12 October 2010

My Family - Russell John Hancock Pattison

My paternal grandpa, Russell John Hancock Pattison, was born on 12 October 1895.  If you are interested in seeing pictures of him and other data go to

Grandpa was born 105 years ago today.  He had an identical twin, Ralph Alexander Stewart Pattison.  I remember Grandpa as a warm and loving man who was always supportive of his family.  As I was the only grandchild, I was completely spoiled by him.  Whenever he would travel, he always brought back presents for me.  My dad would tell a different side of his father - he was very strict and ruled with a "don't spare the rod" attitude when dad was young.  This seems so unlike him but my dad and uncle were little devils growing up.  

Grandpa's hobbies were bowling, bowling, and more bowling.  He was very skilled and traveled around the country winning many trophies.  He had "a good eye" as they said of his bowling prowess.

Grandpa was diagnosed with cancer when I was about ten years old and I remember him being in the hospital at Christmas time.  Children weren't allowed in the rooms at that time, but somehow they made an exception for me and on Christmas Day I rode up in the elevator with my new life-sized doll.  People actually thought she was a real little girl.  I wanted to show Grandpa my new "friend".

Eventually Grandpa's condition got worse so the doctors sent him home to die.  My mom spent every day taking care of him.  We lived next door so we'd eat dinner and then go over to see Grandpa.  When he died, Mom was tending him and I remember staying up late to tell my dad of his father's death when he came home from work.

When Grandpa was "laid out" at the funeral home for visitation, his twin stood on one side of the casket.  A lady who did not know he was a twin (she was friends with my grandma) came into the funeral home, took one look at the deceased and another at his living twin, and passed out on the floor.  When she was revived, she saw the same scenario and fainted a second time.  As a ten-year old I found that sight quite comical; today I don't think I would feel the same - poor lady!

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