria 45 OH with parents as Maryland natives, George 21 OH, Charles 14 OH, Samuel 12 OH, and Ella 10 OH.  Note John Clum was from MD as was his first wife Barbara; Frances Eller was born in Germany. After this census, son George W disappears.

9.  In the 1900 Edon, Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p11A widow Maria was enumerated as 70 (no birthplace) and daughter Ella 30 OH. 

10.  In the 1910 Florence Twp, Williams Co, OH federal census p11A widow Maria Wianer was 86 OH; her father’s birthplace is US and her mother’s is MD. She had five children with four surviving.  Note if this is accurate, there is another child unaccounted. Further note that Maria lived alone on her own income.

In conclusion, the search for Maria Clum Wisner is on-going.  

March 1858 Williams County, Ohio Civil and Criminal Court Witness Book (Common Pleas)
You know how it is - whenever you write something up, you find something which is exactly what happened.  
If you go to the Williams County Genealogical Society's website, you'll find more on this witness book.

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