18 October 2010

Divorce Action in Williams County, Ohio - Kerr (Robert)

Robert Kerr v Hannah Kerr (Journal 4 p85 - 4 Apr 1850; p152 - Sept 1851)

By Pamela Pattison Lash (updated 10 October 2011)

According to the 1840 St. Joseph Twp federal census, p219, Robert Kerr and his family lived in Wms Co, OH; by the 1850 St Joseph Twp federal census p80, this couple was enumerated as Robert Karr 71 PA, Hannah 68 IA, John 22 OH, Elizabeth 17 OH, Malissa 11 OH, Robert 27 IA, William 20 OH, William Hokes 15 PA.  IA probably referred to the state of Indiana.

According to the Issue Docket, Clerk of Courts, 1848-1852, Robert Kerr sued Hannah Kerr for divorce in April 1850 Term and the case was continued to the October 1850 Term. In the September 1851 Term Robert received his divorce decree.

Robert requested and received a divorce according to the journal records which revealed no cause for this action; however, Robert left a will which was written on 15 Feb 1855 and probated on 13 June 1855 (#377), appointing his "beloved wife Hannah" as the administrator and heir to his 80 acre farm in St. Joseph Twp.  Joseph Palmer sued Robert's estate administrator, Hannah Kerr, in Oct 1855 for damages of $87.50 and an additional $52.78. (Roll 10 Case number 32 - Mar 1856).  It appears that even though Robert received a divorce decree he considered Hannah his wife and they continued to live together until his death.  Nothing further is currently known of this family.

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